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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Opportunity for MZone readers...

Light posting today and tomorrow as real life beckons. In the meantime, wanted to pass on an amazing opportunity that I just know one of our readers is right for.

As noted by several of our readers, U-M officially posted the job opening for its head coach (which it's required to do as a public university)...

View Job Detail
Job ID: 13431
Job/Career Family: Athletics
Country: United States of America
State: Michigan
City: Ann Arbor
Job Type: Regular
Full Time: Yes
Date Posted: Nov 26 2007
Minimum Salary:
Maximum Salary:
Salary Frequency: Annual
Job Description and Responsibilities: Market Title: Head Football Coach
FLSA: Exempt
Salary Range: To be Determined
Hours/Week: 40
Shift: Days/Evenings/Weekends

The University of Michigan invites applications for the position of Head Football Coach. This position entails the leadership of all phases of the Football program. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to; coaching, the recruitment of qualified student-athletes, support of the academic progress of student-athletes, budget management, and community relations.

Job Requirements: Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s degree required. A thorough knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations is required.

Preferred qualifications: Graduate degree. Previous collegiate head coaching experience.

Whetstone? T9? Katie? Polish those resumes!

I was going to throw my hat in the ring, but in reading the posting I noticed under "Shift" that the job required some work on weekends and that blew if for me.

P.S. I wonder if Lloyd wants to punch the guy who wrote this: "Forty hours a week?! Are you out of your fucking mind?! If it was only 40 hours a week, I would have stayed, assface!"


Ron said...

Looks like Mr. Miles saw our ad for a coach and is going to talk about it next week.

Is the salary really annual? You mean they really only get paid once a year? Must be a tough life to have to make 337,494 last all twelve months.

whetstonebuck said...

Hot Damn!

Didn't say anything about winning. I'm qualified.

Someone have a pen I can borrow? Oh, thanks, Les.

Fon said...

Thanks for the information on topics.I was excited by this article.
Thank you again.

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Joshua said...

Fon! Dude, I totally agree with what you said. The info on "topics" that Yost sent you was awesome. Completely life changing. I'm so psyched up I'm legally changing my name to Chuck Ditka, b/c I may well now be the unstoppable love-child of Chuck Norris and Mike Ditka.

Oh, and PS: Next time you decide to post a "form comment" you may want to replace the word "topics" with an actual subject you abject moron. Serioulsy. Unless you're an automoted bot, in which case you're awesome.

[/rant] Man, I really don't deal well with stupidity.

Joshua said...

*Takes ball off the tee*

I meant OTHER people's stupidity- I lurnt to deal with mine a long time ago.

Katie said...

I did a job search the other day and found this......they already have my resume'......say your prayers!! ;o)

Maize said...

They need to take the ad down. The job has been filled. Les Miles is the next coach. All he has to do is sign the contract next week. We'll probably hear about it on Tuesday by the latest. That's what I am hearing.

Out of Conference said...

I'm with you Joshua - I hate that crap.

I did see the ESPN News "Breaking News" flash that LSU was allowing Michigan to talk to Les. I bet the loss to Ar - kansas had something to do with that. Maybe it's just a courtesy that they want to speak with Miles just so he doesn't feel snubbed and other coaches take Les's side about it.

Out of Conference said...

Or if Maize's sources are correct, ignore what I said.

beast in 'bama said...

For Joshua:

His lack of education is more than compensated for by his keenly developed moral bankruptcy.
- Woody Allen

beast in 'bama said...

Thus begins the interview process...

So Katie, what's your position on the cover-2 with zone blitzing tendencies?

Katie said...

Well...the cover 2 is quit effective, in fact the variant of that, the Tampa 2, worked very well for Tampa Bay. I personally love the Blitz....I love watching those hunks rush to the QB!!

I am concerned though, my "head" coaching experience is in something other than football. ;o)

Roy said...

Does a double take at Katie! Cough, cough, uhem!!! It is going to be an interesting day

zen wizard said...

"40 hours a week--

* Plus 30 hours at rubber chicken dinners, kissing the buttcrack of every instant-football-expert-alumnus who donated more than $1,000 last year and pulling the teeth out of your tongue after he gives you his "expert offensive strategy"...

* Plus approx. 15-hours-per-week holding a star player's hand when he flunks a test or his girlfriend breaks up with him at 2 a.m. on a Wednesday morning.

Tim said...

Please sweet Jesus do not make Les Miles our next head coach. As a UM alum down here in Baton Rouge I can tell you we do not want him.

