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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Impressions: I Like Him

Watched Rich Rodriguez's introduction/press conference in A2 yesterday and was very impressed with what I saw. Yes, he might need a little lesson about M history, but he's an engaging guy and his football record reflects that of an outstanding coach.

Basically, if we're going by Gut Feeling 101 - I liked him. A lot. How could you not after watching that?

Welcome to A2, Coach. Best of luck. I'll be cheering my ass off for you next season.


Killing My Liver said...

Someone might need to show him where to buy a maize or blue or maize and blue tie, also.

TitleIX said...

agreed on the tie.
Nordstrom's has a personal shopper, might work well for both Mr. and Mrs.

is that picture a before or after the handshake??
cuz if it's before, R2 looks ascared to touch C2.
if it's after, I fear that R2 does that limp handshake thingy.....

lane said...

hey, it's Punky Brewster!

haven't seen her in ages!

lane said...

oh, and there's Ray Liotta. UM is gonna be the midwests version of SC.

hey, this Rodriguez thing is gonna be interesting!

srudoff said...

"what? we have more rivals than just Ohio State??? cooooool!"


i think all we have to do is wear South Florida jersey's for The Game and we'll be fine!

srudoff said...

on an aside, Les Miles is complaining that this is yet another example of a Mexican taking away a job from an American :)

surrounded in columbus said...


thought i'd never say this, but i've sorta almost missed you.

no doubt you'll soon say something stupid and that feeling will quickly vanish.

but while it lasts....

Andy said...


Based on your efforts of the last two days can we begin to expect a new racist/ethnic post about our new coach everyday until November 22nd, 2008 ???

DaBraylon17 said...

what in Braylon's name is his daughter wearing? she must be in her rebellious stage.

Bond J. Bond said...

I didn't realize that RichRod screwed up by not kissing the ring of Lloyd Carr...

Katie said...

I agree Yost, I have a good gut feeling about him. I am looking forward to the season, I just wish it was not so far away!!!

I understand that some of these comments are all in great fun, however the ethnic jokes are a bit much. I hope that his children can also be off the list of insensitive remarks, they are after all, innocent children.

I for one thought that he at least attempted to have the maize and blue look with his tie!! No doubt they traveled home with some M gear for the entire family.

whetstonebuck said...

"No doubt they traveled home with some M gear for the entire family."

Not if Customs confiscated it.

Katie said...

Whets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!

Feelin' Blue said...

Who's that hottie in the background wearing the white coat?

Katie said...

No doubt the wife of someone :P

whetstonebuck said...


I do believe that makes me the exclamation mark king.

It's good to be king.

Katie said...

Oh you are King, make no mistake about it. King of what has yet to be determined!

Why I oughta.........:P

Killing My Liver said...

I hope the tie is the only criticism I can hang on this guy.

Josh said...

I'm excited for the hire!!! Since I live in Columbus, it's fun to hear all the OSU people freak out because the spread offense that he will implemented. Just think of what we can do with a running quarterback if we ever get there!!! I could be soooo sweet!

Let's Go Blue!!!

whetstonebuck said...

"it's fun to hear all the OSU people freak out because the spread offense that he will implemented."

Dolts! Of course, J.T. isn't doing any research on how to defense the spread. He's going to let it just happen to him. Tress is succsessful because he learns from mistakes.

Josh, tell your Columbus friends to give Tressel and Co. some respect.

Looking forward to "The Game" this year. Should be high drama.

surrounded in columbus said...

it must be a pretty steep learning curve gauging from what he learned about the spread playing UF last January and what he did to correct those mistakes when he played Illinois 10 months later.

moving to A2 will likely expose those kids to very little in the way of hispanic/latino bigotry.

on the other hand, making fun of wva accents and clothes that didn't come from AEO/Hollisters???

that can be pretty damned nasty and not only is it not illegal, it's somewhat fashionable north of I-70.

Bigasshammm said...

