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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mike Hart's Family Photo Album

You can't help but notice the resemblance...

Yeah, we know Mike Hart's family looks a hell of a lot like Pete Carroll's family from our post last month. But, in the wake of recent events, we couldn't resist this one.


srudoff said...

It should be pretty easy to move Hart's head over to the right and put Tress' head on the left in 10 days no?


TitleIX said...

sru sru sru

no way that photoshop will apply for Nov 17th...
I mean, isn't their supposed to be someone's bitch rather than a little brother???

totally different.
one is family
the other a vulgar violent reference to prostitution/rape

We play Wisconsin this week.
Focus. ;-)

Crock said...

you guys might want to be careful, Dantonio might think you're "making it personal" now.

Mikoyan said...

IF he does, should we give him some cheese for that whine?

This morning as I was watching ESPN this morning, they were talking about Kentucky getting beat by whoever they got beat by and they had to say "Appalachian State".

srudoff said...


unfortunately for you guys, 10 years from now they'll still be saying appy state unless division 1-aa teams knocking off top 5 division 1-a teams starts to happen more frequently

Killing My Liver said...

Srudoff -
And UM will keep beating them. I saw a youtube clip of Penn State fans chanting "ASU,ASU,ASU" a few days after the game. How'd that work out for them ? About as well as all the MSU fans that bought ASU shirts.
The funniest thing about the whole App State thing is, most of the people that are bringing it up are fans of the schools that can't beat UM. Except for you, of course.

Andy said...

Let's see...

2004: 225 yards rushing, win.
2005: 218 yards rushing, win.
2006: 122 yards rushing, win.
2007: 110 yards rushing, win.

Other than the downward trend, Mike Hart has earned the right to talk all he wants about Sparty.

Dezzi said...


Might want to add:

2004: 6.8 yd/carry
2005: 6.1 yd/carry
2006: 5.5 yd/carry
2007: 7.3 yd/carry

Not a complete downward trend...

LEM said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hemlock Philosopher said...

I still don't understand why the App State loss is considered the biggest upset ever. Syracuse and Stanford were both bigger underdogs when they beat Louisville and USC, respectively. Is it just the 1-AA label? I guarantee we'd pull a bigger spread versus 1/2 of the Mac, Sun Belt and MWC, and probably Stanford and Syracuse, too. If we fell flat versus NIU this year it would be much worse than losing to Appy, but it's just the stupid 1-AA label.

Sure it was a huge upset and it was damn embarrassing, but ESPN has given it a label and now foists their crap upon all of us every time there is an upset or Michigan plays.

All teams lose games they are supposed to win -- look at osu versus Findlay and msu versus GVSU in basketball.

Killing My Liver said...

Imagine how many times we're going to have to see "highlights" of the ASU game if UM beats Wisco and OSU beats Illinois. It will set up a "from the bottom to the top" or "redemption" montage. I'm sure ABC can get at least a half hour out of it on Nov 17.

Mikoyan said...

First of all, that was a pre-season #5 ranking. A game hadn't been played at all thus it didn't really matter. I know that's one of the things they pin on the loss as the first time a team ranked in the top 25 lost to a Division I-AA team. Second of all, it was the first game of the season, there's some sloppiness in the game. As it was, Michigan kept it close. A couple of blocked field goals made and it's a non-issue. Although then the cry will be about how the game was close.

srudoff said...


a few things that make it the biggest ever...

1. 1-aa
2. you were ranked #5
3. you were at home
4. your training facilities and athletic budget vs theirs
5. the huge recruiting pool advantage you have vs them
6. tradition vs "they lost to WHO??"

the fact that no 1-aa team EVER beat a top ranked division 1-a team is huge too, especially at the home spreads don't matter when it comes to a team from a lower division beating a supposedly great and storied team. They wouldn't had made Hoosiers if it wasn't about that tiny school in Indiana.

As far as basketball - i think you see that much more frequently so the shock and awe only lasts until the next big upset.


While Hart has earned the right to talk smack to sparty, he definitely doesn't let his 0-3 record against OSU stop him from talking smack about us. So I'm assuming he just likes to talk smack, whether he can back it up or not.

srudoff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
srudoff said...


Your current ranking isn't that far off of that preseason #5 no?

"As it was, Michigan kept it close" - is that the standard that the winningest team in NCAA football should strive to?

Killing My Liver said...

srudoff, and then when the team that gets beaten by a 1 AA school beats OSU, what are you gonna do, brother ?

Super G said...

If you want to complain about App State being brought up this season again and again (and probably the next season or two) ... you might consider that thou protests too much.

Michigan never should have lost to APSU. It was a huge upset. It was an embarrassment to the program. Don't even try to make excuses for it ... unless you think the program doesn't need any changes.