Not only is his game day coaching suspect, but he has a terrible habit of saying the dumbest things, for example, the calling out of USC and the PAC 10. You may have not heard his press conference this week where he talks about how LSU really is still the best in the nation because under the old system they would be 9-0-2 and two ties equals like one loss and there isn't a better one loss team out there now. I could go on, but I'm sick now. Plus, his discipline or selective discipline would make us look more and more like Sparty and OSU. Ryan Perillox (sp?) has had at least 4 reported run ins with the law over his 3 years here including a forgery charge that the FBI was involved in yet he has never been kicked off of LSU because if M. Flynn goes down they have none one behind him worth a damn.

Don't hire Les.

Joshua said...

Sheesh! Someone throws out one little pic of Tom Brady and Katie goes all sexual double entendre on us.

Speaking of Tom, did you guys catch the Tom Brady pact with the devil youtube video? Friggin' hilariously awesome. I put a link in the "Here kitty, kitty" comments from yesterday.

Katie said...

I really have been concerned about getting Miles and then after the scare of Ferentz, I felt much relief at the thought of Miles. I have said it before, anyone is a risk right now, the one thing that I do like about Miles is that he will come here to stay. He does bleed blue and maize and that is what I find attractive in him as our next coach....the rest.....not so much, but you never know it could turn out to be a good thing. Anyone is a risk........we could do worse than Miles.

*My apologies for the double entendre, but I couldn't resist!

TitleIX said...


you are correct
Les Miles it is.
a well orchestrated timeline regarding announcements will ensue.

Mikoyan said...

I seriously hope it is not Les Miles. If he is willing to do this to LSU, what makes us think he's not going to bolt for the next big thing?

I would really like to see them pick up someone else. Preferably someone who has shown they know how to win (or at least come close to it)


Go Navy - Beat Army

TitleIX said...

it's allllll about MRS. Miles kids.

once he's here, the only way they'll leave is if he's fired....

WingRG said...

"willing to do this to LSU"? Do what, leave an SEC school with no history to speak of for his alma mater? There's a reason that UM is the only school for which there's a buyout explicitly mentioned in his LSU coaching contract. I have a feeling this is his dream job.

Now, i'm not convinced he's the right fit for this job, but it's not b/c i think he'll "bolt for the next big thing". What can be bigger than this job, anyways? Any move from a program of UM's caliver is a lateral move, you'll never convince me otherwise.

Joshua said...

"My apologies for the double entendre, but I couldn't resist!"

Yeah, that one might be difficult for some of our friends from the near south to understand, you should apologize. If you're apologizing for being fun- ha! Never do that.

Anyway, did anyone catch the Michael Rosenberg article in the free Press yesterday? Talks about Tedford and makes some good points.

Catch it here.

WingRG said...

*that's "caliber".

Mikoyan said...

I don't know. The thing that bothers me about Miles is that just about everyone under the sun is convinced he is the right fit. Last year, everyone under the sun was convinced that the Buckeyes were the next coming of the Four Horsemen/the Point a Minute Teams/Bear Bryant's Assholes/Barry Switzer/etc. and look what happened. A few years ago, everyone under the sun were convinced that the potent offense of Miami would wipe the field with the no offense of the Buckeyes. Heck, last year everyone had the Colts written off against the Patriots and then against the Bears. IT seems that everytime folks in the sports world are this unified, they are wrong.

Personally, Les Miles hasn't really shown much.

surrounded in columbus said...

I started to comment that I liked Les, but after reading Katie's breakdown of the Tampa 2? I'm thinking I like her better!

But Les is a good pick. He's won everywhere. He beat OU while @ osu, he's won 10. games for 3 straight seasons @ lsu.

No one's perfect. Every candidate has drawbacks. However, I like what I know about Les. He recruits well. His teams play good D. He adjusts during the game. He adjusts schemes/plays to match circumstances & personnel, all of these are big improvements.

What are the three biggest bitches you hear from our fans?
1.too predictable on O; 2 too conservative game management; & 3 playing not to lose instead of "to win".

We hire Les? Don't think we'll hear much of that.

Yeah, he may make some bone headed, "balls over brains" gambles. He'll lose a couple of games by taking risks instead of "playing smart". But I've had 13 seasons of "playing smart".

Remember the 4th quarter of the 2005 tosu game? 2 minutes to go? We have a 3 pt lead? 4th & 2 on tosu's 30 something yd line? D hasn't stopped tosu allday. 100,000 fans screaming "go for it?

Lloyd pooch kicks. Tosu scores. We lose.

Les would have run a play, tried to win the game by holding the ball.

I'll take my chances w/ the Hat.

Unless Katie is serious.

Mikoyan said...

I'll throw my hat in the ring. I promise that if I were made coach, you would not see a punt if I'm on the opponents side of the field. Screw that field position crap. If nothing else, you eat up clock. If you are inside the 40, chances are that you gain about 20 yards because the punt is likely to end up in the endzone.

But my dislike of miles comes from the fact that when the bobbleheads are that unanimous about something, they are usually wrong.

whetstonebuck said...