You know as I think more and more on this and talk to the god awful 100% Buckeyes people that I work with I realize something. I hope that in coming to MI and bringing his spread offense that he modifies the spread to a more traditional look than what he employed at WVU. While recruiting a huge super fast super accurate running qb in the future will be great and will I'm sure lead to lots and lots of victories is it really what MI wants? There would never be another Tom Brady to come out of MI for years and years since traditionally the running qb does not fare so well in the NFL. Also in an offense of that type, as shown by WVU, do we really want to be reliant on 1 guy. In the Pitt WVU game when White suffered his dislocated thumb you could see that the game was over at that point. It was like taking the engine out of a car and expecting to win a race with it. With your traditional style of offense you lose the qb like that and if you have a player like Mike Hart you can just rest the game on his shoulders and let him take over. White and Slaton would not nearly be looked upon as they are if it was not for each other. Put either one of them by themselves on a different team and their careers are nothing like they are now.
Now I'm all for MI winning and all but when putting more thought to it I'd like to see the MI legacy continue to grow. While Carr may not have had the greatest of seasons or multiple NCs he did put a great number of players into the NFL who have made a name for themselves and for MI.

Katie said...

LOL @ Sic, That is one of the things I love about A2, incredible cultural diversity. Is it simply that his name is Rodregiuz (darn spelling on that one, my brain is not cooperating today) that brings on the latino jokes? I guess I just see him and his family as Americans, so that took me by surprise to hear the cultural jabs. The melting pot of America, and if you do not have fair skin, freckles and appear to have descended from Europe, that makes you an alien.

OH my God....Ok..yeah, I am naive...that is all I am saying on the subject. I don't mean to be a spoil sport. Have fun, that is what this board is for. :o)

Mark said...

have you seen his WIFE? WOW! She is a freakin knoockout

Baghdad_Buck said...

Good Hire? I think not. Pitt? 28 point dog. Couldn't get his team up for that one? Whoa! Good motivator. Good luck with Saban's cuz.

zen wizard said...

Funny, I was thinking about the tie--looks like he was trying but did not quite get the "Maize" right.

I mean, it looks like dead, brown Maize. If that's Maize, there are some hungry Indians out there.

Couldn't he just buy something on the Internet and rush order it will that signing bonus? Something that looks--I dunno--a little like THIS?

Joshua said...

You just got me busted at work. Hilarious. Hail to the King baby.

"There would never be another Tom Brady to come out of MI for years and years..."

there is only one God. Please make a note of it.

As for your point regarding smaller players (typically referred to as an "athlete" when it comes to recruiting and position played) I see your point. Over the course of time we've seen a transition from smaller, quicker players at every position (Think the Charlie Ward led FSU teams that beat ND) to a hybrid of fast position players and bigger players on the line and sometimes at running back. (Think USC w/Bush and White or LSU or Kentucky this year).

I think R2 will have to make adjustments to stand up to the beatings handed out in the Big 10. Plus he no longer has to rely on recruits like White, who only went to WVU after being guaranteed a shot at QB, whereas he would've been a receiver at LSU. I just don't see the same version he used at WVU working here, it'll need to be modified.

Feelin' Blue,
You beat me to the punch on the girl in the background. My thoughts: Hottie? Check. Brunette? Check. Within 100 miles of me? Check. It is so on.

Joshua said...

My god Zen, I think that tie would induce seizures.

BajanBlu said...


Re: Mamma-Rod, or Rod-Rider (what are we gonna call her?)

By "Knockout" do you mean the kind of feeling you get when one of those UFC guys kicks you in the face, or are you from Trenton?

