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Saturday, November 03, 2007

UPDATE: Penn State video still linked below

Apparently somebody doesn't want you to see the video of the Penn State fans getting nasty with the OSU fans anymore (I'm looking at you, JoePa) as the links have all been taken down from YouTube.

But thanks to MZone reader JF, it's still on the MZone here.


James said...

i find it bullshit that penn state fans pelted a few ohio state fans with cans and such. i may be a buckeye fan for life, but i would never do that to michigan or any big ten team. some of those people from penn state are the real faggots. they can go back to happy valley and suck each others dicks. OSU is still #1.

srudoff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TitleIX said...

not that being a faggot has anything to do with felonious assault.....

now, felatio, ok
but faggot does not necessarily equal felon.

thanks for the PC moment, James

Yost said...


Was *just* about to delete the comment, but your response was too goood so it stays.

TitleIX said...

glad to help Yost.

Sometimes is just like stealin' candy from a baby! :-)

Andy said...

Thanks for reposting the video. Isn't the internet great ????

srudoff said...

yost - check your email ;)

srudoff said...

Hey Yost

click on your profile - might want to amend your "Occupation" after this year!

tommertoffo said...

I'm a Michigan fan and I have to say we have to give Penn State a break. Yes, these idiots are terrible, but the fans in general at PSU are excellent. Best in the Big Ten. Before we Michigan fans attack Penn State, we need to clean our own house. How we treat ND fans is a disgrace. I've seen worse than this video in Ann Arbor

oldwestside said...

Well tommertofo,

If similar shit happens in AA and is documented, Yost and Benny would be the first ones to say "prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law."

I don't see the Mzone attacking PSU fans here. I see them saying "this does happen many places, and it final has been made public, it is time to have consequences so people EVERYWHERE, including Michigan, treat opposing fans better."

If anything the Mzone has been applauding PSU blogs for taking a hard stance and for punishment being served.

Mikoyan said...

I don't think the fine authors of our blog have been condemning the entire PSU because of the actions of a few assholes. And after I hear that the OSU folks were at the house the night before, that makes them even bigger assholes for allowing that kind of shit to happen. So much for brotherhood.

tommertoffo said...

I enjoy this blog, and I applaude their efforts to condemn abusive fan behavior everywhere. If you think that the discussion on the blog, especially on the comment section, doesn't imply and endemic problem at PSU, I'd have to disagree. This behavior happens everwhere, I've seen it everywhere, and ALL the Universities should condemn and prosecute this terrible behavior.

If you have travelled to State College (I'm a Michigan fan from Illinois so I have no personal affiliation with PSU) you would know, if anything, they are the best, most respectful, most supportive fans in the Big 10. If we're going to show this clip and argue over and over how bad these idiots were, I believe we need to give some balance. Otherwise, those Michigan fans who have not been to State College get a predjudiced view of Penn State fans. That's what's wrong with the intesity of this discussion on this blog the past week.

Katie said...

I am '98 Michigan grad living in Philly and I have been to every Michigan v. Penn State game in Happy Valley since then. I don't know where these "respectful, supportive" fans you talk about are. I have had beers poured on me, I have had food thrown at me. It all culminated at last year's game when I was pushed down from behind by a member of a group of about 10 white-clad lobotomized PSU students. Filed a report with PSU's security and although they were able to capture the incident on closed-circut TV, they could not ID the kids. I am DONE with PSU. I have been treated better at OSU - which is saying a lot.

Penn State fans are no better than any one else in the Big 10 - and far from being the best.


tommertoffo said...


Maybe you and I hang around different crowds. Go Blue from the Class of '86. I must be by all the old fans. :)

Amy said...

Just an FYI. The guy throwing the beer was actually from the University of Pittsburgh. No matter what game one attends, there are always the jerks. Some of who never even attended the university but successfully embarrass the students and alumni. Every school has them.