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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

MZone Top 25

Here's our ballot in the MGoBlog Blogpoll...

1 Ohio State --
2 Oregon 1
3 LSU 1
4 Oklahoma --
5 Kansas 2
6 Missouri 2
7 Georgia 2
8 Arizona State 2
9 West Virginia 1
10 Boston College 5
11 Michigan --
12 Auburn 4
13 Virginia Tech 1
14 Connecticut 3
15 Southern Cal --
16 Texas 4
17 Florida 2
18 Clemson 4
19 Boise State 4
20 Alabama 8
21 Penn State 5
22 Virginia 4
23 Tennessee 2
24 Hawaii --
25 California 1

Dropped Out: South Florida (#13), Wisconsin (#18), South Carolina (#21).

There comes a point in each poll this time of year, around 15ish, when it's just names from a hat. How can you compare some of these teams? Answer: you can't.


Mikoyan said...

This is the problem with using polls for determining the "Champion". How can you argue that a team with loss is somehow better than two teams with no losses? Especially since one of those teams comes from one of the annointed conferences. I mean, you can argue that Kansas hasn't faced a quality opponent but they are still undefeated. But since they don't come from the nation's "toughest" conference, I guess they are worse than LSU.

Matthew said...

No matter what conference a team is in, it's tough to go undefeated through 9 games.

From time-to-time the heavily favored teams can struggle to bring their "A-game" for 9 weeks in a row. It's easy to lose focus when everyone, even the opponent's fans, expect you to win.

If LSU or Oregon played Kansas, I'd put my money on the Tigers or the Ducks. But I'll still say that Kansas deserves to go to the NCG if they win out. An undefeated season is tough to do no matter who you are or who you're playing.

SteveMuzZ said...

I know this is a michigan biased poll, but 11? c'mon man..

Mikoyan said...

I agree that is tough for a team to go undefeated, especially in a conference where you have rivalries that go back ages.

Joe said...

How could you drop Bama 8 when that lost to the number 2 team by 7...and the number 2 team had to come back late to do that. And yet move Auburn up 4 when they beat a creampuff of a team?