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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No Doubt About It: OSU Big Ten's Top Dog

Sometimes the truth hurts...


Matt said...

I wouldn't say OSU owns Michigan yet. They still have a ways to go. Rather, I would say that they are leasing Michigan. Oh well, the countdown til next year begins.

How about Chuck Martin from D-II Grand Valley State as next coach? 38-game winning streak (yes, 38) currently. Brian Kelly, who I would also like, was Martin's predecessor.

Fire Mike DeBord. If he is made head coach then it will be a loooong time before we ever beat the Buckeyes again.

TitleIX said...

That about sums it up, Yost.

A perfect picture.

however, the little yappy tenacious dog never gives up...

Crock said...

it's still a bit painful, but at times like this, I often quote one of the best Indigo Girl lines -

"Somethings you just have to laugh at, or you'll cry your eyes out."

looking forward to your take on today's press conference.

Out of Conference said...

Something about quoting the Indigo Girls when trying to find the right words about a football team's recent losing streak to their rival just isn't working for me. I'm not busting your chops, Crock, I'm just saying it doesn't quite work for me.

Crock said...

ooc- it's okay. I wanted to emphasize the sentiment (when things get so bad, you just have to laugh) more than the source (I didn't expect any male readers to appreciate the Indigo Girls).
I understand it not "working for you" - just like the "healing" pics don't work for female readers.
It's cool.

Lysa said...

lol I love the picture.

Michigan needs to fire Mike Bebord and Ron English, if either of them were head coach, it will be a long long long time before we beat anyone.

CincoDeMaizo said...

That big dog looks familiar - yeah, he was the one that OSU brought on the Michigan bus in 2004...mutt...