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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Well that sucked

Will have new stuff up for tomorrow. Still recovering from cold, wet and and the worst display of football I've ever witnessed since my two year old niece grabbed the Xbox 360 remote and tried to play Madden NFL 2007.

Ed. Note: I rushed for more yards walking to my computer to post this than U-M did all game yesterday. Ugh.


whetstonebuck said...

Sorry it didn't work out for you, but welcome back. Looking forward to your commentary, etc.

Katie said...

I feel your pain. Glad to see you back.

JasonOtt said...

As a Buckeye, I must say that both teams looked pretty pathetic. Now that "THE GAME" is over for another year, it's time to show the nation that the BIG TEN is still a top conference. Let's sweep our bowl games and start hating each other again in mid January. Good Luck Blue...


Well, at least you didn't lose to Louisiana-Monroe.

Lysa said...

I think I feel Henne's shoulder pain. =(


Welcome back =)

616goblue said...

is Michigan football going to trade in a Carr for a ride with Les Miles?

srudoff said...

not sure if I want my head coach to be named Leslie....


Maize said...

I can think of 1.25 million reasons why Les Miles will not be the next Michigan head coach.

If you haven't read it yet, read Mitch Albom's column


Maize said...

you'll need to piece the link together or just go to Freep's UM section. It's a great article.


Mikoyan said...

That's a pretty good article. It is interesting that he brought up Nebraska and Miami since both of those programs have been wallowing in mediocrity. Solich wasn't a bad coach. Not sure about Coker.

Les Miles may be the answer but who knows. Maybe UM might want to look closer to home and grab Genyk...:)

Matthew said...

@ Maize:

If you seriously think that 1.25 million dollars will keep Les Miles from coming to Ann Arbor, then you must not know a whole lot about Beilein getting hired, and must not have walked through the athletic campus recently.
1.25 million is a good deal of money, but it's nothing we can't raise; there are probably more than a few alumni who would love to commit that money if it means a coach that will continue Michigan Football's winning ways. Assuming that offers from both sides are reasonable, money will be no object when choosing the next coach, I guarantee you that.

Maize said...


I am fully aware of Beilein's contract issue. You must not be fully aware that Beilein did negotiate the amount down but it's coming from his pockets not alumni (unless you know of a nice shady deal put together for Beilein by alums).

Les' contract specifically fingers Michigan for that amount. LSU knew fully well that Michigan was the ring and that Les was Gollum. I don't think LSU will let Les go without a fight.

ANd you assume incorrectly that soemeone else will pay that money. I am not a lawyer, but I would think having someone else pay Les' buyout wouldn't pass the smell test with the NCAA or Michigan.

I might be wrong. I have been before, especially with that girl in Columbus that turned out to be a pre op tranny (those buckeyes are tricky pricks!).

But everyone has a hard on for Les and assumes he's coming. I just don't think it will happen.

We shall see...

Miles said...

Sorry to hear that Lloyd Carr is leaving. He was a classy coach and a classier man.

Chris said...

Well, first off, I would like to say good bye to Lloyd Carr, for all people will say about him he ran a clean program, his players loved him and he was a Michigan man.

I am a buckeye but I have some thoughts on this. The Cooper era took a lot away from the rivalry that is tOSU and UM. It made it almost pointless, now it's going the other way and it's starting to have that same feel. I don't ever want to see my team lose, but this years game just didn't have the feeling past years games have had. Maybe it was the boring game we saw, or maybe it's just that the outcome has become predictable? Who knows, but I think a coaching change for UM will bring life back into things.

I can say this though, I saw Terry Glenn and David Boston promise victory and knew the outcome would go south, I hope whatever future coach that comes doesn't let a player step in front of a microphone and do stuff like that.

For now, Go Bucks! and good luck in your bowl game, it would be nice to see Lloyds last game be a win at a bowl game.

JukeBox said...

Chris, it was really nice of you to give such an impartial take on Lloyd despite his record against Tressel. A lot of Ohio State fans would be bringing that up this moment.

As Bo said, every head coach era usually at some point has an active losing streak against the buckeyes, in defense of Lloyd during the 2005 season. I guess a coach's accomplishments and legacy shouldn't solely depend on this game, but how people will remember Lloyd 10-15 years from now will probably be on his record against OSU.

well, he had a lot in him that we can hardly hope to replace. And the next head coach definitely has a large shoe to fill.

TitleIX said...

technically one would trade in for FEWER miles, since the noun, miles, can be counted.

LESS would be used only if the noun were abstract.

let's put that comment to bed, K?

Mikoyan said...

As some like to point out, you have to look at Carr's whole body of work. He did bring in a National Championship.