Moral bankruptcy and Woody Allen in the same comment: the ol' soup and sandwich tandem.

Lysa said...

They tried to hire Miles

Wolverine Nation said No No NO !

*Tommy Tuberville*

Mikoyan said...

Hmmm...Woody Allen...there's a coach idea...

Out of Conference said...

So, when does the official announcement come? In Mile's post-SEC championship game presser, Sunday am, Monday?

Tim said...

Have to disagree with surroundedincolumbus. Les does not make adjustments. You can look at the Kentucky and Arkansas games for that. Against UK, LSU ran the standard zone package only rushing the four dl. What happened Woodson had all day to throw and he led the Cats to victory. The next week UF played UK (UF and LSU are very close in talent) and UF constantly mixed blitz schemes and coverages and destroyed UK by 30+ (if memory holds). Against Arkansas, Miles choose not to let his two all conference conrners cover the "recievers" one on one to commit to spy Macfadden and stop the run. What happened while LSU played zone all day long Arkansas ran for nearly 400 yards. LSU lost. LSU defense over the past six games has been average. Their ranking is still tied to the the domination of the first six games where teams were held to 100 total yards or so.

Miles is simply going to be Bo-Carr version

He is a Michigan man but that is good and bad. He will be true to the school, but his teams will never overachieve and will often underachieve.

whetstonebuck said...


Normally, I would have your back, but "Miles is simply going to be Bo-Carr version" won me over.

Looks like Santa's going to grant my wish.

TitleIX said...


remember that the players play the game.
personnel often dictate the scheme/approach. UF talent = LSU talent????
uh, I'll have what you're having

and, UF probably benefitted from watching the LSU game and switched up.

I'm as hesitant about an impending Charlie Weis-like transition, but something tells me that Michigan is gonna be a-ok.


and yeah===I'm SPITEFUL AS HELL too.

whetstonebuck said...


Spite will consume you. You'll get old and sick before your time. Let it go. Sing with me:

"Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner..."

Katie said...

Just say NO to Oklahoma!!

I am with T9 on this one :o)

beast in 'bama said...

whets: Isn't that really "Bula Bula?" Didn't know you were a closet Yale fan.

whetstonebuck said...

"Isn't that really "Bula Bula?" Didn't know you were a closet Yale fan."

I'm not. University of Fiji. Bula Bula, mate.

whetstonebuck said...

Katie, T-9,

Whatever happened to all the magnanimous statements about supporting the Big 10?

I'm shocked, shocked!

More cowbell.

Katie said...

I am supporting the Big Ten. tOSU is not good enough to play for the NC and I don't want to see another rote like last year, THAT makes the Big Ten look bad. Sorry. Just the way I see it. You can rest assured that whatever bowl game tOSU plays in, even if it is the NC, I will root for them then, (and only then) for the sake of the Big Ten :o)

Mikoyan said...

Normally, I would say screw the Buckeyes, but I'm all for Chaos in the BS, so therefore I have to say go Oklahoma (ouch...) and Pittsburgh. And go Hawaii because another undefeated team not playing in the Championship proves the sham that is the BS.

whetstonebuck said...

"THAT makes the Big Ten look bad."

True. THAT and Appy State. :o)

Katie said...

Just like a tOSU fan to bring that up....LOL All the more reason to not have any more embarrassment in the Big Ten this year. :P

whetstonebuck said...

"All the more reason to not have any more embarrassment in the Big Ten this year."


Miles or Ferentz; Kelly or Tedford...

So, where does one purchase flight plan software?

swindlerjackson said...

Memo To All Les Miles detractors: There is still time to jump on the bandwagon.

That includes you Yost. You'll pay for your comments.

In Hell, you'll be watching re-runs of every one of your savior Lloyd's losses to Ohio State.

Enjoy it, heard it's like Florida.

Swindler Jackson

Katie said...

Have you thought about anger management classes Jackson?

whetstonebuck said...


Don't fuss at the son of Swindler Jack. T-9, you and SJ have the makings of a great anger/bitterness group therapy session. Introduce yourselves, sing a few rounds of Boomer/Sooner and tell your story.

Katie said...

Pushing buttons.........

WingRG said...

My wish is for LSU loss in the SEC championship game, so that LSU has to face UM (in one of them non-BCS bowl games). And, oh yeah ...


If you think OSU will embarrass itself like last year you got another thing coming. As far as embarrassing the B10, you guys should concentrate on sending off your coach (who's done a lot for you over the last 13 years) and winning your own bowl game, rather than worrying about what the Bucks do.

Katie said...

My wish is for LSU loss in the SEC championship game, so that LSU has to face UM (in one of them non-BCS bowl games).

I see you are not worrying about what Michigan does and concentrating on your beloved tOSU team.

