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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

MZone Top 25

First off, I want to apologize to Brian at MGoBlog, the person who puts in so much time running this kick-ass poll, for not submitting a poll last week. Unlike Jim Tressel, I'm not going to blame my assistant. I was simply working on the site so late, I plum forgot.

But, alas, here is this week's poll...

1 LSU 25
2 Kansas 24
3 Missouri 23
4 Ohio State 22
5 Arizona State 21
6 Georgia 20
7 West Virginia 19
8 Oklahoma 18
9 Oregon 17
10 Virginia Tech 16
11 Texas 15
12 Florida 14
13 Boston College 13
14 Southern Cal 12
15 Illinois 11
16 Tennessee 10
17 Virginia 9
18 Wisconsin 8
19 Connecticut 7
20 South Florida 6
21 Hawaii 5
22 Cincinnati 4
23 Clemson 3
24 Boise State 2
25 Michigan 1

Dropped Out:

Yes, that's Michigan at #25. Blow me. Before you call it a strictly homer vote (which it partly is), check out who teams like Clemson with three losses have defeated. Or BYU in the AP poll. And Hawaii? Please. They might beat a good HS team, but it would probably be in triple OT.

Also, due to being at the Michigan game (then falling into a well of despair afterwards), I only saw one game last weekend (if you call a contest in which one team gets only 91 total yards a "game").

Leave your thoughts in the comments section.


Katie said...

Well, you at least made me feel better! It is nice to see Michigan in at least one ranking poll. :o)

whetstonebuck said...

Oh, you guys were definitely rank.

Katie said...

Whets!!!! Ouch! and LOL!!!

whetstonebuck said...

I wasn't sure if all the wounds were healed enough for that comment. Pushing the envelope a tad.

Good to see you laughing again.

Out of Conference said...

No one can fault you for voting in Michigan. Your reasoning based on Clemson's performance puzzles me, but with a healthy Hart, Henne and a Manningham who wasn't paid to drop passes (or accidentally wore greasy gloves) and Michigan is a very damn good team.

whetstonebuck said...

Those hart conditions will really pull your legs out from under you.

Bigasshammm said...

I know they play nobody's but hawaii is actually a damn good team. Their offense could put up points against probably any defense in the country. The reason they aren't elite is because there defense would also give up points to any team in the country.

Katie said...

Whets, after that performance I think all we can do is laugh now. It hurts my head too much to wonder what happened. We played nearly the entire season with injuries so that to me seems a lame excuse, and it wasn't because tOSU played SOOOO much better, they didn't look that great either......just sayin.......it was what it was and now all I can do is laugh a little. It was bad for whatever reason, yet I admire the team to a great degree and hope the seniors the very best as they head off to the NFL. It will be a year to remember no doubt with it's high points and low points. Now we are headed to unknown territory and there is great excitement in that, as well as great fear and it will be what it is and I will remain true blue! GO BLUE!!!
PS....I don't think that tOSU should be at #4 ;o)

Mikoyan said...

Given Hawaii's road schedule, I'd give them props for remaining undefeated. I mean, they have to fly at least 5 hours to their closest road game.

I'd put Kansas at #1 but then I'm not a voter.

Herbstreit is still a bitch.

25 isn't homerism. 1 would be.

whetstonebuck said...

"...and it wasn't because tOSU played SOOOO much better,"

They didn't have to.

Katie said...

LOL!!! Damn you are good.