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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Two-Minute Drill

* Dan Weitzel at Yahoo! Sports gives Michigan no love. In his column, he about OSU getting no respect, especially from fans in the south and the west, he had this nugget: "There is little question Ohio State is set to waltz into its second consecutive BCS title game via the easiest road imaginable. The Buckeyes haven't beaten a top-line team thus far and the only quality opponent remaining is Michigan, which lost at home to both a I-AA team and No. 3 Oregon, by 32 points."

Uh, does he really think the Bucks will be playing the same Michigan team that he's referring to? Seriously?

(HT: S2)

* Let's face it - Michigan's season couldn't have started out worse. Yet U-M fans still showed up and sold out the Big House. Not Vol fans when their team struggled this year. The Vols dipped below 100,000 for the first time since '96 last Saturday.

(HT: HM)

* MZone reader BK saw someone on one of the MLive forums proposing the following t-shirt in response to all the MSU folks buying up Appy State garb...

Michigan State: Easier to beat than Appalachian State!

* The Dayton Daily News references the MZone, America's source for news...and semi-naked women.

(HT: Dave)

* Finally, MZone reader Anthony writes:

Hey guys, saw on facebook that some of my friends were RSVP'ing to an event called "Make Some REAL Noise at the Ohio State Game" The tagline to the event reads: Replace the key play with change in a water bottle.

The description reads as follows:

Bring an unopened water bottle into the game, or buy one in the Stadium. Fill your pocket up with pennies, dimes, or any other change you can find. Once at your seat, chug the water, add the coins to the empty bottle, and shake. The noise is annoying, but reaches the field better than shaking keys.

Invite all your friends! Let's do our part in winning this year!

Didn't know if you guys wanted to post anything about this closer to the game to see if we can get more people in the stadium to participate...also not sure if the admin is going to catch wind of this and attempt to stop it, though I'm not sure how exactly they would be able to.

Love the site...Go Blue!

Anthony '05

Always want to promote a more intimidating Big House, Anthony. More on this as OSU nears.


whetstonebuck said...


Let's get some security in your complex. Ol' Dan is just echoing the angry sentiment around the country concerning tOSU's waltz to the Big Dance. Our signature win is against a 3-6 Washington team--ouch! Instead of helmets our team should be wearing paper sacks.

Get a load of this line: "Yes, Ohio State's non-conference slate was an abomination. As one fan pointed out on a message board, the helmets of its first four opponents spelled Y-A-W-N (Youngstown, Akron, Washington and Northwestern). And they played Kent State, too." Admit it, that's funny as well as painful.

Wetzel calls UM a "quality" opponent and you all fixated on the mention of Appy State and Oregon. Brothers, you got tagged with “quality.”

It's our turn to be ridiculed. The whole country hates us. We are useless; an abomination; scum. We don't deserve to live. If the Nation new we’d turn out like this, we would have been aborted.

Geez, Louise. Let us have our fifteen minutes of National shame. After all, it's been ten months since our last dose. We are having some withdrawal pain.

(That of course, does not take into account the shame of the NCAA B-Ball Championship loss to Fl#%*da. I view basketball as something to do for people that can't play football.)

Move over little brother. Stay in line and behave. It's not always about you.

WingRG said...

Re: coins replacing keys.

Maybe i'm misunderstanding something, but don't you guys have voices? Can't you yell real loud? Is that too "low brow" for you guys?

Oh, WhetStone, regarding 15 minutes of national shame and b-ball, does losing to a DII team in your own building in an exhibition, coming off a year in which you made the National Championship game count as national shame? To quote Uncle Jun: "I was ashamed to face my friends"

whetstonebuck said...


Basketball is for folks that can't play football.

Basketball is "low brow."

I have no comment.

Mikoyan said...

Why is it when a Big Ten team plays a schedule like that it's called weak but when an SEC team does it's called "Well they have plenty of competition within the SEC that they can take a break with their off conference teams"? Heck, maybe OSU should be more like ND so they can have a weak schedule and still be 1-8.

