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Monday, November 26, 2007

Miles far from coach U-M should get

Many Michigan fans and blogs have been clamoring for Bill Martin to immediately rush out and hire LSU coach and, as you probably already know, Michigan Man Les Miles to fill the vacancy left by Lloyd Carr's retirement. To hell with an extended search.

But in the immortal words of Lee Corso: Not so fast, my friend.

If you watched the LSU/Arkansas game, you saw exhibit 1A on why I don't think Miles is the best choice for U-M. Fact is, there was simply some boneheaded coaching by LSU's top Tiger down the stretch.

For example, on 4th and 2 at around midfield with just over two minutes left, Miles had his QB fake a run to the right then throw back across the field for a screen. This play took forever to develop and if not for a missed tackle by a Razorback player, the game would have been over before the OT excitement.

Then, as LSU neared the Arkansas redzone, Miles called two quick timeouts with over a minute left which made NO sense whatsoever. The game is going to end (or should) one way or another on this drive. As the announcers even stated, the only thing Miles quick timeout calls did was give Arkansas almost a full minute to get in position to attempt a game winning FG in regulation.

Dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

This is also the coach whose last gasp, game-winning TD against Auburn - in which he almost burned out the clock with a timeout to spare and in position for a game-winning FG - was lucky not brilliant.

And don't forget the meltdown by a mediocre-at-best Tide team that allowed Miles and his Tigers to escape with a victory against 'Bama.

Also, while many in favor of a Miles hire point to his brass ones after he went for it on something like 84 consecutive fourth downs earlier this year against Florida, don't be fooled. As the Auburn play clearly illustrates, there's a big difference between gutsy play calling and bullheaded bravado. And I'm afraid Miles falls into the later category.

Throw in his head-scratching, why-even-say-those-comments regarding USC and the Pac-10 before the season began - comments about a team and a conference he doesn't even play and such factors begin to add up - add up to a man that I don't think is the best fit for Michigan.

And I'm not even including the rumored issues from the recruiting trail that allegedly upset Carr.

So while I won't go so far as to say the emperor has no clothes, I will say I'm not so sure he's wearing much more than an ill-fitting purple and gold toga and some socks.

Be careful what you wish for, Wolverine Nation. Be careful what you wish for.


Feelin' Blue said...

That's what I've been saying. Les Miles is not that great a coach. LSU has been scraping by decent-at-best teams. If the Michigan AD wants to turn Michigan into a yearly national contender, then skip Les Miles.

Not just my top 3 choices, but whom Michigan should be looking at, period.

Brian Kelly
Chuck Martin
Paul Johnson

Everyone else isn't worth a damn call, unless, er, I missed someone.

Feelin' Blue said...

...such as Jim Grobe! Awesome coach. What he has done at Wake Forest is remarkable. Great, great coach.

CrimeNotes said...

Amen, brother. The grassroots push for Miles has been a little terrifying. Miles coaches the way Christopher Walken played Russian Roulette in The Deer Hunter. Here's hoping this saga comes to an end soon.

Runngunn29 said...

I think you over-simplified the Les Miles thing. All that needs to be said was that the "team of the decade", such a talented team that a coach couldnt f**k it up if he tried, has TWO losses BEFORE the SEC championship game.

Maybe some LSU fans were right to be a bit cautious about Les. Bet they regret that "March for Miles" the night before now. Of course, a good amount wont admit they were overrated and just place it on the SEC schedule being too tough to navigate (because I'm sure the USC and Miami teams of the recent past wouldnt have waxed Kentucky, Arkansas, and everyone else).

Korematsu said...

I agree, Yost. Miles will not be a good fit for Michigan football. At the beginning of the season, I was on board with Les coming on after Lloyd. But after watching the way LSU played Auburn, Alabama, and of course Arkansas, I changed my mind. I admit, just to be able to win consistently week in and week out in the SEC is a great accomplishment. But I do think that Miles make ssome poor coaching decisions that, before Arkansas, were written off as being "bold" and "gutsy" just because his team was able to get the W in the end. Don't get me wrong, I think Michigan very badly needs a coach who will play to win rather than play not to lose. That was always my main beef with Carr. And I like the fire in Miles. But to me, he's already way too hyped and he doesn't really live up to it, even at talent loaded LSU. But I think that if Michigan makes him the offer, he definitely will come. I'm not sure if we will make him the offer though.

