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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Michigan-Ohio State Open Thread

I'm excited and bummed all at the same time. As a college football fan, I wait all year for the season to begin...and then it seems to be over before I know it.

How are we already to the Ohio State game? Wasn't I curled in the fetal position after the Appy State game just yesterday?

Yet, alas, The Game is upon us. Michigan vs. Ohio State. Bragging rights, a trip to Pasadena and the undisputed Big Ten title on the line. As it should be. As it often is. Which is why we don't need no stinkin' conference championship game. This is the conference championship game.

So, what's going to happen? Well, if Hart and Henne's injuries aren't 100% healed, it could be a long day, and not of the Jake variety. No Reverse Blog Psychology (RBP) needed. But to be safe, I'm going ultra-RBP today thus...

* Hart, Henne and Long, in an effort to protect their draft status and avoid further injury, opt out of the game.
* Carr retires during the coin toss and the "savior" Les Miles immediately quits at LSU and coaches via cellphone connection, refusing to punt and going for it on every fourth down.
* The defense...uh, well, actually, the defense plays like the defense normally plays of late in big games: like a sieve. All this leads to...


Tressel's Bitches - 18 (all FGs, so at least we got that going for us now)

The Team with the classiest fans in America - 45


JukeBox said...

darn you just jinxed us. Now Les Miles is never gonna come to Michigan.

whetstonebuck said...

Cheer up, Chief. Take a lesson from Arizona's win over the Mighty Ducks. Anything's possible.

Still...Go Bucks!

Les Miles = More blisters… in the long run. Les will just pad Tressel's streak. Go find some undiscovered talent and start fresh. Break the mold.

Maize said...

like a thanksgiving turkey, OSU will stuff Michigan's ass with those worthless nuts. Michigan will get goosed. Lloyd will retire with another loss and go down as John Cooper's little brother.

OSU 38- UM 10

Jessica said...

I know how you feel, Yost. It really does seem like the season just started, and now it's already gone. :(

JasonOtt said...

I love the fact that these goons from UM label themselves "the classiest fans" in college football.

A. every team in America labels themselves this
B. sad that a disappointing season leads them to announce themselves as winners of something.

This just goes to show how pathetic UM fans are... Almost as funny as the final score will be tomorrow.

Jake said...

Uh, Jason, I think he's calling tOSU fans that, tongue in cheek. Are you retarded?

Dezzi said...


Obviously tOSU fans are "too smart" for the Reverse Blog Psychology... WE'RE DOOOOOOMED!

Katie said...

Go home to mommy Jason.


whetstonebuck said...

maize is the dark poet of Ann Arbor.

lovinum said...

Jason, you're a moron. Oh sorry, I meant _oron.

Jake said...

Seriously, the more I reflect on Jason's stupidity, the more it amazes me. No matter what happens today, I'm content in the fact that I can at least think and reason. He can't really be that dumb, can he?

whetstonebuck said...

I shouldn't laugh, but lovinum's use of the "No M" campaign is most clever.

Jake said...

I keep thinking about 1995. As Timmy B said after ripping through tOSU, "People were saying that Michigan wasn't Michigan anymore."

1995. Prediction = Hart reinjures ankle, but C. Brown and Minor each hit a 100. Henne plays well and Michigan wins 27-13.

Katie said...

One knows it is game day in Ann Arbor when the planes overhead start circling at 0730! I am so excited I can barely stand it!


whetstonebuck said...


Those aren't planes--they're vultures.

Katie said...

Ewwww....vultures!!! Now I can't leave my apartment!!

My Michigan flag is proudly displayed on my balcony, I am ready to go! Leaving in about 15 minutes for the 2 mile walk to the Big House!

To my buckeye friends, I wish you luck and great peace after .......well, I can't say it, or I might jinx the RBP........

GO BLUE!!!! BEAT THE BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josey said...

Can't disagree with you more about the conference Title game. The Big-10 needs to add a team and have two divisions, with Michigan and OSU in the same division. We also need a bye week. That way our teams aren't sitting two extra weeks over potential BCS opponents. More often than you can run the table you are going to have one loss and be in need of another tough game to boost your SOS, just like OSU this year. Don't tell me the Big-10 is that afraid of some snow that we have to rush to get the season over with. The title game could be at Ford Field if that's really a concern. Also we could keep OSU/Michigan as the last game of the regular season and I don't think it would take anything away because it would still be the de facto Big-10 Title game most years.

