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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Quick thoughts on OSU's loss...

I was rooting for Ohio State. Big time. Swear to God.

Even after we'd lost, I wanted them to win. I wanted the #1 team in the country coming to A2 this week. Unfortunately, for the first time since 1959, U-M and Tosu come into The Game off losses.


I must say, I was stunned watching Illinois simply shred the Bucks with their spread. It reminded me of a certain maize and blue team when they face such an attack (except when they faced this very attack in Champagne). Every time it was third and anything - short, long, medium - the Illini seemed to pick it up with ease. Again, like Wolverine defenses of years past (okay, and this year). Very surprising.

Boy, from #1 vs. #2 last year to just Big Ten bragging rights. Bo would be pleased. But unfortunately, that's a bit of a letdown now in 2007.


whetstonebuck said...


Andy said...

Will there be suspensions handed down to Jenkins and Robo? They both threw punches...

Katie said...

I knew you were cheering for tOSU, even as I was cheering for Illinois. Does this make me a poor sports fan to be happy that tOSU lost? It made our loss seem less painful. I somehow feel guilty about that.

whetstonebuck said...


A little cliché, but...It's just a game. We are supposed to root for our team and by extension--root against the success of our rival. That's what gives us the release for our passions and makes this all so much fun. If you didn't root against tOSU, I would wonder about your loyalty to Michigan.

Ups, downs, joy & tears, this thing called College Football is a great release and a blessed diversion from the difficulties of life. Another reason I enjoy hanging out here.

Enjoy your guiltless pleasure.

This week is going to be fun.

(I still think someone should check out the closets and freezer at Maize's house.)

Katie said...

Thanks Whets! I agree, this week is going to be fun (and potentially painful!) And I also agree, someone (NOT ME) might want to check Maize's closets, freezers and basement!) ;o) (Truthfully, I think he is a puppy at heart)

Maize said...

I still have some pickled eyeballs and special Blue and Maize sausages (freshly grounded yesterday) for anyone wanting a Sunday snack.

I can tell you I thoroughly enjoyed my Mallett Sandwich yesterday. God knows, Wisky did. They even went back for 2nd, 3rds and 4ths.

Chief Lives said...


You should never feel bad cheering for tOSU to lose. Next week is just a role reversal for us.

IamCris said...

"ohowihate ohio state"

I love that bumper sticker on my truck, countless people here in sandy eggo just look at it plain confused. But for those who understand it's meaning, the joy of rivalry. Anyday tOSU losses is a good day. I cannot and will not cheer for tOSU to win regradless of how it helps Michigan.

In accordance with rule #1a. of the Michigan fanbook your root for anyteam vs. tOSU. "I'm not questioning your fanhood, i'm just saying".

Katie said...

Chris, that is how I was raised. In fact my light switch in my bedroom as a girl had that exact saying on it (OhowIhateOhioState). My love of football (and Michigan football) is a direct result of being the only girl amongst 3 brothers. They also said they cheer for Michigan and any team that plays Ohio State! I guess in my old age I have leaned more towards political correctness........sometimes that is good and sometimes it isn't as much fun! It still remains one of the main ties of communication between my brothers and my father. (and my sons).....at least I can talk football, that at least keeps us tied together. My son's girlfriend on the other hand asked "When does Michigan play Green Bay?" I told my son "I thought you were suppose to fall in love with a girl who was like your momma!" HA! She will NEVER live that question down, as it comes up frequently! GO BLUE! (and down with tOSU!) ;o)

buckidrummer said...

I was thinking about this for a while yesterday. After Michigan lost, I couldn't help but have that 'Oh Shit' feeling. Walking into Ann Arbor undefeated, with everything to lose, I'd be hard pressed to believe we'd walk back out with the W. Before our loss, Michigan was playing for nothing but a share of the Big Ten, maybe a Rose Bowl appearance. How many times this year has the team with the most to lose, lost it? It happened again last night. Ohio State, #1 team in the nation, everything to lose, lost. As I was fighting back the tears of my last game as a student in the 'Shoe, something hit me. This loss may have been a blessing in disguise. This loss may have been the reminder of that horrible, horrible feeling the players had from the NC last year that strove them to work that much harder. This loss took everything away from Ohio State before Michigan had the chance, and now because that's gone, Michigan may pay the price. If the Ohio State players take this loss, and use it the way they should, we should come out of the Big House with a win this Saturday. However, it could go the other way, and Hart and Henne will have their wish, they will have beaten Ohio State. The playing field is equal for this game, and everything depends on what team is able to harness these losses the most. Should be an amazing game, and I'm glad I will be in attendance. May the best team win this weekend, and Go Bucks!

AndrewWL said...

Can OSU have a healing picture, too?

Paulie Buckeyes said...

good call.. Yost, try and dig up a healing picture for all of your loyal Ohio State readers. I know it's Ohio State week for you guys, and that's kinda against what we both stand for, but given the rare "double loss" from OSU and UM, how bout it??

IamCris said...

I'm thinking that Michigan has dealt with adversity pretty well this season. tOSU does not have an entire offseason to get over this loss. They have just over 6 days. How will they cope with the travisty that is a "LOST" season when they were "so close"? With a healthy Henne and Hart I am sure as all get out Michigan rolls. I mean BIG. tOSU can't stop the run. Juice Williams threw for FOUR td's against the tOSU secondary. Henne has got to like what he sees. Michigan big. Heard it here first.

whetstonebuck said...


Juice Williams threw four TD's. Last time I looked that's not a pseudonym for Henne or Mallet. Henne can like what he sees...from the sideline. If his body isn't functioning, he can only dream about throwing four TDs.

You actually think tOSU defense isn't keying on Hart after last year's comments? Passion for this game will be in both locker rooms.

Man, I like your confidence, but I'm not sold on your reasoning.

tabithasaysgoblue said...

That's my Dad...he always wants OSU undefeated and then we get to shred their perfect season apart when we win. Me, on the other hand, I was so happy they lost! It was the only thing that made me feel better Saturday!

OSUchick said...

It doesn't matter if tOSU is ranked #7 or #1 the analyst won't give them credit anyway.

I wish both teams would have won on Saturday (ok, to be honest tOSU more so than Michigan) but it would be better knowing we were playing as a true #1 team.

Either way, I'm looking forward to the smack talk this week and the Big 10 showdown on Saturday. This is truly the best time of year.

Go Buckeyes!!!!