I vote for Brian Kelly. He may not be a "Michigan man," but I think that the "Michigan man" mentality is absolutely stupid (and speaking as an alum, pretty foolishly arrogant too). Kelly won two I-AA championships at Grand Valley and also made Central Michigan competitive before heading to Cinci, and Cinci isn't doing too shabby this year. I think we gotta go with a lower profile coach--if we get Les, the next couple of seasons will be a disappointment, both in the eyes of Michigan fans as well as in the national eyes. We need someone to energize the program effectively next year, especially with the drain of players that we're likely to have coming into '08.

Out of Conference said...

Wait a sec - Yost, no offense, but would you have really thought yopur two examples were bone head moves by a HC if the announcer didn;t mention it first?!?

Next - what was a bad call about that first play you mentioned? I saw it and heard the announcer make the same comment you did, but the Arky missed tackle wasn't so much a missed tackle as it was the talent of the LSU player. If I remember correctly, it wasn't one of those tackles where the guy had the LSU player wrapped up but got lazy and let go. I'm not even sure the Arky player touched him, or at last enough to call it a missed tackle. Next, the timeouts were puzzling to me as well, but I'm sure Les wouldn't have called those TOs unless he thoguht he needed to consider things. IN the end, it had no impact on the game whatesoever, except maybe prevent a TO or a costly sack losing them yards.

Bad mouth Les all you want - he deserves some of it. With the talent he had at LSU this season, especially on D, no one should have even gotten close to beating LSU this year. But don't hijack an announcer's impressions of bad calling that turned out in fact to be in LSU's favor. Or at least certainly didn't hurt LSU.

Don't be so quick to assume that Les will take the Michigan job if offered. He probably would, but like I mentioned elsewhere (here maybe?!?), the smugness coming out of Ann Arbor that you'll get whatever coach is offered reminds me of the smugness in Tuscaloosa during the coach hunt.

Jim said...

Nah, I'm with Yost on this one. Miles isn't gutsy, he's reckless and panicky. We need to look around a little.

P.S. At least some of that "arrogant" assumption that Miles would take the job probably comes from the massive buyout LSU put in his contract to specifically prevent him from doing so.

And please, we may not be the power that we once were, but we haven't become *Alabama*. Yeesh.

whetstonebuck said...

You all aren't getting on the Mgoblog bandwagon concerning the rumored offer to Iowa's Ferentz?

Jon said...


That play wasn't as bad as it seems... the guy caught the pass with nearly 4 seconds left, and then the clock kept running. If it's incomplete, and they stop it properly, there are at least 2 seconds left... so they could have gotten the FG unit out there. I'm not Les' #1 fan, but using this play as an argument against him doesn't hold much weight to me.

Out of Conference said...

Hey Jim - don't confuse with the 'from the outsider's perspective' warning (call it constructive criticism if you want) about the coach hunt smugness with anything resembling me thinking Michigan is becoming Bama. You and I are both better than that line of thought.

Mikoyan said...

I mention my choice for coach but he's not coming out of Annapolis.

There's opening the playbook and then there's reckless abandon.

Katie said...

I have been on the fence all along about Miles. Risky to say the least. I have heard some really good things about Chuck Martin, he sounds like someone worthy of the risk. Face it, anyone is a risk right now, what we really want is someone to at least feel good about. Which is why the uproar at MGoBlog about Fireneza....he is not a feel good candidate.

drakeep said...

Brian Kelly. Grand Valley State is a great program and constantly a winner when he was there. And look at what he's done at Cincy. That is a good coach.

Les hasn't been all that impressive.

Lysa said...

Hire Lovie Smith!!!

end to story!

SIKE ( Just Kidding)

I'm so not into Miles, I hate seeing is 4th and long go for it plays. I don't want to spend a season with no voice after yelling at Miles. He's not good for Michigan football, and honestly hes not that great of a coach.

In all honesty,
Urban Meyer is really the man for this job. And I know most of you think hes an asshole, jerk and what not. The next best bet is to hire Cowher or Tuberville.

I personally don't feel Kelly is the man for this job either. He seems as though he would look good on paper, but when it comes down to it, he would be our Charlie Weiss.

