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Friday, November 16, 2007

Two-Minute Drill - The Game Edition

Thanks to all the folks who sent so many suggestions this week (and every week). Unfortunately, we can't possibly get to them all. But here's a taste...

* Brutus Buckeye: One of the 10 lamest mascots in college football?

* Reader Erik sent us the following...


My housemates and I want to put up a banner on our house of the popular corner of Hill and Oakland. We are looking to put something to poke fun at OSU. Got any good ideas? See if the readers can come up with anything?

I told him if he put MZone on the banner somewhere, we'd help and put it up next week. So, any ideas?

* First the Muppets do the Michigan Marching Band standard TEMPTATION, now HAWAIIAN WAR CHANT? What next, THE VICTORS?

* MZone reader and Buckeye (yes, you can be both) sends us the clip linked here showing why it sucks to be "Michigan Ave." in Columbus for the week of The Game.

* And deep down, maybe Woody didn't hate Michigan after all...

Why do I have the sense Woody would have rather we had a picture of him naked in a tutu up on our site than holding a Michigan football the day before The Game?

(HT: TJ)


Mikoyan said...

Hmmmm....Lamest mascot...not sure.

Michigan did try to have a mascot at one point...Willy the Wolverine, I think. Didn't work too well though.

They can avoid the embarassment of having a Michigan ST. by not naming it that in the first place. I don't think there are too many Ohio Streets in Michigan.

Jeremy said...

As it was explained to me:

"Willy the Wolverine was a 1980s attempt by some non-native Michigander students to foist a mascot upon the school, since we were somehow illegit without one. There were petitions, there was incident where Willy was not let into the stadium despite having a ticket, etc. There were even Willy the Wolverine coupon books. Fortunately, it went away."

We also had a live wolverine mascot on the sidelines in the early part of last century. It was eventually deemed too dangerous for its handlers and eventually removed.

Robert said...

i can't take credit for this - it was being tossed around in the comments of MGoBlog, but for the sign at Oakland and Hill, possibly "OSU:Academically better than some SEC schools"

Earle said...

Man, this picture is a CLASSIC. I am the only Michigan fan out of a group of about eight others (all OSU fans) and I am definately forwarding this for a pre-game scare tactic.