As for the tie, my first reaction was that he was trying, but he got a ND tie by mistake. He could have just stuck with WVU colors and been fine.

surrounded in columbus said...

when you were a kid, did you ever have the rare experience of being the only one in your circle of friends to land "the" cool gift for xmas??

most of your friends felt good for you (and tried to play w/ it when you weren't using it) but there was always one or two guys too envious to be good sports. they always had to come up w/ and point out to you petty, sometimes silly "problems" w/ it and tell you repeatedly why they really wouldn't want it or why you shouldn't be too happy about having it.

getting a flashback on those grade school days reading the comments on the new coach.

we got a shiny new toy sunday. we're all happy because it's nicer than the old toy (which was getting "retired" anyway) and it is way cooler than the toy we thought we were getting. so, like all kids, we're excited and happy.

then along comes the kids who didn't get a new toy. doesn't mean they don't like and want to keep the old one they have- it's just some people can't stand to see others get something new, be the center of attention. so what do they do? they come along and say petty, sometimes silly things to make us like our new toy less.

well, not gonna happen. we like R2. we think he's "really cool", and we're gonna keep thinking that, at least until he loses his first game...

and for those other fans, particularly tosu fans, who keep trying to explain how R2's offense will somehow "kill" our offensive recruiting? explain to me how if running a zone option spread is sooo detrimental to your long term health, why does switzer want to recruit a QB to run just that offense???


Joshua said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joshua said...


an excerpt from a Rivals article: Think you'll like it.

"Pryor, whose team is still playing and battles Wilmington Area (New Wilmington, Pa.) this weekend, is looking more closely at the style of offense of each team on his list.

"That concerns me about Ohio State because they've never run an offense like the one we run at my high school or that they run at West Virginia, Florida, Oregon or other places. I'd like to see them run it first so I could believe they'll change it but I'm obviously not going to get to see that so it creates doubt."

That's from last week when he added Oregon to his list.

And my verification? "peeon". wish i had a screen capture prog at work.

Jim said...


Dead on.

TitleIX said...

oh Andy...
don't be GAY ;-)

Joshua said...

Yeah SIC. right on target.

T-9, ur just wrong- yet oddly hilarious, too.

whetstonebuck said...

it must be a pretty steep learning curve gauging from what he learned about the spread playing UF last January and what he did to correct those mistakes when he played Illinois 10 months later."


You know better than that. I hope your new crew doesn't think like that. Wait, yes I do. It would not be wise to underestimate the intelligence of your rival.

There are multiple debates for the UF loss as well as the Illinois loss (other than not enough points-yuk, yuk). More than likely the reasons for one loss are not the same reasons for the other.

Enjoy your shiny new toy.


Just so you know, my "Customs" joke was about WbgV being a different culture. I believe RR still lives in WV? It had nothing to do with RR's surname. However, I got the exclamation marks and I'm keepin' 'em.

TitleIX said...


Blonde Mrs. Rod has got to be:

Queen of the Rod

(with all due respect to Roger Miller)

TitleIX said...

I'm dodging lightening bolts over here for sure.

Feelin' Blue said...


You are a horny bastard. It is my wish to you that you never go impotent.

Joshua said...

Bite your tongue man- you shouldn't even give that thought energy by putting it out there. That's like bringing up the P word. Yikes!

But yes, it's a curse. My three great passions: Women, college football , and stories, whether they be in movie or book format, whether I'm writing them or reading them. All three have caused me great joy, and fortunately only two drive me crazy.

Joshua said...

Oh hey look everyone, some Florida State players may have engaged in some academic shenanigans.

In related news, The Sahara Desert is still filled with sand, water is still wet, and I'm thinking about issuing a press release that states I still don't like getting hit in the junk.

zen wizard said...

Well, without giving away too much of my precious anonymity, if I am so psyched by getting a 50k job at Travelers that I buy a tie with an umbrella on it, why can't he--who is making a million, bajillion dollars a year--put together "maize and blue"?

I mean, I went to MSU, and even I have two maize and blue ties.

Yes, it is just to piss off my Buckeye bosses, but still...

(Wait: Maybe that kind of explains the 50k?? And the office with no heat?? And the "kick me" sign on my ass? Those Post-its are sure coming with some great adhesive nowadays...)

Katie said...

Oh yes Whets, you keep those exclamation points, you earned them. LOL

You guys absolutely make me laugh so much!!! Something I have been in short supply of, so THANK YOU!

srudoff said...


the mexican victors thing was a joke and the comment today was ripping on miles.

sic - blogger.com has been 'websensed' at work so i can only post in the morning or night from home now :( i'm sure you're all upset :)

Katie said...

