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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Michigan-OSU Week: So why does it feel...off?

Shit. Shit, shit, shit.

Yeah, I know it's still for the Big Ten title, a trip to Pasadena, bragging rights and all that stuff. But damnit if my beloved Wolverines and those damn, dirty Buckeyes didn't go out and make The Game nothing more than A Game this Saturday.

Rat farts!

Last Friday, I had dreams of 9-2 Michigan, making one of the greatest turnarounds in the school's proud history, going up against undefeated and top ranked OSU, trying to close out a return trip to the BCS title game. The Comeback vs. The Coronation. The eyes of the college football nation watching.

Then Michigan lost to Wisconsin.

Fuck. I tried to spin it in my mind and on this blog. I was almost okay with it. Two of our best players were out. Camp Randall is a tough place to play. We had a chance to win late in the 4th quarter. But most of all, we still would be facing the number one team in the land, with a shot at ending our three game skid against them and ruining their national championship dreams.

Then Ohio State lost to Illinois.

Son of a bitch! And from the looks on the faces of the Buckeyes I saw in the crowd on TV, there is was no positive spin to be found in Columbus.

So here we both are, playing for the undisputed Big 10 Championship. Just like Bo and Woody would want it. Just like everybody said it would be before the season started.

Just like it should be. But not quite.


Katie said...

Now it is imperative that we beat tOSU AND win whatever bowl game we land in. Hopefully this will help quiet the nay sayers.

Ddub said...

let hate week begin,

the week we forget records
the week we shed NC shattering losses
the week that makes it all worthwhile

the single greatest rivalry in organized sports is at the end of this week. (read: productivity takes a huge hit)

whetstonebuck said...


Regardless of the great letdown--
We'll always have Paris.


surrounded in columbus said...

yes, whet, i remember that day well. if i recall, the Germans wore (scarlet &) grey, you wore (maize &) blue.

not often you work a Bogart quote into football.

maybe it's my age, but time was, this was all the game was ever really about. let's face it- in the last 30 or so years, there's only been 6 or 7 games where, depending on who won, a MNC was at stake. and half of those have been in the last 10 years ('97, '02' & last year).

tosu had maybe 2 or 3 games ('93, '95, & '96) where they had a shot. we had a very outside shot in '91. before that? you have to go back to Woody & Bo.

the great strength (and i think the real test) of this rivalry is not what it means outside the two schools when there's an mnc to lose, but what it still means even when there is nothing else to win.

DaBraylon17 said...


That is all.

whetstonebuck said...


daBraylon17 trumped my "nanny, nanny, boo, boo" all to heck.

whetstonebuck said...


That's the beauty of this rivalry. It's like all the other rivalries, only more so.

Dezzi said...

This coming Saturday determine whether or not my Christmas vacation is a silent or loud one.... it will be silent if Michigan wins because I won't say a word to all the Ohio State fans in my hometown (Napoleon, OH) and it will be loud if tOSU wins because every fan who lives in my hometown (whether they went there or not) will have to say something to me...

I would like for option one because flying home from Switzerland to get hounded by fans who didn't even attend the school is very annoying.

Dezzi said...


I'd relate dabraylon17's comment to raising you all-in without seeing the flop first...

whetstonebuck said...


The "flop" was in Columbus last Saturday.

Crock said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Crock said...

I was reminded yesterday that November 17th, the day of THE GAME - is also the anniversary of losing Bo - one year to the day.

Dezzi said...


Yeah... I thought that I was watching UM playing on a TV that had bad colors....

All I can think about is the SNL skit quote:

"Wah... you no lika da Juice? Da Juice is good ah?"

Well... may the best team wearing Maize & Blue on saturday win (and no I don't mean Delaware)

whetstonebuck said...

"Well... may the best team wearing Maize & Blue on saturday win (and no I don't mean Delaware)"

Oh, great. The secret's out. Tressel was outfitting the team in its strategic Maize & Blue unis a la Notre Dame. Hope we don't have the same result as the domers.

Mikoyan said...

I would like to see Michigan win. I certainly think that Michigan can win but something nags at the back of my brain. Even if Michigan wins, they still will be saying nay.

As for the greatest rivarly, as I've said before I think pure rivalry, the Army-Navy game is best. For the most part it is evenly split. With the exception of WWII, it doesn't mean anything to the rest of the sporting world but who can argue with a game where the fans can say "Go Navy" on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Dezzi said...

For some reason... the pic on this post screams some sort of caption contest...

whetstonebuck said...

"For some reason... the pic on this post screams some sort of caption contest..."

