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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

OSU isn't all bad

Here's the title to this video I found on YouTube: "2 sets of girls making out at Ohio State."

Call me crazy, but I thought our readership would be interested. I was.


Dezzi said...

Boy do I love alcohol...

j said...

If you were an OSU girl and you saw the boys at OSU, you'd make out with other girls too.

Katie said...

I am not even going to watch it! I am home for a consulting job and on my boys laptop. Last night I was surfing around and decided to google Melissa Midwest without the filters.............Mistake. BIG mistake. Now, a little porn in the right situation is just fine.....but....OYE....I was not expecting THAT! I am damaged for life. ;o) (Thankfully the history for that is on their computer and not mine...lol!)

Masked Avenger said...


Same issue and it was my work computer.

Matt said...

These aren't just mere healing pictures. These could help a handicapped man walk again.

Yes, I'll have another said...

.....In related news, I will be submitting an application to tOSU, nevermind that fact that I already have a bachelor's degree.

Wait, did I just write that?

Maize said...

There is a very good reason why hot OSU girls end up making out with each other. It's because OSU males can only get aroused when bucknuts are stuffed up their rectum and these girls won't stoop that low as to stick them up their men's butts.

TRM073 said...

You just can't get video clips like these on Black Shoe Diaries. Go Lions!