Jim Harbaugh Scramble said...

Jason - keep putting that OSU education to work!

Hope you weren't reading this site from a public library because you know what happened last time you were there...


Mikoyan said...

I respectfully disagree with you. I think the Big 10 needs to dump 1 team so it is no longer mathematically challenged. After that, it can schedule 9 games within the conference and play everyone. Or each team could dump playing two scrub teams and have 10 Big 10 games.

And I think jason could possibly be that stupid especially if he's from Ohio.

Go Blue!

whetstonebuck said...

"And I think jason could possibly be that stupid especially if he's from Ohio."

I'm not defending Jason's comment nor do I hail from Ohio, but don't the Wolverines pad their roster with a bunch of Ohio boys? Just askin'.

srudoff said...

Did Braylon actually call Trent a "lock down corner"?

IamCris said...

Great first half, big shift in momentum right before the half. Boeckman is unimpressive.The defense has played great, the offense needs to break out the trickeration...a reverse with Manningham, a throwback to the qb, i'd like to see a screen, it could break huge. Enjoy the second half and Go Blue!!!

tabithasaysgoblue said...

Yep, ready for us to come out BIG in the second half! We held them to 7...our defense was tight!! (please, please, please catch the ball Mario)

SA said...

Josey-at the conference meetings either last year or the year before the college presidents had a vote on whether or not to insert a bye week into the season and actually play past Thanksgiving. I think all but two voted to end the season early. I agree with Mikoyan and don't think we need a conference championship game, but we do need a bye week. It'll help the teams and there won't be anymore of those 51 day layovers.

Traci said...

tackle. Tackle. TACKLE, Dammit!

kristy said...


kristy said...

We have blown sooo many easy plays!!!!! The poor defense is exhausted since henne and his flunkys can't do a damn thing!!!!

Buck-O said...

To: C. Henne
Fm: V. Gholston

Dear Chad,




Buck-O said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
YoGroups said...

Chad, Mike and Lloyd:

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Kraut said...

For an offense that was so highly touted at the beginning of the year ... my, have they fallen far! The defense actually didn't play too poorly, but 90-ish yards of offense is pathetic.

Anyone count how many dropped passes there were?

Jim said...

Letting Chad "gut it out" on his chance to beat the buckeyes may have cost us. He didn't have the shoulder for it. Between that, the drops and the line play--ugh.

Anybody catch Tressel's strategy for dealing with Manningham? If he gets loose, foul him. Michigan will blow up in the next play or two so the 15 yards is a lot better than the touchdown. Like the CFB equivalent of the Hack-a-Shaq.

IamCris said...

Yep, a good game, on the short end. Tough, tough loss. Lloyd Carr is a wonderful human being, a tremendous coach and a great embassador to all things Michigan football.

We are now on the cusp of change so many fans/alumni/people have asked for. We're all fools if we think Coach Carr will be back next year as head coach. I know Coach Carr doesn't read blogs, but just in case. Thank You! I have only known 3 head coaches in my lifetime. I just hope the next one is as classy as Coach Carr.

Just think of the trash we'll be able to talk after we pound an SEC team in the Citrus Bowl.

Crock said...

I'm trying not to be bitter.
What a disappointment.

I truly wish Lloyd the best, somewhere other than on the Michigan sidelines.

Best sign I saw on Gameday -

Michigan needs a New




srudoff said...

foul him or just let mario drop it

still in shock over the game. feel sad for your big 3. long ended up on his ass more times today than perhaps his entire career combined. hart and henne obviously still hurt.


WingRG said...

Hat's off to Michigan players for a hard fought game. I have a lot more respect for Hart after this game than i did before it.

ohio_guy said...

14-3 final and an offense of almost all running plays

Woody would be pleased

jrrlds said...

I'm not a grad of either school.I've spent many great summers in Mich.,both UP and LP. I'm from Ohio so that supposedly makes me a biased "homer". NOT!!! Let's congratulate both sides for a hard fought game and NOT MAKE EXCUSES if your team lost.Peace.

Sam said...