Drew Sharp is an ass wipe. He boils my blood faster than anyone I have ever encountered. Why does the Freep let him write on Michigan sports????? I love to read the sports page, I will not buy the Free Press because of him. I will not pay money to have someone talk unjustified trash about Michigan Football. I swore I would not read what he had to say on the R2 hire...............then I read it......and.....GRRRRRRR!!!! He is an Ass Clown!

goat7ed said...

sru-- if you can't get on at work, and I'm not advocating anything, I'm just saying there are ways of dealing with Innitech. And you can get your scarlet Swingline stapler back.

whetstonebuck said...

Katie, Katie, Katie,

"He is an Ass Clown?"

I was taught, if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything.


Passion is a good thing.

Joshua said...

To say that Drew Sharp is an Ass Wipe or Ass Clown is to defame the entire Ass family.

As an aside, am I the only one who finds Donkeys dressed as clowns slightly amusing? Regular clowns are just creepy, but Ass Clowns, well, kinda cuddly and also a tremendous source of transportation!

zen wizard said...

Here is a perfectly acceptable Stacy Adams maize & blue tie from my personal collection.

This tie says, "I came to play, Playuh! I may not win many games, but check out my 'stable' of undergrad b!tches!"

I will give your guy this tie if it means you will beat OSU.

LudaChristian said...


So you’re saying you’d rather be known for putting players in the NFL than winning football games? Props to Carr & his staff for doing an admirable job of preparing players for the next level, but I think I’d take wins over a reputation for putting players in the NFL any day of the week.

whetstonebuck said...


Hold on to the tie. What you need is a miracle.

Katie said...

Whets, I knew as I posted that comment that I was contradicting myself...LOL, but I really didn't care, he is an ass. Period. That is not nice, and I said it, so yes, that puts me in the same boat. Oh well! He gets away with it, so I suppose I will take my chances as well. :o)

Zen, I love the tie!!!

whetstonebuck said...


I was just letting you know I read your comment in the Freep. You are famous.

Katie said...

Oh famous huh? Damn shouldn't I get some compensation for that? LOL. I have spent my morning consulting with a hospital on their accounts receivables, my brain is slightly fried at the moment, I think I have the solution for them though. Now if I could just find a solution for what to do about Drew Sharp. That is probably far more hopeless.

DaBraylon17 said...

according to mgoblog, Pryor is "likely to committ" to michigan.

Joshua said...


what was said was "Some low-level internet buzz suggests he's not just interested, but likely to commit."

According to other low level internet buzz I was also likely to shit a live chicken in 2009. Not sayin' it won't happen, not sayin' it will, just sayin'....

whetstonebuck said...


That would go a long way in solving the chicken vs. the egg controversy.

Joshua said...

Yeah Whets,

Never let it be said we're not a leading research university. LOL.
We had an entire discussion about that mid-Miles fiasco, it spurned an entire day or so of T-9 and Katie spewing poop jokes. Who knew potty humor could be so enticing.

whetstonebuck said...

Potty humor stinks.

Joshua said...

*Not justifying that with a response*

Feelin' Blue said...

Hehe, joshua. You said poop.

I was just reliving The Nightmare, going back and seeing the posts from that awful day. It's kind of weird, because if we had bounced back immediately after that, beaten Oregon, and gone undefeated the rest of the season, well, not only would life be much better, but we would still be playing in the BCS champ game, being the only 1-loss team. Too bad we ended up sucking, coaching sucked, and injuries happened.

And then this V for Vendetta line kept popping in my head - Remember, remember, the 1st of September.

Yeah, that sucked

Joshua said...

"...and I'm thinking about issuing a press release that states I still don't like getting hit in the junk."

Note to self: add being reminded of App. state loss to said press release, at it is only slightly more pleasurable than a case of getting hit in the junk, and perhaps worse.

Joshua said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katie said...

I don't remember spewing poop jokes! I am a lady after all!! :P

zen wizard said...

The tie has paisleys, which is a religious symbol of the ancient Persian empire.