But again, this is my fundamental problem with the BS. No matter what they say, the "Champion" is still determine by a subjective means. The AP saw through the sham. Most folks call for a playoff of sort (but even that would be subject to shenanigans). Maybe it's just not possible to crown a Champion of a league where 117 teams play but thier schedules comprise less than 10% of their opponents.

Anyways, the Brutus thing in the Dayton article looks interesting. I wonder if you could do a subtle paint scheme to taunt the Buckeyes?

As far as your guys loss to Findlay pick a number (complied by our little brothers):
1. It was an exhibition game
2. Appalachian State!
3. It doesn't matter

surrounded in columbus said...

BYU never apologizes for its pathetic schedule during the 1984 season. you shouldn't either. w/ BC going down, you'll now have to play a team that the rest of the world considers "good". you win that, they'll stop talking. and if you don't, they were right, so what's it matter? can't be worse than last year, can it?

on the other hand, if we want to be bitch about our little corner of the world and being discussed unfavorably in the same article, you ought to let us go ahead & vent. doesn't matter if tosu was the main story line- we just read the parts about us.

Matt said...

Notre Dame has one of the toughest schedules in the country this year. It's a miracle that they beat UCLA. That "YAWN" thing is hilarious, btw.

Like I've said before, some people in the media blasted Michigan fans as fairweather fans. Sporting News was the worst. But the fans held tight and continued to show up to games. This goes to show that a bit of the UM reputation as fairweather is undeserved. We're pretty classy, but we don't get much credit for that.

whetstonebuck said...

Aw, c'mon SiC. You know I wasn't apologizing. The schedule is what it is. Ha! I laugh on their lapel.

I just got a kick out of Yost's take on Wetzel and how rivals look at the same article and see it slanted in opposite directions; nothing new there. Like it or not, the maize & blue and the scarlet & grey are joined at the hip. We need each other to enjoy the finer things in life—like VICTORY!

I find it incredibly funny that tOSU is in first place (this week anyway) and the consternation and irrational hatred this causes around the country. Humor is where you find it.

You are right. Nothing could be worse than last year.

Wait, repeating last year's travesty vs. another SEC team would be worse. Yes, Rhett, I don’t think I could bear that. If it does happen, my executor will ship you my Michigan cap. I want you to have it.

(Oh, of course all of this is dependent upon a victory this week and a little skirmish on the 17th.)

ohio_guy said...

hopefully the big house is just as loud as beaver stadium was two weeks ago....

it seemed to work out well for them...

whetstonebuck said...


Indeed. We like loud.

Loud? We don't care about no stinkin' loud.

Matthew said...

I just don't think change in a bottle is going to get Michigan on this list,

Loudest College Games Ever Recorded:

1) 2007, Oregon hosts USC - 127.2dB
2) 2005, Clemson hosts Miami - 126.0dB
3) 1988, LSU hosts Auburn - 121.0dB (the "Earthquake Game")

For reference: jet takeoff from an aircraft carrier w/ afterburners = 130dB

Mikoyan said...

I heard the fan at Rynearson can be pretty intimidating.

lane said...

on topic rumblings at theozone.net

love the 'we need more cowbell'!!!

surrounded in columbus said...

Would be honored to have your hat. Would place it over the mantle on the moose antlers for all to see. Just don't send it to soon. I'd go nuts if the only tosu fans I was left to carry on with were wrgrg & my wife...

WingRG said...

hey, i don't bug u too much. Now, i'm not sure 'bout your wife. :-) but i gotta admit i'm not nearly as entertaining as WS. He should moonlite doing standup.

surrounded in columbus said...

you are right wgrg. if we lost wetrock it would be just the two of us, alone, knocking about this great big blog w/ out him.

i suppose we'd muddle thru somehow.