Once again Hart let his battleship mouth overload his row boast ass. I wonder what moronic comment he'll have after todays game.

Katie said...


Katie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MGoBlue93 said...

sam... gotta agree. It was embarrassing to see Hart running his mouth at the 50 yard line before the game. What the fuck... is UM v tOSU now Miami/FSU?

Congrats to tOSU. Here's to a fire free night in Columbus.

BTW, everyone talks about leadership... and I think with loose lips. Hart running his mouth today is not leadership. Manningham giving a freshman QB grief is not leadership. I think the lack of leadership down the stretch spoke volumes about this season. Thank goodness the schedule was so easy... otherwise this season could have been much, much worse.

I didn't understand this game at all. tSOU looked lost with Michigan's no huddle. So what did M do... they stopped freaking using it! Arrrghh!

TitleIX said...

the only Wolverine who showed up to play?
Zoltan Mesko.

The rest?

Their O-line killed us.
Their D-line killed us.
Our receivers killed us.
Carson Butler killed us.


tabithasaysgoblue said...

Zoltan Mesko...MVP of the game! Who would have thought!

surrounded in columbus said...

Seriously? What did we expect? Poor schemes? Outdated play calling? Poor prep/strength conditioning/player development?

JHC- we lost to f'ing App St. Did we really think Lloyd had turned it around? He put us in the hole to start w/!

7 yrs of crap. Only cleaning house will change things. No glowing look backs @ Lloyd. No spiining his record. He's useless. Time to go was years ago.

And bowls? $5 says we fall the alamo (at best) - you heard it here.

Corey said...

space bitches space!

UofM Academics > Ohio State Academics

and don't expect a tip when you deliver my pizza later this evening!

IamCris said...

2nd place in the Big Ten gets an automatic bid to the Citrus Bowl unless the top two in the Big Ten go to a BCS (not relevant this year). At any rate we get the #2 SEC team or the loser of the SEC championship game. So we could get a look at our new coach Les Miles if LSU stumbles. Good thing?

srudoff said...

hopefully this will cheer you guys up...

he's what? player of the week?

Jeffrey said...

I found this hilarious and quite typical of the Game.


Tom said...

Wow, if Mike Hart worked legs as much as he worked his mouth, Michigan "might" have won this game.

whetstonebuck said...

On a side note: you just have to love the name Zoltan Mesko.

josiahq said...

Zoltan The Destroyer

I need a high res pic of his face to photoshop onto a Conan the Barbarian poster...

TitleIX said...

thanks sru
we need all the humor we can get now

and one more thing---
why the FUCK didn't anyone call a screen play??? or even a WR bubble screen??? I mean SERIOUSLY.

Love Lloyd as a person/human. Respect him and what he has done for the program. But, it's time to move along.....

TitleIX said...

oh, and ANOTHER thing.
all the buckeye fans were AMAZED at how nicely they were being treated.
I said to one to make sure that she went back to c-bus and spread the gospel.
she said that I was the 3rd person who had said that to her (and this was before the game)

Katie said...

I am still frozen to the bone. I have taken to drinking something strong in my hot cocoa in hopes that it will warm me up and help me forget about the fact that the offense forgot to show up for the game today.

BTW, it doesn't surprise me one bit that Zoltan is the best player today. He has rarely disappointed.

Breaston154LIFE said...

Press Conference Monday at 10:30 am, that means 1 thing and 1 thing ONLY, and that is Lloyd Carr is announcing retirement.

I was pretty impressed with Michigan's D except for the 62 yard TD run by Chris Wells. That was pretty bad but other than that, they shut down Todd Boeckman.

Michigan's Offense must have forgot there was a game today.

Well, I'm looking forward to whatever bowl game Michigan will be playing in. I hope for a victory and maybe..just maybe the offense will show up and the defense will be clicking on all cylinders (as it should have been today).

Maize said...

There are only two bowls that UM should go to. The Toilet Bowl or the SMOKED Bowl.

Man, the crap I took this morning looked better than Mich's offense.

And why can I not get the notion out of my head that Manningham purposely dropped balls today?

TitleIX said...

you kinda creep me out
are you trying to be funny or are you being serious?

TitleIX said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
surrounded in columbus said...

Which is creepier? The toilet references?
Or that Mario made drops on purpose?

