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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Penn State Douchebaggery Update

Couple quick updates on the Penn State video story...

* Penn State blog "There Is No Name On This Jersey" says charges will be filed in the incident in Happy Valley last weekend when a fraternity bunch of dicks attacked some OSU fans.

* Penn State officials were quick to point out that the dick "from Pittsburgh" in the now-infamous video wasn't a student there but rather goes to Pitt. Have to be honest and say, the only thing I didn't like about that statement - calling him the "main guy" in the videotaped assault - is that seems to imply he was some lone gunman. He was just the most prominent asshole. Trust me, this little shit didn't throw all the damn beers you saw in the clip.

* Black Shoe Diaries said just that in this post.

* Run Up The Score asks if it could have all been stage.


One of the reasons to have a blog is to be able to put forth one's own, unique opinion. Whether folks agreee or not. Well...

Yesterday I was checking up on the story at BigTenTailgate, who seems to have been out in front of this. They had a bunch of links up to what others were saying about the story. One of them was to was to a site that I've never been to or heard of before called Your Mother Slept With Wilt Chamberlin. In reading their post, the YMSWWC's "Thomas the Terrible" had this to say...

"Obviously no fan of any school deserves that type of treatment. That fraternity shown in the clip will be severely disciplined. And the little smiling turd “from Pittsburgh” - and any others who can be identified - should be prosecuted.

I don’t want to hear from anybody that “it’s worse at Ohio State” or “this school does it”, too. That is the reason this type of behavior continues and seems to escalate every year . Enough is enough it’s time to act like adults. Or do we have to wait until somebody is seriously injured or worse?

As for as the those Penn State fans you’re all pussies. You’re all real tough backed by at least a hundred people against what three guys? And for the Penn State fans that just stood there and did nothing, you’re actually worse. Because you didn’t have the courage to do what was right.

According to those morons on the video, Fuck Ohio? Not today - Fuck you!"

You know, folks, I thought what Thomas said was simply brilliant. Especially since this is what I wrote about the incident the day before on the MZone...

"Get what they were asking for? Are you out of your mind?! NOBODY deserves that treatment at ANY college football game.

The University needs to do something about this. Immediately. That fraternity shown in the clip should be severely disciplined. And the little smiling turd "from Pittsburgh" - and any others who can be identified - should be prosecuted.

Oh, and guess what - I don't want to hear from anybody that "it's worse at Ohio State" or "they do it, too." That is the reason this bullshit continues. Enough excuses. It's time to end this crap. Or do we have to wait until somebody is seriously injured or worse?

And to the laughing DICK who shot the video - you're a complete fucking asshole. And a pussy at that. You're real tough backed up by a mob of hundreds against two guys. And to all the Penn State fans who stood by and did nothing - shame on you. You're all just as guilty.

According to those morons on the video, Fuck Ohio? Not today - Fuck Penn State!"

Seriously, dude. Not cool. Don't just change a few words and pass it off as your own. We've been down that road here before and we don't like it.

UPDATE: Just got an email from Thomas who admitted he paraphrased from the post and apologized. Really appreciated that. Wanted to say case closed and best of luck to Thomas with his site in the future.


Ramzy, Jillaine, Madeline & Juliette said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TitleIX said...

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BlogPosts and Term Papers brought to you courtesy of Wikipedia, The M Zone, and Microsoft's Cut and Paste.
Discount rate for multiple papers/posts.

Nice job ace.....

Dezzi said...

Tommy the Terrible Term Papers---
Term Papers and BlogPosts brought to you courtesy of The M Zone, Microsoft's Cut and Paste, and Wikipedia.

Discount rate for multiple papers/posts.

Nice job bozo......


Hart Break Kid said...

I didn't know Cowherd was a PSU fan.

And you know what they say at Penn State when it comes to Michigan- if you can't beat 'em, plagiarize 'em.

Andy said...

Who would have guessed that YMSWWC is an SEC blog ?

"if you aint copying... it aint bloggin...."


Out of Conference said...

Andy - now that's not a sterotypical impression I had of SEC fans. I would certainly read an explanation if you shared.

PS Rick said...


Long time reader, first time responder. When I stumbled onto the MZone a few years ago, I was literally brought to tears LMAO with the content - as the Guinness guys say, "Brilliant".

As an alum of PSU, I am profundly saddened, sickened, and disgusted with the behavior displayed in the video. Other this, I believe you and others have said it all.

I have attended games at Beaver Stadium for over 30 years. Our fans pride themselves on being hospitable and honorable - I have been witness to and part of incidents where we "self policed" fellow PSU fans when they were giving visiting fans a hard time. However, the tide has turned over the past 5-6 years and I am disgusted with the rude behavior and the nonsensical excuse making on why this thuggery keeps occurring at college football games. THERE IS NO EXCUSE AND THE BIG TEN NEEDS TO ADDRESS IT.

As stated in numerous posts, the art of cerebral stoking the other team is great to behold and demonstrates some thought. Besides, using one's brain is much preferred over their fists (throwing beer cans and such). At the game in question this past weekend, one of the stokes we developed and directed at tOSU fans was a chant "Rock Chalk Buck-Hawk" (combination of Kansas and tOSU cheers). All of the tOSU fans we directed this to did not have a comeback and looked at us with puzzled faces - renedered speechless. This was until one young man resonded with a hearty "How did you know I went to tOSU and KU? I just got my graduate degree from KU!" We proceeded to offer him a beer and took his picture with our group/ Wonderful stuff - the stokers getting outfoxed by the only hybrid tOSU fan in the entire stadium. Since my wife is a tOSU fan, she will NEVER let me live this down. BTW - this sotke was inspred by one of your classic lines from the MZONE - "ahh, the art of the subtle stoke".

In closing, I want to reiterate my utter disgust for the classless, backboneless, brain dead PSU cromagnon fans in the video. Hope justice is done to all of them. Please accept my apology on behalf of all Penn Staters and do not hold this against the Nittany Nation.

srudoff said...

dezzi - that was great :)

Andy said...

Andy - now that's not a sterotypical impression I had of SEC fans. I would certainly read an explanation if you shared.

Sure, let me expound.

The stereotype that most of the country has of the SEC (and their fans) is quite simple... they are not viewed as very intelligent bunch. They have great athletes, hot women, fun parties, but certainly not a group that bathes itself in academic glory.

Take the US News and World Report Rankings of National Universities:

Vanderbilt #19
Florida #49
Georgia #59
Alabama #91
Tennessee #96
Auburn #96
S. Carolina #112
Kentucky #122
Arkansas #124
LSU NA: 3rd Tier
Miss. State NA: 3rd Tier
Ole Miss NA: 3rd Tier

Three schools don’t even make the 1st or 2nd Tier. If I am generous and assign LSU, MSU, and Ole Miss a score of 125, the average SEC school ranks 95.25

Compare this to the Big 10:
Northwestern 14
Michigan 25
Illinois 38
Wisconsin 38
Penn State 48
Ohio State 57
Iowa 64
Purdue 64
Mich State 71
Minnesota 71
Indiana 75

Average rank 51.36

My comment is essentially this: Lacking the necessary education and incapable of original and independent thought, the creator of that blog has decided to plagiarize the obviously more intelligent Yost.

BARman said...

...and lest we forget, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. OK, maybe "imitation" does not mean "carbon copy"...

hckyfan1 said...

It said at the top of YMSWWC: "69,622 people have experienced my genius." I think he means Yost's genius.

Jethro Jackson said...

Lesson from this post--and the plagiarism--people are lame.