Bo: I'd make you my Defensive Coordinator. C'mon, Woody.

Woody: You S.O.B...Would I get my own office?

DaBraylon17 said...

i think it's funny, or maybe pathetic, that whetstonebuck is on this site more than anyone. i think he keeps it open while doing whatever and refreshes the page every 5 or ten minutes to see if anyone either responded to him or said something that will cause the troll in him to come out. what a loser.

Yost said...


Whetstone is one of our guests here and I personally welcome him.

Out of Conference said...

Looks like the hate is starting to warm up. It is only Monday though.

WingRG said...

well, for one, Whetstone is a lot funnier than you, you just spew hate and i've never seen you post anything intelligent.
That "Fuck OSU" was real original and real classy (i know lots of UM fans on here pride themselves on being classier than OSU fans).

jbwgoblue said...

"Now it is imperative that we beat tOSU AND win whatever bowl game we land in."

Call me crazy, but I hope WHEN we win that we end up playing in the Rose Bowl. If not, I'd say we are getting screwed big time.

Katie said...

Oh my JB, I think my lack of faith was showing on that post! Indeed, beating tOSU should put us in the Rose bowl!

And, I must add, Whets is cool, (as are sru and wings) they bring something of substance to the comment section, and I also must agree that Wing has a point about your lack of substance DB17. Just chill dude.

zen wizard said...

Yes, 1977 was the best Michigan/Ohio State Conflict--Well, I mean, since 1835...

threadogg said...

katie~West Virgina is the team most likely to head for the ROSE BOWL if the Wolverines beat the Buckeyes.

DaBraylon17 said...


shut up. i never try to be funny. that is not my personality. i didn't know this site was a comedian contest. and who says i have to post anything "intelligent?" have you seen whetstone post anything "intelligent?" he is a troll and just likes to get under the skin of UM fans, which, like i said, is the definition of the word "troll."

also, it's the week before the game. there will be a lot of shit talking on both sides. i have seen you "run your mouth" on this site before.

surrounded in columbus said...

not posting this: http://dispatch.com/live/content/football/stories/2007/11/12/henton.html

for the "crime" aspect (though, that is a side benefit) but more to prove yet another of my conspiracies true-

Henton, the running QB, having paid his debt to society (and in response to last Saturday's somewhat anemic output by tosu's offense AND Michigan's continued inability to master the concept of tackling a QB) will be reinstated by Sweater Boy.

then tosu will show up in a zone option spread & destroy us as we are as unable to tackle a running QB as Henton is unable to get a "girlfiend".

in response to the disaster, Lloyd will dust off his post 2000 Purdue & NU debacles comment: "that spread offense? you just can't stop it."

which is a pretty apt epitaph on this season and the previous 6 or so.

Crock said...

I agree that it does feel a bit "off" this week.

I was more than pleased to see Michigan fans taking the high road on this blog (defending tOSU fans).

I found the following clips on youtube that confirm my support of Michigan.



(having a little girl myself - this one made my stomach turn)

I look forward to the posts this week to get everyone ready for the game.

WingRG said...

it's obvious that "funny" isn't in your personality. But annoying and antagonizing definitely are. I challenge you to point out one post when WS was getting under anyone's skin and wasn't just being humorous.
You want to talk shit, go ahead, just remember that most people on here appreciate smart comments that show some intelligence. Arguments like "fuck {insert team here}" and "shut up" will not score you many sympathy points, even if it is "Fuck OSU".

Jessica said...

Aye. Life-long Michigan fan here, and I hate the Bucks just as much as anyone else, but for the love of God, come up with something better than "Fuck OSU!" That's about as classy as the Michigan haters running around in "Fuck Michigan" shirts.

And WEST VIRGINIA in the Rose Bowl? What the hell is this world coming to? I'm a big traditionalist when it comes to the Rose Bowl, I guess - in my mind, nothing but Big 10/Pac 10 teams belong in that game. The idea of any other conferences there disgusts me.

surrounded in columbus said...

i don't think many would argue that i am one of, if not the most, notorious of tosu bashers and curser of most things buckeye. i typically get chastised by other michigan fans for throwing darts and other sharp projectiles.

w/ that as credentials, i have to agree that whatever criticism i may have (or will) leveled towards some of the tosu posters & trolls on this site, i don't think i've ever seen anything from wetrock that wasn't either polite or funny, and usually both.

very few of his posts are less than complimentary, and the ones that are considered "anti michigan" are to a letter respectful at least and highly humorous.

i'd usually advise DB17 go pick on Srudoff, but even he's been calm today (though i think it's a plot of some sort- he's up to something- i just know it), so instead i'd suggest he just wait & read.

eventually, some dip of a tosu fan will say something rude and then DB17 & i can race to see who steps on him/her first. however, let's both wait until that happens, and odds are that it won't be wetrock who does it...

srudoff said...

nothing up my sleeve - just bummed - the rose bowl is unfortunately not the consolation prize i was hoping for

Mikoyan said...

