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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Aggie Nose Picker

We already knew Texas A&M fans like to grab their nads. But we didn't know they also like to eat their boogers...

Ok, while I might be willing to give him a pass on the dig, eating it almost made me want to toss my cookies all over the keyboard.

And what do you want to bet this is one of the "elite" Aggie boogers boosters who was paying top dollar for Dennis Franchione's insider newsletter?

Need another look at The Big Dig? Absolutely...

(Big HT to LM)


Katie said...

Did you catch the wife, realizing that he was on the big screen, she reached over to make him stop......HA!

srudoff said...

penn state - bowl game basically a home game for their opponent
ditto michigan
ditto illinois
ditto ohio state


Katie said...

Hi Sru! I agree, WTF? It will make the victories that much sweeter! Of course it will take some doing for the last three on your list to actually win, but we can do it! (COVER THAT DAMN SPREAD!)

GO Illinois!

And of Course there is GO WISKY too!

Katie said...

How about this:


Seriously, the game is on their home turf, and it is incredulous that this guy decorates his bar for Michigan? I mean I get the point, it would be like some bar in Columbus decorated in Michigan colors, but folks, this is a bowl game, meh....nevermind.

DaBraylon17 said...

i saw that live! i reversed it on my dvr to show my friends who were with me. i was cracking up.

beast in 'bama said...

Oh, Aggies...They make it so easy sometimes it's not even sporting.

Yost, I am sure that Peter Bean will be in touch with you as soon as he recovers from the Independence Bowl drinking game hangover.

Randy said...

I saw it live. I cannot watch it again. But thanks for the opportunity.