Lysa said...

I guess its time to gear up for Georgia....

Katie said...

Aside from the fact that as of last week, it was obvious to me that Manningham had checked out of college and was headed to the NFL.....I must admit.....I had similar thoughts to Maize's in his reference to Manningham dropping them on purpose.......I am sure it can not be true.......however.......it does make one wonder. The offense was certainly not playing together today.

dtw2phx said...

Well dropping the way he did today, I don't know who the hell in the NFL would pick him up. Manningham best hold up on that idea.

We get scored on twice by someone they call 'Beanie', end the season unranked, and get a consolation bowl that no one will give a flying rat's ass about.

Yep, time for a change.

srudoff said...

mario IS from ohio....

so is crable (he of the late hit on troy last year to sustain our last drive)...

i think he just was trying to do too much at once and forgot to actually catch it before making his next move. if you remember back a few years, braylon had some drops, including a HUGE one on fourth down that pretty much sealed the deal for us.

as a buckeye fan, i'll miss lloyd. i won't however, miss his lack of class in losing. he wins and he's at midfield, ready to talk up the losing coach during the post game handshake. lose, though and you get the half-second "fuck off" handshake that he gave belotti in oregon and tressel today. i understand he's pissed but i've seen plenty of coaches show class after the game.

so now, do you guys want Brian Kelly or Les Miles? I think buckeye fans want Les - easy to continue the LLLLes treatment we gave Lloyd and fun to say "It's the Ohio State - Michigan Rivalry, with more Tressel and Les Miles".

: )

oh - now go kick some SEC ass damnit

Katie said...

I wouldn't want to shake Tressel's hand if we won, much less when we lose.

TitleIX said...

the toilet reference and the weird post from earlier today
and the picture.

TitleIX said...

ok--so now I'm rooting for the OTHER team in blue and yellow tonight.....GO WVU

whetstonebuck said...

"I wouldn't want to shake Tressel's hand if we won, much less when we lose."

Katie, Katie, Katie,

I would expect more from you.

Katie said...


I expected you to say something about that. I don't like the man. Right or wrong, I just don't. You are correct in saying that is not the proper behavior for a lady or a sportsman to have. My apologies.

I was able to get out some of my frustration when my brother called, he lets me vent fully (and then sends me a bar of soap in the mail ;o) - this of course spared you all my full blown rampage ;o)

Maize said...


I have been posting off the wall score predictions since, I think, just after the Oregon game. Whets and Katie will attest to my reverse psych game prediction posts and twisted sense of humor. It's not for everyone. It's best to just skip my comments if you offend easily.

Best regards,



Michigan should go after BO Pelini. Yep, we need another BO from OSU to resurrect the UM program.

DaBraylon17 said...

are you buckeye fans fuckin kidding me? you think that tressel would continue his dominance if Miles is our coach? why is that? les miles is a great coach and just the type of person michigan needs. he has the attitude that the michigan football team has lost. i can guarantee you that the tables will turn AGAIN in favor of michigan with les miles at the helm. if you guys really think that tressel will continue his dominace over michigan with les than you guys have to get out from under the table and stop blowing tressel.

TitleIX said...

Thanks for clarifying maize.
i'll be reading in the spirit in which you intend.

Katie said...

Absolutely, I count on Maize for game day RBP,(shhh, don't tell, but I think he is just a puppy at heart!)

DB17, I think that our tOSU fans are using RBP on us with the Les Miles thing......they KNOW that Miles would help us stomp them, so they are advising against it.

David said...

truly prophetic. Good game today, fellas. Seeya next year. Go Bucks!

srudoff said...

braylon - take a chill pill. no one flat out said that we'd continue our dominance of michigan if Miles came on board. you're taking comments made tongue in cheek too serious.

miles would be good for you guys but i'd be way more afraid if you guys got rich rodriguez or urban meyer.

tabithasaysgoblue said...

All I have to say is the healing pics better come in ALL shapes and sizes (you know what I mean)...we are all in a world of hurt here and need all the support we can get.

whetstonebuck said...


Why the animus toward Tressel on such a personal level? I don't understand.

Glad your brother allows you to vent.

Mikoyan said...