WingRG said...

I would like to see a good B10-SEC match up. You best believe i'll be cheering for UM, and not LSU. If you've read my posts before, i don't hate on anybody, except for SEC b/c they think they're something they're not.

Katie said...

I seriously need to go meditate

Sorry Wing...I read you wrong.

WingRG said...

No problem, you know me, i don't instigate :-) You sound a little stressed, Katie.

Katie said...

Just the end of the term crunch, and the AD refused to look at my resume' so I am bit sensitive tonight.. :P

It is all good, and I will take a few deep breaths, this too shall pass.

whetstonebuck said...


You can meditate at the session. Don't be late.

whetstonebuck said...

ESPN: Pelini to Nebraska.

An LSU coach to Nebraska. Hmmm. Yet...

Joshua said...

I really hope yoou're wrong about version I'd be so friggin' psyched if we got someone in here who knew how to use the talent that comes our way. Granted, playing balls out instead of not to lose will be an improvement, but man I'm gonna be disappointed if it's SSDD just b/c Les came back. I want to see crazy over the shoulder fake fg's and our offense unleashed like the hounds of hell. Please. Is it too much to ask?

whetstonebuck said...

"I want to see crazy over the shoulder fake fg's and our offense unleashed like the hounds of hell. Please. Is it too much to ask?"

Joshua, with all due respect, "yes, it's too much to ask." Regardless of what transpires in A2, you still have to face the unleashed hounds of hell defense of tOSU.

Mikoyan said...

That's why I think that Les Miles is not the savior that everyone thinks he is. He's still running on Nick's teams and he hasn't quite produced yet.

I think Michigan would still be better with a roll of the dice and going after someone else.

Jim said...

Not to change the subject, but with Penn State accepting the bid to the Alamo Bowl, does that put us in the Champs Sport Bowl? Ugh. I guess it's possible that if the BCS takes both tosu and Illinois, the Citrus Bowl (I mean, Capitol One) will be stuck with us.

Unless I misunderstand, we're no worse than 3rd in the Big Ten. If the tie-breaker is head-to-head, we should be second. I understand Wisconsin (better overall record and they beat us on the field), even Illinois (better overall record, exciting offense), but Penn State (4-4 in the Big Ten and lost to us)? Again I say, ugh. What a year to forget.

IamCris said...

Michigan should be in the "What's in your wallet Bowl".

Miles in at Michigan w/ Tenuta as defensive coordinator. wow, wow, wow.

Joshua said...

Mikoyan, they may be Saban's recruits but they're Miles' players. He's been there for three years and bhas been charged with their development in that time. From what I've seen he's done a pretty good job- god knows that's one department we've been lacking in lately.

And Tanuta in as the new DC would make me almost wet my pants with glee. His defenses are AGGRESSIVE, plus he coached at tOSU for several years, and was a DB's coach, meaning we'll be able to attract top talent back there again. Gotta go- moving day- but i look forward to seeing what you all have to say when this breaks big time. Later!

Katie said...

The Tanuta news, makes me like Miles more......If this is true, I have a very good feeling about what is about to ensue! Let 'er Rip!

TitleIX said...

I'm thinking Miles as head, and that Coach English stays.....

and well-behaved women RARELY make history

(one with a Big Block M and the other a maize-like and blue color scheme...that my friends is being a homer not tOSU back-door rooting)

Morning sunshine
Can we get a new thread for championship Saturday???

hugs and kisses

TitleIX said...

espn now reporting that it's COACH MILES

Katie said...

Also reporting Tanuta......the Georgia Tech (formerly tOSU) Defensive Genius. (!!!)

TitleIX said...

I know....but I don't completely believe it.
Coach E has a lot of cred with the players

TitleIX said...

plus, when you Google Tenuta...the first hit is JUDY Tenuta.


Katie said...

LOL, it is Tenuta, here he is, he is interim HC


TitleIX said...

I know
just being a goof (imagine)

11 minutes til the start of an AWESOME lineup of football

I either need another TV or I'm going to have to live at BW3's today ;-)

Hope you are done with your papers Katie!

Katie said...

Not even close, but I have football to help me through it today! GO WVU!!! GO MIZZOU!!!

whetstonebuck said...

ESPN is reporting that Les screwed you all.

Katie said...

That came from the Detroit News......I am skeptical........I don't think that we are going to know anything for sure....until at least tomorrow......ESPN wouldn't report what they did without some firm information....something is fishy.

whetstonebuck said...

Hello, hello.


Geez, a whole blog site just jumped off the ledge.

Note to J.T.: order more little gold pants.

whetstonebuck said...


It's not fishy. Ol' Les just chose to cut bait instead.

Katie said...

Well...that certainly is the way it looks.....Now LSU has a press conference scheduled for 1:30....that would seal the deal. Interesting indeed.