So I am burying the hatchet both for any Big Ten insult/event--and, as a Spartan, for the Battle of Thermopylae, IMHO.

TitleIX said...

you seriously crack me up.

are you part of the whole writer's strike thing???
cuz seriously, you've got mad skills
and...that would explain how you can post more than anyone (EVEN Katie and I!)

as an aside:
how long do you have to wait before filing a missing person's report ??
Where's YOST???

Katie said...

T9,I think all of those "auditions" that Joshua has energizes and inspires him.

I am preparing for slim pickings from Yost, Christmas is right around the corner. Hmmm......off for the break, Maybe I should write up some piece as a guest poster.......that could be fun! Joshua and you should do that too! We could really shake this board up! :o)

IamCris said...

Natalie Portman is my favorite. Remember, remember the first of September.

She's hot even with a shaved head.

Joshua said...

Ah ladies, all you have to do is figure out what women want and then give it to them. In your case Michigan football, diamond references and poop jokes!!!! No really, if you like my work here you should check me out in bed-I'm hilarious.

Actually I'm an inventor/janitor and created the new iMop. Mp3 player, internet access and mop all in one, and it's going to make me eleventy billion dollars.

Joshua said...

mmmmmm Natalie Portman.

Wow, at least it only sounds vaguely more creepy when I do that than when T-9 says it about His Brady-ness.

Jim said...

uh...Katie...you just said "spewing poop." {shudder} Care to re-phrase?

Katie said...

"No really, if you like my work here you should check me out in bed-I'm hilarious."

And be audition #456? PASS! (but you can still be on my naughty list :P)

Katie said...

"uh...Katie...you just said "spewing poop." {shudder} Care to re-phrase?"

Oh god, graduate school hasn't rub off enough yet has it? ROFL! Can we delete that comment? Although, didn't Joshua say that first? Yeah, it is his fault!!! :o)

Joshua said...

Pardon me, I meant "providing a proliferation of fecal funnies."

Ah screw it, who am I kidding- they were spewing poop jokes.

Joshua said...

And everybody poops. My nephew has a book that says so.

TitleIX said...

Cartman poops out of his mouth

Katie said...

The issue was not "pooping" , it was shitty a live chicken, much different than the normal log roll.

Oh my, exactly how did we get here? We digressed in a very large fashion!! So how about that R2, I must admit, when I heard him say at the presser that he plans to retire at Michigan, I felt this uncomfortable feeling. I hope he means it, and I do believe that he can't do better than being the coach of Michigan and for someone with a passion like his, the NFL is not the place to go.

Joshua said...

Omg you just said "log roll". Christ on a pogo stick that's funny as all crazy hell.

Good night you foul-mouthed children. May Yost bless us with another post soon so all these comments can be made part of the past. The scary, poopy past.

Feelin' Blue said...

Haha spewing poop.

It reminds me of that South Park episode where people find out that if you shove food up your ass then you will poop out of your mouth.

It's funny, because we keep talking about how superior Michigan is and blah blah blah, when in truth we're really just a bunch of 5 year olds.

Don't believe me? Just look at mgoblog. The posters must be no older than 12!

Wow, now this is fucked up. My word verification is "osulvrer." Sounds a lot like "OSU lover." No thanks.

whetstonebuck said...


Look at your choices. You can be a five year old potty mouth or a 12 year old manic depressive.

Or...an OSU lover. This may be heaven's way of trying to rescue you from a fate worse than death.

Katie said...

Ok, since we have some now posts, let me add one last thing.

First, it was suppose to be shitting and not shitty in my last post. I know who cares, but it was making me batty, so there you go.

Second, T9, isn't pooping out of your mouth the same as spewing poop? :o)

And last, I stand by my initial post that says I have no recollection of "telling" poop jokes :o)

Ok, this thread may now be officially moved on from and we can go back to talking about football!

Nathan said...

Trust me, RR is no Jim Tressel. If the talent level is similar, Tressel is far superior in gameplanning and midgame adjustments. You won't win. Hell, RR was outcoached by Dave Wannstedt