As much as I'm loathe to say it, Tressel showed a bit of class as he had the QB kneel on the ball when he had a chance to make the score 21-3.

It sucks that Michigan lost but Henne was obviously hurt. I wonder if the game would have gone differently had they put Mallet in? Henne had alot of balls sailing on him. His accuracy wasn't anywhere near where it normally is. Hart was nowhere near 100%.

Although I think the biggest disappointment was the O-line. I think Ohio State was in the backfield almost as soon as Henne was.

Mikoyan said...

Is it me or was Kirk Herbstreit being a little homer bitch during the game? I mean I realize he went to Ohio State and all but shouldn't an announcer be unbiased during a nationally televised game? I mean hell Bob Griese wasn't that biased when he was covering Michigan games as his son was playing. I think the only nod he gave was saying Brian instead of Griese.

Yes, I'll have another said...

PUCKER PUCKER PUCKER. Sorry, this will not be the most enlightened comment. I am disgusted. Absolutely disgusted. I want to throw up. This is like, well, this is like 1968, except for the whole "go for two while we;re ahaed by 40 points" thing. Disgraceful. I sat in those stands today catching pneumonia, screaming my ass off, losing my voice....no. This is NOT how Hart and Henne and Long deserved to go out. Those coached failed them.

What an absolute abomination.

All you Michigan apologists can say what you want.

I'm furious.

ferenc said...

My plan for Michigan:

1.) Go private. That's right, release yourself from the shackles of state quotas and due what you really want to do. Become a truly elite university by enforcing uniform SAT/ACT scores. Remove the instate air heads at the graduate schools. Seriously, there are several people at Ross that make me think the value of my degree is diluted by their presence.

2.) Stop participating in the U.S. News and World Report rankings. They are bullshit. Flat out pointless rankings that move schools up and down and reward geographic areas based on sales of the rag.

3.) Move to the Big East Conference. We need to separate ourselves from these midwesterners. I'm from Michigan, but I've never felt anything for our Big Ten brethren. It is not that Southeast Michigan is culturally superior to any place in the midwest, it is just that we don't have anything in common. We do have a lot in common with Jersey and Connecticut though.

With my plans implemented, we will be securing a bright future both academically and athletically. What does this have to do with the loss to tOSU today? Basically, this weekend made me fully realise the culture gulf between UM and the rest of the conference. I don't want to cheer loudly. I don't want to stand up. I'm 24 and I want a nice quiet game. I don't want to hate. I don't want to loathe. I want to play a nice game and then go out for a pint or a jigger or what have you at local pub and have a laugh no matter what the outcome.

I remember in the 1997 Sports Illustrated preview (or was it Athalon), that Michigan was falling into mediocrity, and that it up to the denizens of A2 to put down their wine glasses and start caring. Well, I care, I care just enough to say, "Fuck you, Big Ten". Let us leave this swine pit and go to greener pastures out in yonder East. Where playing Pitt is almost like playing Carnegie-Mellon, where playing Rutgers is close to playing Princeton, and where playing UCONN is so close to playing Williams.

jwalk said...

Did anyone else catch the quote from Martin? Something to the effect of cloning Carr for his next coach. That's frightening.

hmbfossil said...

Let's see...

1. A quarterback who couldn't put his passes on the mark.

2. Receivers who couldn't catch the passes that were.

3. An O-line that opened more holes for linebackers than running backs.


4. A Defense (except for D-backs who swipe at air instead of tackling) that kept you in the game unitl they finally just wore out.

Are you sure the Hawkeyes weren't suited up in Maize and Blue today? 'Cause that sure looked like what I've been watching in Kinnick all season.

FWIW - I'm sorry you had to endure a little of what our entire season was like. I really don't wish that on anyone.