Plus, it's funny when we beat teams that think App State jabs constitute a form of clever humor, because they become the team that lost to the team that lost to Wofford.

I'd rather accept that minor abuse than try to explain how Coach Weis really is a great coach ... and that my 1-8 record is totally the fault of somebody ... anybody ... just not the Master of X and Os.

So, let the dogs have their day and be a man about it. May be we'll be prepared at the start of the season next year.

Hemlock Philosopher said...


1. 1-AA: Its just a measure of the amount of scholarships a team can give.
2. Pre-season rankings mean squat. We're probably somewhere between 10-20 on any given Saturday.
3. SoCal and Louisville were also at home.
4. Stanford versus SoCal in training facilities, recruiting and budget. Think about that disparity.
5. Recruiting is a huge advantage. However, App State was a senior-laden team with the experience of two national championships versus a young defense and an ill-prepared coaching staff. Again look at the recruiting advantage SoCal has versus Stanford.
6. True.

I agree that it was a huge and embarrassing loss, but it is not the biggest ever and it doesn't warrant ESPN bringing it up every time an underdog wins a game.

Dezzi said...


I believe that Mike Hart's "smack" comments came after the game where he rushed 23 times for 142 yards (avg. 6.2 yd/carry) and 3 TDs. He said that tOSU's defense wasn't anything special...

Given his previous performances against tOSU... this was quite good... especially against a team that was #1 at the time.

It's not really smack that he was talking... just a confident (borderline cocky) athlete that was backing up his performance.

Sure he's 0-3 against tOSU but separate his comments from those AFTER the MSU game... when you go 4-0 and have your statistically best 4 combined games against one team in your career... you deserve the right to think you own them.

In a little over a week... we'll see if Hart can back up his talk.

Joshua said...

I'd rather lose to App. St. once than get blown out by Florida twice.

Andy said...


My comment stated that Mike has earned the right to talk smack about Sparty. I did not say anything about tOSU. On that subject we all should just stay silent and watch what happens.

I guess I should get used to your self-absorption.

In general, I agree with you that Mike talks too much. His "not special" comment last year after losing to the bucks were silly -- even though florida proved he was right.

srudoff said...


never said you mentioned OSU - only mentioned to point out that Mike likes to talk regardless of his "right" to talk. you mentioned that he earned the right to talk smack.

srudoff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
srudoff said...


revenue is the biggest differentiation between the divisions, as measured by home attendance - you have to have at least 15,000 per game to be allowed to apply for d-1a status.

i see your points on usc and louisville but honestly a bcs conf team beating another bcs conference team will never be considered the greatest upset ever. perhaps a d-1a non bcs team (mac, big sky, etc) beating a top 5 div 1-a team would get consideration but the difference in division will always trump that in football.

had osu lost to youngstown state, i'd fully expect to hear about it for a loooong time.

btw - didn't know if anyone saw this but osu's first 4 opponents were....

Y oungstown St.
A kron
W ashington
N orthwestern

:) notice anything?

Hemlock Philosopher said...

I gotcha, sru. Big Sky is D-1AA, I believe. Montana State, right? I'll still hold out that talent and experience-wise, Appy is better than both Stanford and Louisville. Probably better than YA and N, but not W on that schedule.

srudoff said...


actually i was pointing out that they spell Y-A-W-N

harry hasselhoff said...

Srudoff at Mzone=Son of Jorel on MGoBlog?

Same trolling, different blog.

surrounded in columbus said...

so, busy day. no time to really surf. see the pic & post. look to see what the talk is. maybe rants by moosu fans? maybe Dantonio stopped by? maybe "carl" was back to further piss on proof reading & typos?

sigh. just another threadjack by the Moron.

and none of the other, entertaining tosu trolls to add a little humor to make things worthwhile.

never thought i'd say this, but it's almost enuff to make you miss wgrg.

JasonOtt said...

Cheese for that whine? Isn't LLLLLOYD Carr the one who was whining at the end of last year following the beat down from OSU? (by the way, that game was not as close as the final score showed - 2 unforced TO) He thought UM still deserved a shot at the nat'l championship.... and then we all saw what happened against USC. You goobers from UM are so excited about barely beating a weak PSU team, beating a pathetic NU team by 12, a MAC school by 11 and a mediocre MSU team in the final minute. UM has obviously put it together since the beginning of the season, BUT "putting it together" and being a top tier team are 2 different things. Face it, from a national perspective UM is merely an average team that has a fan base, much like those of many SEC schools, that thinks since they have had great teams in the past, that puts them up with the elite. I compare UM and their fans to Georgia, Auburn, Tennessee and Alabama.... AVERAGE at best. You started with 2 losses and you'll finish with 2 more. What does it take for you d-bags to face reality? There's a good book entitled "Confronting Reality" by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan. I suggest all UM fans take time to read it. Go Badgers!

surrounded in columbus said...

so? was that guy just another tosu dork w/ nothing to do late at night?

or was he a 'Sconsin fan, what w/ the "go badgers" schtick?