Katie said...

Lysa, if Urban Meyer came here, I would have to transfer to another school. I highly doubt that with his attitude, Michigan would even consider him. I dislike him more than I dislike sweater vest.

Lysa said...

I agree, Urban Meyer does have a nasty 'tude but out of all the names people have been throwing out, Urban is one of the best.

whetstonebuck said...


I think you have a crush on ol' J.T.

Katie said...

Well, I had a crush on you whets until you slapped me, now I guess I have to settle for .....ewwww....I can't even say it as a joke!

whetstonebuck said...


SLAPPED YOU!? What in the world are you talking about?

Shake said...

I've been hoping he takes the Michigan job for my own selfish reasons.

As a Sooner fan, I've seen what an ass he is firsthand while he was at Okie State.

I have no idea how he got the LSU gig, and fell assbackwards into a national title caliber team.

I want him at Michigan where he can just fall into the also rans. At LSU, they have so much natural athletes that an idiot like Miles can get lucky and get to the big game on their backs alone. At Michigan the asshat will have to do some actual coaching.

Katie said...

Just messin' with you Whets. ;o)

Katie said...

Anybody see MGoBlog tonight? I am feeling so sick.

Jim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MGoBlue93 said...


Feelin' Blue said...


I was really big on Chuck Martin. Someone on mgoblog explained that Chuck Martin isn't the brains behind the operation at GVSU, but Brian Kelly is. Brian Kelly is an innovator and a leader, and Chuck Martin has just been following Kelly's model really well. I don't know. I'm sure Chuck Martin could be a good hire. My top 5:

Brian Kelly
Paul Johnson
Jim Grobe
Jim Leavitt
Bobby Johnson


Katie said...

Feelin Blue, you know what got me to thinking about Chuck Martin was someone on goblog who compared Kelly's record with Martin and Kelly's record without Martin......that was fairly impressive to say that Martin is the good behind Kelly. Am I missing something?

Feelin' Blue said...

Yeah I read that post too, but someone by the name of Meechigan Dan said that he had been following GVSU football since the 80s and had that analysis. I trust him with my life.

Katie said...

Thanks, there are so many posts over there, it is difficult to read them all, and keep track of what you have read and what you haven't. It does go a long way in my procrastination loop though......:o)

But I do appreciate the info.

stella said...

LSU fan here. Lots of folks in BR are lamenting the likelihood that Miles is gone, especially after you guys got permission to talk to him earlier today. Miles is 32-6 since coming to LSU. Apparently, I am in somewhat of a minority, but my opinion is TAKE HIM. It is believed here that our chance to win the MNC is closing on us for a bit after this year. It could be argued that Miles is winning a lot on Saban's recruits after Saban rebuilt the program. The caliber of our recruiting classes have dropped a bit as of late. That's Miles. And my personal belief is that LSU had far more talent, at least on paper, than any other school this year, yet we have 2 losses and almost certainly will miss the MNC.

While I think Miles is a good character guy, let us not forget that he was wallowing a bit in oblivion at Okie State before LSU picked him up. Now he, like Saban before him, is using LSU as a stepping stone to another gig? Scroo that. But I guess I should cut him slack because it is his alma mater we are talking about. I am sure once the deal is finalized, we will hear CLM say that he never would have left LSU had it not been for this specific chance to go home. IOW, there would be no other job he would take other than the UM job.

Thanks for everything, CLM, you'll go down as one of our winningest coaches, even if your time here was brief. That said, don't let the door hit ya on the way out of town. lol

Sorry, it is what it is. :)

Smitty said...

Since Les has been the coach at LSU other SEC schools have not feared being out-coached. Other schools may lose because of the talent on the sidelines for sure. Les has been lucky this year rolling the dice. He better be glad he has had a damn good senior laden team to bail him out. He's a flake and in over his head if you want my opinion. His little outbursts and gonorhea of the mouth show his true colors.

Wuttisak said...

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swindlerjackson said...

Yost and Miles detractors: You're way off.

May you have Lloyd forever.

I'll take Les. "The Hat" will destroy the sweatervest soon enough and you'll all be eating your words.

As a Michigan alum, you people disgust me. Turning your back on one of own like this. Like I said, I hope you get stuck watching re-runs of every Carr Ohio State loss in Hell.