OTOH - If the Hawks were subbing for Michigan, it would go a long way in explaining why they didn't show up in Iowa City against Western Michigan today.

surrounded in columbus said...

not to be a joy kill (anymore than usual at least) but we ain't going to Orlando. the Citrus is guaranteed a pick no worse than big ten runner up but is NOT obligated to take the runner up. the guarantee is for the bowl/the schools are assured of nothing.

the Citrus can take the runner up OR anyone else in the conference. the Citrus ALWAYS picks the highest ranked team regardless of conference ranking. they are gonna pick Illinois.

the Outback gets next pick. they can pick from the rest(again, THEY are guaranteed #3 team in conference but are NOT obligated to pick anyone- remember 2005?).

given how poorly we travel to lesser bowls, we are very unlikely to go to Tampa. the Outback is most concerned about tourist $$$$. we don't travel well. they skipped us in 2005 w/ 4 losses. watch- they're going to do it again.

alamo, at best. and that's only if they think we showed well enough in 2005. they could skip us too, if they think one of the remaining big ten choices might sell dramatically better. we could fall further.

so, let's be optimistic and start watching big 12 teams. we'll be lucky if we play one of them.

dh said...

Serious question - How much rent does Michigan pay to Jim Tressel for playing their home games in the stadium he owns?

whetstonebuck said...


You are up late. Is the glow of burning couches keeping you up?

Hope your home life is bearable.

Thanks for the breakdown on the bowl scenario.

ferenc said...

I think the question will be if we go to a bowl game at all.

As of right now:

OSU -- Rose
Illinois -- Citrus
Wisco -- Outback
PSU -- Alamo
UM, Purdue, Indiana -- Champs
", ", ", -- Insight
MSU -- Motor City

I guess one of the other bowls could pick up MSU, but Indiana is a feel good story no minor bowl could say "no" to, and I hope we travel better than Purdue. I would bet that we end up in the Champs bowl.

Please tell me if I am way off on my logic.

ferenc said...

I guess the PAC-10 will bail the B-10 out. There could be two more bowls available to teams with greater than 6-6 records.

surrounded in columbus said...

started saturday @ 5:00, what w/ driving to A2 w/ stepson, a little tailgating, 4+ hrs in the rain & cold, standing the entire game, driving back, etc., i went to bed about 10, which means i woke about 5 hrs later wide awake- hence the nightstalker timed message.

your guesses may not be far off. we'll make a bowl, but even the alamo will be a reach.

lane said...

ferenc = pussy

good god almighty, a huge pussy!

phil said...

Call me psychic but I GUARANTEE that Lloyd will not lose to Ohio State in 2008.

whetstonebuck said...


You are a true fan.

I, on the other hand am a wimp. I traveled four miles and watched the game with my son-in-law (a Michigan native). The weather was beautiful (shorts & tOSU jersey), I got to eat their snacks, the bathroom was fifteen feet away and I got to razz the boy for three hours. A beautiful time was had by all. Well, at least by me.

I am in awe at the effort you, Katie, et al put forth to witness UM's games in person--especially, in your weather. You all are "True Blue."

whetstonebuck said...

phil = the original glass half-full guy. Way to be postive.

Katie said...

ferenc, Michigan fans don't need to change, YOU need to go to a different school. What you posted was totally lame, and another reason the Big House is not intimidating. The people that sit in front of me, look back at me more than they look at the game because they look at me every time I yell, which is nearly every single play. THAT is how a Michigan fan should be.....go drink your whine (not a typo) at whatever yuppy school you deam worthy of your silence.

Whets, I am not a fan of shady coaches.

The Ann Arbor News this morning has Carr saying that Henne wanted to stay in and he listened to him because he thought Henne deserved that. THAT is where his mistake was, that was the worst offensive performance in a very long time for Michigan and the correct decision by a coach would have been to pull him and play Mallett.....who when he did play at least moved the ball. To credit the OSU defense is a mistake, our offense lost this game more than OSU won it. (and I do give credit to OSU for winning, they were obviously the better team yesterday) As a coach, you must do what is best for the team, not what is best for one player. Remember, I am simply some chick on a football board and what I say means very little, it is simply my opinion and I am grateful for the opportunity to share it.

Whets, It took me hours to warm back up after that game. I was frozen to the bone. I had a blanket that draped down to my feet, where there was an inch of water pooled. My blanket was soaked with water!! It was one of the most unpleasant experiences I have ever had! It would have been worth it to see them play well....I am not talking about seeing them win, but just play well......I think that was the disappointment.......anyway.....it is just a game and in the end I am still a Michigan Fan and will miss the seniors who have provided some excellent plays the past 4 years. Coach Carr is a good man in many ways and I hope that he does stick around (especially if we get Miles) to help keep this program honest (which is my one concern about Miles). For me, that is important, but then again, I am just some chick on a football blog....what is important to me is not high on anyone's list, but I appreciate the opportunity to share it.


ferenc said...

