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Thursday, November 08, 2007

No silence here...

Our pal Wiz over at the always-excellent Wizard of Odds gave us the heads up on the YouTube link below to Mark Dantonio's press conference and asks in his post, is Marky D the Second Coming of John L. Smith?


TitleIX said...

go back and watch how his head BOBBLES like one of those dolls...

Mr. Tough Guy.

Grow the F Up Marky

Kate said...

um, is Dantonio going to cry during that press conference? This was about a football game, not some tragic event, right? (wait, unless you're MSU...then I guess it WAS pretty tragic.)

Perhaps Mr. Dantonio should pursue a career in the dramatic arts instead.

beast in 'bama said...

Wow. If The Hat does come back to Ann Arbor, you guys are going to have FUN!

Killing My Liver said...

Three things:
1. He said "I won't comment on that"(Hart's little brother comment)after commenting on it.
2. "Look at their sidelines". Maybe you should have been watching your secondary instead of the sidelines.
3. Douchebag.
I can't believe anyone with a rational thought in their head could support this guy after this.

Andy said...

watch closely.... he is trying to be just like Senator McSweatervest in the interview -- but he doesn't have the intelligence or poise to pull it off.

I am actually starting to feel sorry for them. Well...OK...I'm not.

Kneel down bitches...

Doug said...

It almost seems like Dantonio just got used to beating Michigan at OSU and figured he was just entitled to keep winning once he came to Michigan State. Oops.

As a coach, the smart thing to do anytime you're asked about the opposing team's trash-talking or motivational tactics or whatever is just to say you don't really care. Whining about the other team's supposed lack of class just makes you look like a baby.

Killing My Liver said...

Dammit, it was four things:
4. "I find alot of things they do amusing". Like beat you at home? Like beat your team 5 times in a row? Like beat you after you thought you had the game won with 7 minutes left?
3. Douchebag.

Katie said...

LOL @ T9

My head seems to bobble in the opposite way, shaking back and forth with the thought

"unbelievable", it has been said already, but HE is the 40 year old adult, get a "F"ing grip! I would take Carr anyday over a whiner like this.

Tim said...

The sheer arrogance just amazes me! He was the one who after our loss to App. St. said we should have a moment of silence over the death of our program. Then he finds it disrespectful that our boys have a moment of silence after beating his team? So he personally mocks Michigan then whines when Michigan shoves his face in it?!?!

Some have reported that it was a Lansing paper that referred to MSU as UM's little brother, if that is true what is his beef with Hart? And then to comment about his size...well Marky that little fella has bitch slapped your program for four year straight. Heck if he wasn't hurt he may have had his career best day against your green and white girls.

Please make it personal. Help the coaches keep the boys focused when we play you. That way when you lose your season will collaspe just like always.

WolverineSteve said...

For a coach to comment directly on a player is totally bush league. What a whiny puss. How about giving credit to your opponent in defeat, or shouldering the blame. Way to set a classy example.

Hart is a college kid. He plays with a ton of emotion. Coach D is supposed to be the adult, have some poise. He fits the Sparty mold.

ChicagoWolverine said...

I was just waiting for him to slap himself.

But seriously, Dantonio probably played with dolls as a kid.

Corey said...

Not Coach D's fault. Once you are emersed in "certain" culture for any length of time you take on that culture as your own. Typical Sparty!

CaliGirl said...

How classless is he? As the old saying goes..."he can dish it, but he can't take it."

The "Pride before the fall" comment amused me...saying that about us...problem is, he had "too much pride" hence his "fall" losing to us. Don't get too big a head until you BEAT us.

Overall, what an ass!