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Friday, November 16, 2007

Those Wacky Buckeyes

Apparently the clip below is some wild and crazy Buckeye thing at a pizza chain in C-bus where this week you're supposed to order and basically speak without using the letter "M."

Get it. Because Michigan starts with "M." Doh!

You know what that means, right? Thousands of Tosu fans are wandering around town this week shouting "Fuck Ichigan!" at each other.


Matt said...

It's okay. They don't know how to spell anyway!

Mikoyan said...

I'm sure they can spell "anyway" however the rest of the dictionary might cause them fits.

Bucktown Skins Fan said...

What's one less letter to a student body that already believes there are only 15 letters in the alphabet?

Katie said...

Buckeyes ordering eatballs.......that is pretty funny.

Scott said...

So...what...are we supposed to make sure that we don't put "the" in front of anything?

BARman said...

Wow, that's precious...

Travis said...

In related news the M&M/Mars company saw a dramatic decline in candy sales this month in Ohio until the local papers began questioning why no one was buying "them candies with the Ws on 'em"

Mikoyan said...

So would my name be ikoyan then?

Some Ohio State related words that have M's in them:
mental retardation
masturbation (although I hear they are partial to using vacuum cleaners because of the hand...)

ohio_guy said...

In front of the Schott (OSU's basketball/hockey arena), there is a concrete wall with a 3D metal sign that reads "The Jerome Schottenstein Center"

....yesterday I noticed that the "m" had been crossed out with duct tape..

Andy said...

Katie: I loved the "eat-balls" order too.


Mikoyan said...

In Pennsylvania there is a city called Devon. Back in the 80's they used to green out the n so it read Devo.

Breaston154LIFE said...

Person: Can i get a "wow we are fuckin lame?"

His buddies: "YAHH WOO!!"