@ Lane and @ Katie... Uhhh, wow. Talk about an inablity to grasp esprit in motion. I think you may have proven point one when point one was contrary to what was actually believed (for the record, the point about the rankings is actually pretty close to the truth). Follow what is congruent.

Dear Lord, I usually just read every day without posting, but at least I have the good faith to not toss words without some little amount of thought. Insults are nothing -- 死ね。

:D -- No one gets my online humour. Poor me. Sobs.

ferenc said...

Although, if you didn't read my first post with a straight face and your responses were meant to be ironic, then kudos.

TitleIX said...

comedy is all about timing and we are all a bit sensitive right now...

re: Lloyd leaving Henne in. That's what we love about the man, and hate about his coaching. He's about loyalty, honor, and respect. He's going to tell Henne who just came running back out onto the field after being shot up in the locker room to go sit? No way. He's about the kids, not necessarily about the win. He leads with his heart and that's admirable, but didn't win the damned game. I dunno. I can't be too pissed about that fact. Because the choice is that we'd chose a win over loyalty to some 21 or 22 year-old kid playing in his last college game.....dammit. How many other coaches out there in BCS land would do the same??? THAT'S why people like Tressel and Stoops and Zook don't deserve handshakes--in my not so humble opinion.

Les and Lloyd: I fear it may not happen as there is no love lost between the two. They were both coaches here under Moeller and when Lloyd was chosen as head coach, Les left. Obviously one would leave if the other guy was chosen but would you want to come back and work for the guy who beat you out of a job before???? My guess is that Les comes to Michigan only if Lloyd bows out of the program completely.

And Katie--
Chicks rule
Don't you forget it!

Katie said...

ferenc, tis true, comedy is about timing and on a blog when you can't hear or see any inference, body language, etc, there are a few techniques that allow readers to decern comedy and sarcasm, such as the smiley face and the wink ;o) ;o).

T9, you gave a new perspective. Thank you. That is one of the things I love about Carr. Excellent point and I have said it many times before, these are just kids (young men) playing ball. That would be a tough call and who is to say what is the right call.
Oh yeah, and chicks rule!

Lysa said...


You are true BLUE! =)

Lysa said...

I hope we don't end up at anything less than the capital (cirtis) bowl. expecially since at large we beat ill, msu, psu,the boilmakers and probably would have beaten iu.

ferenc said...

Katie -- I thought my post was so far out there that everyone would think was a joke. I mean, moving to the Big East to play Pitt because their campus is adjacent to Carnegie-Mellon??? That is logique perefected to a level to which I may never aspire.

But hey, I've been up for 30 some hours straight, so maybe my timing is a little bit off. Waka, waka? 分からない。

YoGroups said...


The statement "we probably would have beaten IU" says volumes about this season and where the program is at right now. Sweet fancy Moses -- remember when we'd hang 50or 60 on all our non-conference opponents? Now we "probably" would have beaten IU.

tabithasaysgoblue said...

Katie and T9,
I was posting the same thing that Katie said on my bulletins during the game...WHY leave Henne in, WHY??? That wasn't a decision based on the best interests of the team. My dad and I were having heated discussions about it over the phone...long distance, no less.
But then I read what T9 said and I agree. These are kids playing this game. And I remember that is why I love college football and don't particularly care for the NFL. And knowing that Carr said that, I have to take a step back and admonish myself for forgetting. Winning isn't always everything...but did it have to be another loss to OSU???? :(

BlueFan said...

T9 - Lloyd's favor to Henne screwed every other player on the team, including Hart, who might have liked a better chance to beat tOSU just once. I can't see how that's about the kids (plural).

ferenc said...

I don't want to harp, but one last salvo:

"I don't want to cheer loudly. I don't want to stand up. I'm 24 and I want a nice quiet game. I don't want to hate. I don't want to loathe. I want to play a nice game and then go out for a pint or a jigger or what have you at local pub and have a laugh no matter what the outcome."

People actually read this thinking I was serious?!?!?! Sensitive or not, there is NO excuse. You cannont possibly need smiley faces or sarcasm tags to see it dripping from this text!!!