The other problem with the BCS is the fact that they are still trying to fit the traditional bowls into the system. The original point of the bowl games was to reward a good season and set up matchups between conferences. At some point that got convoluted with this National "Champion" concept with the Bowl Coalition having a big say in it.

It still boils down to it being based on the polls and the polls are still based on the anal estimation process. Quite frankly, I'm not sure what a better system would be. As I've said before they should just leave the C out and be more honest with themselves.

Oh the Buckeyes can go fornicate themselves. (is this classy enough?)

Mikoyan said...

Oh yeah the caption:

Woody: You know that you are overmatched. We have your quartback surrounded. There is no way that your defense can penetrate our lines. You're beat. Do you wish to surrender?
Bo: Nuts!

TitleIX said...

This is a GREAT week M-fans.
The PURITY of the game returns.
No BCS generate/ESPN inflamed drama.
NO overly inflated windbagging by tOSU after losing to Illinois (BAH-HA!)

a double rallying cry: win it for Bo and Lloyd

GOSH I love College Football.


WingRG said...

hellz yeah it's classy enough. It's at least clever if nothing else :-)

Ron said...

Am I mistaken? I thought that since the big ten champ will not be headed to the national title game (barring something really bizarre) that the big ten winner automatically goes to the Rose bowl?

And I totally agree, wetrock makes me laugh all the time. he's more than welcome.

goat7ed said...

T9, I agree. This is why college football is great. BCS berth and other bowl berth games are just icing on the cake, but games like this transcend records. They would not be diminished even if played on a sandlot, and no tv.

Rivalry games rise above all surroundings. Devotion to school and hate of foe, brings the season to a single focus...the other guy must lose. The first ten or eleven games were about winning...winning for the program and the alumni. The only thing sweeter than winning is watching someone you loathe wallow in defeat at your hands. Ties won't do. Doesn't matter if you crush them, or they beat themselves, they just need to know for the next year, they lost. The week before is nothing but energy. There's nothing like it.

DB, don't sell yourself short. You're plenty funny.

Wetrock, wing and even srudoff add to the page. Nothing is interesting about a bunch of people agreeing with each other. And nothing is as worthless as trolls that come in, spout off and then run out. Those guys stand in and take the punch...as well as deliver the punchline.

Go blue

surrounded in columbus said...

I knew it! Sweater Boy reinstated Henton today. The whole arrest thing was just a clever ruse to disguise their development of a secret spead offense w/ a mobile QB.

Doomed. Doomed I tell you!

aloneinTN said...


I have read this blog for over a year...so much to say...but I am quiet until I just can't be.
Now is the time.....
I love the Michigan-tOSU rivalry.
Whettie beddy (a punch at you whet) is very entertaining for an osu fan.
keep visiting man...seriously.
I am alone in TN, and yes I hate the SEC and all the BS i hear about the conference.
Loved the Wolverines since '84....and love all the hell I catch about that.
I have only to say this.....IF we lose to tOSU...that the vols come up 2nd in the SEC so that we can have another crack at them!
I know that I haven't said much....but living here in the last 18 years has been hell listening to their shit. It doesn't make it any easier because they beat us one year.
So, to me hate to say it...win or lose to tOSU is still a good thing to me (hopes of a rematch).
But I would take a win over tOSU over 5 wins against the Vols anyday. 'nuff said!

Killing My Liver said...

UT didn't beat UM in that Citrus bowl. It was a BEAT DOWn. I was there and hated every minute of it. I would love to settle up with them, the Rose Bowl would be much better, though.

DaBraylon17 said...


maybe you have time all day to spend on the internet, but i don't. i am not going to accept your little stupid challenge and search through the archives to find some troll-like comments by whetstonefuck. i have a job and simply have more important things to do. as much as i love this site, i won't do it. and i'm not looking for any sympathy points. now, continue your UM obsession and move on.

WingRG said...

thanks for your diagnosis Dr. Melfi. If you have enough time to knock a guy for being a troll you should have enough decency to back that up with an argument.

whetstonebuck said...

"now, continue your UM obsession and move on." - DuhBraylon17

Gee, there seems to be enough obsessions to keep everyone busy.