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Monday, December 31, 2007

But we're 8-4, I thought for sure we'd be here

Got the email and picture below from our pal Andy...


Went to the Alamo Bowl last night. Although I was with MANY Aggie supporters (it was essentially an A&M home game) I quietly rooted for Penn State and the Big 10.

I guess I was not the only Wolverine fan there. I captured this image from my seat. Note the "M" flag in the upper right hand corner.

That guy had it waving the entire game. It was pretty funny.

Go Blue,


Katie said...

I saw that guy with the flag in the stands during the game, ESPN actually showed them! GO BLUE!

TitleIX said...

Andy, you are the best!

the car ride home with the Aggie Fans must have been a JOY!?

srudoff said...

what the hell is a missouri fan doing there????

Chris in NC said...

Outstanding Andy! That's cool! We're everywhere! Glad Penn State pulled that one out! Joe Pa is a great bowl game coach.

I was at the Car Care Bowl here in Charlotte with the kids and there were a few of us sporting our UM stuff at the Wake Vs UConn game. I will sheepishly admit that we were cheering UConn. My daughter picked them. She's 5 and the choice between the Deacons ("He's too mean") and the Huskies ("A PUPPY!") was no contest.

Anyway, GO BLUE and Happy New Year everyone!