Greg said...

Let me make sure I have this timeline right...

- Herbstreit breaks news on ESPN that Miles will accept job at Michigan.

- Michigan fans wet their pants.

- Miles announces he's staying at LSU.

- Michigan fans wet their pants.

Go Bucks! Go Sooners! Go Herbstreit!

Paulie Buckeyes said...

ESPN looks pretty foolish - getting caught up in the rumor mill like a bunch of high schoolers.

IamCris said...

Is Miles pulling a "SABAN"?

Day of big game, everyone freaks out, LSU tells Miles "announce that you're staying and then drop it on Monday or Sunday but don't facerape us today".

Miles, "Ok, I can do that".

Katie said...

OMG! LSU AD was who announced that we asked for permission....WTF???!!!!

Katie said...

CBS sucks big donkey..........and I won't even tell you what I think about ESPN.

Whets, when is that group starting?

OOOOmmmm...deep breath....Oommmm

IamCris said...

When Michigan is searching for a new head coach, it will be felt THROUGHOUT all of college football. This isn't Puxatawny Sisters of The Poor State seaking a new head coach. It's Michigan, and it's huge.

There will be major drama. Buckle up, isn't this fun?

surrounded in columbus said...

well, the cbs/sec crew just about wet themselves during the army-navy half time report on this. they loved pissing on espn/herbie for being wrong and then spit all over michigan, basically for herbstriet being wrong!

the funny thing is that the U has never said ANYTHING about Miles other than he was a possible candidate. and the official word from the AD has always been that this would be a comprehensive search that would include another half dozen interviews (of which Les would be one). even Brian @ MGBlog's report on Friday included that story from an "inside source" but followed an opposite story from a similar "inside" source.

so, at least on CBS, we end up w/ egg on our faces when for all we know, Martin never had any contact w/ Miles (or his agent, according to D-News) and never had Miles as the "top" candidate to begin w/.

yeech. can't wait for the Motor City Bowl to come & go and this season to end (finally).

Katie said...

Umm...excuse me, he never said he was staying....he said he is the head coach of LSU and he is playing a championship game today. Did I miss something?

Ron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ron said...

I am with you Katie, that didn't sound like an absolute "I'm staying right here forever speech".

Not that I care, I'm with Yost and not completely sold on him yet.

But, it did ring a little hollow.

Katie said...

I haven't been sold on him either, but the way that CBS just pissed all over Michigan really ticked me off.( I was however very excited about the report of Tenuta coming with Miles)

TitleIX said...

everyone simmer
Miles has no clue how to keep his mouth shut.

Katie is right, his statement was all over the damned board and he never specifically said anything about Michigan.

the media LOVES LOVES LOVES to jump on Michigan at every opportunity. And Jim Carty is a TOOL.

I STILL stick with the original info....Les Miles, announces next week that he IS coming to Michigan.

MaizeandBlueinValpo said...

The press conference after the game should be very interesting. There will be more questions in regards to today's soap opera than anything else.

IamCris said...

Miles has NOT signed anything. It slipped out, Herbie wanted the glory of breaking the story, LSU does a big ol' WTF to Miles, fix it and don't screw us and our BCS payday. Not the DAY of the SEC championship game... o what you want but don't hose us. Miles with NO reason to hose LSU says I will announce something to the effect of stopping the panic (freakfest) yet not commit to any decision.

I still like the thought of Tenuta balancing out Miles, what a combo.

Also CBS is wrong, Miles stock just shot through the roof. What a bargaining tool to freak everyone out and the timing of it is almost hillarious.

Finally, the only benefit Herbie has to break the story relates to the rivalry. As an tOSU alum it hurts Michigan's image, but that's not really like Herbie to do that.

my .02

MaizeandBlueinValpo said...

In the event that English doesn't stay in A2, where do you think he may end up?

whetstonebuck said...

This from ESPN's website:

"LSU athletic director Skip Bertman said the school and Miles were in agreement.

'Coach Miles and the chancellor have already worked out a contract that they're happy with, but it hasn't been signed yet,' Bertman said."

I can't imagine a statement like this from LSU's AD just to reduce team distraction and then allow Miles' to take the Michigan job next week. If so, this is a bunch of not-ready-for-prime-time stooges.

TitleIX said...

given all of today's bullshit....
I say let Miles stay at LSU

all second-rate rumor mongering, inflammatory drama queens.

Michigan's bad??
Operating under the naive assumption that there is honor left in the process.

I'm disgusted by the whole damned thing.

Jim said...

T9 and Maize,

You all sound so sure. Do you have a source or any info on the situation, or is this just your eminent wisdom speaking? I don't mean to sound snarky, but you seem to have it all figured out when reports have been all over the map. The statement from the LSU AD seems pretty solid. If Miles pulls a Saban and reverses himself next week, I don't want him.