'cause if that was a badger fan leading of w/ the "cheese" joke, that's actually sorta funny.

probably still funny if he's a tosu troll since he probably never really connected the "cheese" line w/ the wisconsin finish, just not AS funny.

though i'm guessing he wasn't going for funny. as wet rock said the other day- you have to take humor where you can find it.

Dezzi said...


You do realize it would be more effective to refrain from name calling when you are trying to prove a point about another team. Also, you might want think a little before you post...

If Michigan is so "average" as you like to point out... why, from the year 2000 to 2006 have BOTH Michigan and tOSU won the Big Ten title 3 times each (with both having an outright championship)and yet you call Michigan average?

I'm sure you bleed some color of red or scarlet... but making one of your biggest rivals (if you indeed cheer for the Buckeyes) be average just degrades your team at the same time. That's why the "experts" are saying that tOSUs ranking of #1 right now isn't special because they haven't played anyone!

The reason the SEC boasts about their good teams is because the relative strength of the middle of their conference... it's definitely not in the best interest of the conference to have one amazing team and 9 or 10 pedestrian teams.

I've faced reality with being a Michigan fan... I think realistically that we won't go undefeated each year because there have been very few teams to accomplish that on a yearly basis (ask USC about its recent run). Are my expectations high? Yes, but I realize that during the course of 12 games... things don't always go your way.

srudoff said...


get banned yet from those osu blogs? yeah didn't think so. funny how when you're called out on something, you just stop posting in that thread. if you need a reminder, you said you can't post on ANY osu "blog" without getting banned. i commented on something else you said and you made a point to say that i was sidestepping your claim. i posted 4 osu blogs for you to try to get banned on and suddenly you stop posting in that thread....

waiting anxiously to see how you put me in my place by getting banned asshat

surrounded in columbus said...

"asshat"? that's clever Moron.

i hope you went to tosu on a scholarship, because if you paid for that education? you need your money back.

second, i have two different friends who were tossed last year for "instigating" on two different tosu blogs during the season. their comments were nothing like yours but they were shown the door for riling up the natives. also, i recall one of the bloggers (don't recall which one) got tossed last year (or '05) and wrote a post about it.

don't really care if you believe. you're not important.

third, if you really think i'd go around trolling, behaving like the complete asshole that you are? to prove anything to you? you are dumber than you look (and you look like a Moron). face it- you are an irritation on a pc screen looking for attention. i'm not giving you any more.

i stopped posting responses to you because i realized that arguing w/ you made me sound like as big an asshole as you. didn't like that. don't expect me to do it again.

srudoff said...

asshat not clever

moron = clever

got it

surrounded in columbus said...

you're the one w/ the vanity plate that says "Morons". you didn't think that was clever???

srudoff said...


that's not my plate!

but now i got your reference - my bad on that

whetstonebuck said...


"srudoff, and then when the team that gets beaten by a 1 AA school beats OSU, what are you gonna do, brother?"

You don't play Oregon State this year. I would think you would duck playing another Oregon school--this year.

Don't tase me, Bro.

WingRG said...

i go on a little west coast road trip and miss all the fun :-) Talked to a very nice UM grad yesterday, who was convinced that Hart shouldn't play this week against Wisco (i agree with him, btw -- the game means nothing in B10 race). He hit the alumni lottery and is going to the game next week. Lucky bastard.

IMHO, there're 2 reasons that the ASU win gets brought up so much: 1. UM is the winningest team of all times AND
2. ASU gets 20 less scholarships than you guys (but that, probably, shouldn't even effect their 2 deep roster).
The combination of the 2 factors makes that win an unlikely occurrence.

surrounded in columbus said...

I too snagged 2 ducats next week's game. Will be the last time I see Carr coach (can't make a bowl this year & have decided that if he doesn't leave after this season, I'm sitting next season). So I'm looking forward to it win or lose.

While this post was about Dantonio making an ass out himself, I'll readily agree the app st thing will be talked about for a long time, in the same way the Colts-Jets super bowl or 1980 olympic ice hockey is discussed from time to time.

The Colts were a powerhouse for over a decade when they lost to the Jets. Same w/ the Russians. Their "greatness" made their loss news.

Michigan fans can't go around talking about the greatness of our tradition/bowl appearances/all time wins/winning %/11 mnc's/etc., w/out then acknowledging that our upset is news because of that history. Colorado or NU losing to DI-AA teams is news. Michigan losing is history. We need to accept that & move on. That's what the Colts & the Russians did.