Jim said...

...didn't really want him in the first place.

Merrick 561 said...

Yeah umm is it possible for CBS to suck off/worship the SEC and insult Michigan/Big 10 anymore than they are today?

Exley said...

What exactly has the Big Ten or Michigan ever done to CBS or the SEC to deserve it's scorn? The network sounds petty and childish. Isn't the first time a coach decides to leave school A for school B and then thinks better of it. At this point I don't want Miles either. He's either a drama king, not a man of his word or doesn't really know what he wants to do with his future...

TitleIX said...

let's just say that I was posting based on reasonable knowledge and not wild speculation.

now here is my OPINION:
Les screwed himself by blabbing to EVERYONE including people up here in A2 and even his damned barber in Louisiana about coming to Michigan.
The deal was in the works and the paperwork was in the pipeline.
Then Herbie opens his mouth and BAM the whole thing blows up and Les gets all hot-headed and the AD down there tipped the media about things to gain leverage for himself. And now, here we are.

If THAT'S how Les Miles really rolls, I say GOOD RIDDANCE.
Because if he comes now, he's a mealy-mouthed two-faced double-talking liar. Would you want your kid to play for someone like that???


god of the whoppers said...

agreed merrick,
this whole procces has been so hype up it makes me sick. the reason a wish list wan't made public was to protect all candiates, now, thanks to espn and CBS, miles is lloking like an ass and LSU is struggling to cover theirs. if the media would just shut the fuck up and let teh kids play their games, they can go wild about this on monday, or even next wednesday when the only thing there is (was) to read was notre dame's new strategy.

Katie said...

Here Here T9!! I agree 100% with your assessment and CBS needs to get a fucking clue. There was no reason to piss all over Michigan today.....not cool.

Jim said...

Good riddance is right. If you want to be a big shot and make your deals behind the scenes and it backfires on you, well, too bad. I don't think it's unreasonable to leave even a good job for what might be considered a "dream job," just be a stand up guy about it. Does a deal have to be made RIGHT NOW? Really? You can't wait a week knowing you're the top guy? As I said, didn't want him anyway...

god of the whoppers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
surrounded in columbus said...

but, isn't martin also claiming that he hadn't talked to Bass yet? and hasn't there always (over the last two weeks, at least) been alternative stories that Miles wasn't "the" pick? that there were 3-5 other candidates that would still be interviewed before a decision?

if you take a moment to look at only the things said by school officials- 1) lloyd resigned; 2) martin said it will be a "comprehensive" job search; and 3) lsu & michigan both agreed wednesday to allow michigan to talk to miles next week.

everything else, from the covert prior contact to alleged deal, is reported rumor by nameless, supposedly creditable sources.

would be interesting to someday hear who Herbie's source was. it had to be someone really creditable to run w/the story, and really unethical to have leaded it in the first place. and it begs the question of whether the story was completely true to begin w/? add to that the theory that lloyd & his posse have been trying to undermine les's chances from the start? i smell an espn mini series.

surrounded in columbus said...

oh that should have been "leaked" and not "leaded".

and, what's w/ the whole angle on Tenuta (Jon or Judy, Queen of Desire)? he claims to not know anything about this. why would he lie?

seriously, whatever had happened between us & Les in the last two weeks? the story someone fed Herbie was obviously bogus at some level. Tenuta claims to know nothing of this. unless he's lying (for some inexplicable motive), ESPN's story was a mistake on at least half of it. have to question the accuracy of the other half.

IamCris said...

"a lethal combination" to quote Herbie in reference to Michigan getting Miles and Tenuta. When I heard this I was, well like all of you...Muahahahahahahahahaha.

Anyways, far from over is the battle unfolding between CBS and ESPN. They are going back and forth like junior high girls.

Can't wait to see/hear Herbie's retort. This outta get real good.

whetstonebuck said...

"and, what's w/ the whole angle on Tenuta (Jon or Judy, Queen of Desire)? he claims to not know anything about this. why would he lie?"


I don't know anything about Tenuta or his involvement, but human nature being what it is, I bet when he saw the feces headed for the fan blades he took off for the tall grass. He will surface once the enviromental clean-up crew is finished.

MGoBlue93 said...

seriously, whatever had happened between us & Les in the last two weeks?

It is my opinion Lloyd Carr carries a lot of weight in this process and Carr simply hasn't given Miles his blessing.

surrounded in columbus said...

CBS is to Sec, what NBC is to ND. Despite bcs being wide open to about 6 teams this year, none of Sec, is in the discussion. Must be tuff for both of them to listen to national debate on who should play & not have a dog in the fight.

So the "michigan's coach hunt made lsu lose last week" gives them a smoke screen. If Lloyd hadn't retired, lsu would still be #1? Sounds stupid when I say it but Gary Danielson says it more convincingly (at least to his target audience).

surrounded in columbus said...

No one loves a good conspiracy better than I do, but this? Everyone, Les, lsu AD, Tunata, Bass, and Martin, all more or less deny the espn story and say that michigan hasn't really talked to miles yet, let alone struck a K. So they're all telling the same lie? That's a stretch even for me.

However, I have come up w/ my own X-files theory- let's assume they're all telling the truth- we hadn't talked to les, lsu had started trying to persuade him to stay, & les hadn't made up his mind about what to do? When Lloyd retires two weeks ago, his faction figures that lsu won't let us talk to les prior to bcs game & that martin will pick someone else before then. Then lsu loses. Now we can talk to the Hat next week instead of January. If you are part of lloyd's cabal, what do you do.

If les comes to A2 next week, he might get the offer. How do you stop that? Hmmm. Leaking a false story to Herbie would really force lsu/les's hand & maybe avert the whole possibility. Herbie looks bad, can't reveal his source, & les gets taken out of the mix.

Far fetched? Sure- all good conspiracies are- that's how they succeed- no one believes them.

Katie said...

One of the things that leaves a pungent taste in my mouth is CBS saying that we announced that we asked permission to talk to Les. WE did not make that announcement......the LSU AD did. I think that your conspiracy theory is not that far fetched. Michigan doesn't win in this for us to have leaked anything, LSU on the other hand, had everything to gain by doing it. (as in keeping Miles) Unless of course you want to consider a conspiracy theory for those in Michigan that are against Miles.....however I have a difficult time believing that those people would do such a thing to make Michigan looked soiled in this. I don't think we will ever know what really has happened. I for one is very tired of trying to read between the lines.

Katie said...

LOL!! I sure IS!

whetstonebuck said...

I think Herbie is on Tressel's payroll. Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Joshua said...

It's all Judy Tenuta's doing. She runs college football, and I totally want to do her.

whetstonebuck said...


Craigslist Ann Arbor lists a luxury home for sale.

Contact Kathy Miles for information

Jim said...

IF there was a leak from our side, it need not have been so strategic or sinister. More likely it would have been some staffer with the need to feel important/special by being ESPN's secret source.

P.S. I stopped by the MGoBlog Boards. Those people are nuts: desperate, reactionary and irrational. Who would have thought the blog that boasts being best known for half-clad coeds and cheeky Photoshop shennanigans would be a (relative) haven for rational discourse.

surrounded in columbus said...

Just watched 4th qtr of lsu-ut game. I'm sure I'll like our next coach (assuming it is NOT debord). I'm sure Les would have ended up disappointing in the end.

But right now? I liked the way lsu sucked it up, made plays even though Dorsey & Periloux were both hurt. The fake punt, the D when it mattered.

Oh well.

DaBraylon17 said...

michigan football is in big trouble. that is all i have to say. these might be the dark ages for UM coming soon.

MaizeandBlueinValpo said...

Les made it pretty clear when during the post game press conference he said that he will not be going to Michigan. He can't make it any more clear than that. I would like to think that Les wouldn't pull a Saban.

TitleIX said...

gosh I'm sad.....

Harvard over Michigan
Mizzou losing
WVU losing
Coaching search completely torpedoed....

and, it's freaking snowing/sleeting


MGoBlue93 said...

I think the internet age and the expectation of information on demand is influencing this process. Michigan will have a coach within the next 3 weeks.

I'm glad U of M isn't rushing things. Good luck to Miles in the Sugar Bowl. That was a hell of a victory over Fat Fucking Fulmer.

A lot of us started having out doubts about Miles this week... the sketchy calls and bizarre press conference behavior. Now that he's out of the mix, we should be rejoicing.

That and hoping Martin hands the program over to someone who won't run to the left, run to the left, Tight End screen, and punt.

The new coach will find out quickly it's great to be a Michigan Wolverine!

p.s. Anyone see Herbie trying to save face during his take in the 2nd quarter of the game tonight?

MGoBlue93 said...

T9... it's the curse of the #2 ranking this season.

BTW, why do you want WVU to win?

Katie said...

According to ESPN it doesn't matter if WVU and Missouri lose, the "voters" will put LSU and OSU in the NC game.

TitleIX said...

because I'm spiteful and want to keep tOSU out of the championship game.
and WVU has the right 'colors'

I agree
but sports isn't supposed to make 'sense'

MGoBlue93 said...

I see your logic.

I've been pulling for Pitt... the underdog thing and all; plus I have a hard time rooting for such a consistently and colossally over ranked and over hyped WVU team.

But then again I have no logic because while I believe a team that lost to USF shouldn't play in the NC game... OU already beat Mizzou and Mizzou is #1. Arrrghhh!

whetstonebuck said...

Sung to the Pitt Panthers.

You are so beautiful...to me.

wolverine425 said...


whetstonebuck said...

Okay, you impartial Big 10 rooters.

Will it be tOSU vs. Georgia


tOSU vs. Kansas


tOSU vs. Virginia Tech?

Katie said...

tOSU and LSU, and all I have to say is tOSU better win it.

Congrats to the tOSU friends.

WingRG said...

Hey, if any of you guys (or ladies) know the answer to this, please post it. Is it possible (under BCS rules) for the Rose Bowl to lose both anchor teams to the NC game? thank you.

whetstonebuck said...


I don't think LSU will be in the mix without causing a hostile takeover of the BCS.

I think USC or Oklahoma will get the nod over LSU.

Then again, I thought West "Highly Overrated" Virginia was going to make it in.

Katie said...

Well, my theory is, if I have to root for tOSU, I want to root for them against LSU. Plus, that will probably make it even more difficult for Michigan to go after Miles. So it is all purely for my own satisfaction :o) Which I am getting very little of today....LOL

MGoBlue93 said...

Wow... I didn't know folks in 2007 were still using ALL CAPS.

I don't see how Georgia should make it in; what conference did they win? But then again, NU made it without winning the conference so the precedent has been set.

So much for the stated BCS goal of giving us the two best teams in the land. Who can make such an argument this crazy season?

I just hope Lou Holtz doesn't have a vote.

WingRG said...

the scary thing is he (Lou Holtz) does have a vote. In the Harris poll.

Merrick 561 said...

Win, As far as I know it is POSSIBLE for the Rose Bowl to loose both anchor teams to the NC game, however there is nothing against replacing them with BCS eligible teams from the anchor conference if they choose.

And I may as well throw my 2 cents in on the NC talk. I do feel it will be tOSU vs. LSU, however Virginia Tech certainly can make a case with their convincing win in the ACC title game. Also Oklahoma and USC have an argument. Bottom line is theres going to be allot of upset people.

Mikoyan said...

It doesn't look good for the last undefeated team in the nation either. Although, I think that if Hawaii should pull it off, they should get the nod over a bunch of 1,2 and 3 loss teams. I know I know, 1 loss in the SEC is like going undefeated in a lesser conference. Although people were making the same argument about Boise State last year.

This year is a perfect year for BCS haters because there is not clearly a 1 and 2 team. Whoever they put in the championship will be a punt by the selection committee.

Jim said...

The BCS is a joke. We're all supposed to play by the system until the system doesn't give us what we want. Jumping LSU, USC, or Ok would be completely inconsistent. Recht said it tonight, winning your conference championship isn't required (see: Nebraska). Of course it should be, so why isn't in the formula? Why wasn't it put in after Nebraska? The ridiculous system (not to mention the "Coaches" Poll) had VTech in front of LSU. All three polls ranked Georgia #4 despite knowing full well couldn't their conference. So now what? Sitting at home didn't make OSU worse, but it does for Georgia?

6 BCS Conferences, 2 at-large. How hard is this to figure out? Send everyone else to the Bowls (they've always been glorified consolation games anyway). Don't tell me there's no money to be made.

If we're not going to make it right, lets just merge the polls and go back to the Bowls picking who they liked.

Merrick 561 said...

Theres only 1 problem I have with a playoff system. The simple truth is a playoff will just cause more problems with teams whining about seeding while also shifting the "I got screwed" argument further down the the standing to the 17th, 18th, and 19th etc. teams. So I do Like a playoff system more than a BCS but the simple truth is, is there really a simple answer besides sating every conference needs a championship game, and then seeding all the the conference champions into a playoff.

IamCris said...

Udub is handing it to Hawaii. The hat vs the sweatervest in the MNC. Anybody else like to have Mr. Lloyd Carr back coaching us next year? Doesn't seem so bad now does it. Didn't think i'd miss Coach Carr so much, so soon.

Jim said...


Of course there will always be bitching, but now you move the kvetching down to the 7-8 teams, not the 1-2 teams. The best teams will be in. Let's not pretend that a playoff/tournament always gives you the best team, but at least it's decided on the field.

MGoBlue93 said...

thank goodness I cannot find Lou Loltz on the list

Hawaii is now trying to make a game of it!

Merrick 561 said...


Very good point, One that I was actually hoping someone would bring up (mainly to give me closure that the playoff system is the way to go).

On another note. As much as I question all of Les Miles recent actions, his post game press conference was actually pretty well addressed well minus the dig on "they'll bit them eventually" regarding tOSU.

Also, Now I hope we play Florida and beat the snot out of them in the Capital One Bowl, so we can stick it to that F*ck stick Urban Meyer for last year.