:) Eh, we are all tired I guess. It doesn't matter now anyways.

Go Blue!

YoGroups said...

Kids playing this game? Give me a break. College football stopped being "kids playing this game" way before the BCS came into existence. It's business, nothing more, nothing less. If it was just "kids playing this game" we wouldn't be getting luxury boxes at the Stadium, we'd just add another 25,000 seats in an upper bowl. If Lloyd wants to coach a DIII school out of loyalty to the "student-athlete," fine. But Henne, Hart and the rest didn't come to Michigna to be "kids playing a game." If you think otherwise, you're more naive than I ever thought possible.

BlueFan said...

ferenc - The problem with doing satire these days is that reality is so far out there that it is almost impossible to come up with something unbelievable. Several people posting here have been yelled at (well... glared at, maybe) at games by others who match that paragraph of yours exactly.

Lysa said...


Michigan football is not in a good place. I do remember back in the day, were non-conference opponents did not have a chance. I remember when the Big House was a scary place to play. The thing I learned this season is that anything is possible. But looking up IU's standing in the Big Ten, we would have beat them.

YoGroups said...

Exibit A in my rebuttal that D-1A college football isn't now about kids playing a game: Les Miles' 1.25 MILLION dollar buyout. Still think it's about the kids?

Aria said...

Michigan State may be your little brother, but OSU is your Daddy

ferenc said...

@Bluefan-- Ok, that is a fair point. I can't imagine any of those people posting here, but the reason I wrote the thing was because of those astute and suave, and yes, in many cases, svelt, fans I encountered this season.

@lysa-- Title IX happened. For better or worse, that is reason the cfb world is the way it is now. I wish we could have both worlds.

tabithasaysgoblue said...

Whatever it has been made into, the truth is these are "kids" playing football. And Lloyd Carr is one of the few coaches that, despite the 'business' it has become, still remembers that! Example...allowing Henne to finish the game yesterday. Was I screaming at the tv...you bet! I saw Mallet in that huddle, I saw Henne run out onto that field, I had chills watching it. Who is to say Carr did not ask that team...I do not know. But I applaud one man's effort to remember that these are kids playing and that this isn't only about the 'business' it has become or the angry masses. To me that was him saying "screw you" to all of us calling for his head on a silver platter! He stayed true to himself and to his players. I respect that...even if I totally forgot for a minute.

surrounded in columbus said...

thanks- taking my 14yr old tosu fan w/ me made the whole trek worthwhile (in a sadly masochistic sort of way). he had a great time. i enjoyed being w/ him for the day. losing another game, particularly this season, was a small price to pay.

more generally, Lloyd was shown on espn's otl this a.m. talked about how he'd like to see someone from his staff promoted eventually. laughed & cried at the same time. just watch monday's announcement be that they've promoted mike debord!!! as i sit typing in my "Fire Lloyd" tee (purchased on my way out of the stadium yesterday in a fit of pique-it was only $15 & i felt $150 better for having purchased it), i guess i should always remember to be careful what i wish for.

PSU's last minute loss to MSU substantially upped our chances of making the Outback. it will now be a choice between us & Wisconsin. still a long shot but at least we are ahead of PSU now and shouldn't fall any lower than the Alamo.

finally, if the b-ball coach search last spring is any indication, the search will be very tightly managed, w/ little or no leaks from the U. Martin will take the point, indicate no one, be silent as to who they're talking to, and we shan't know anything official until they're ready to hire someone. given that whoever the new coach is, he's probably playing a game after xmas, we shan't hear much for at least 6 weeks, maybe more.

the longer it goes, the more likely it is that the candidate is Miles. whatever his falling out w/ Carr, i don't think that will impact either Martin or Les's decision. Lloyd's job will be highly "for show". Martin will want to make a good choice, regardless of Carr's personal feelings (he's gotta lotta skyboxes to sell).

Martin sat on the b-ball pick all March waitng for WVU to finish the NIT. given the importance of this pick, i doubt waiting until after 1/8 is going to be a problem for him.

MGoBlue93 said...

I think ferenc might have something regarding Ross though. Now I know why in the biz world, idiots surround themselves with idiots.

While I agree Michigan probably won't be in Florida for the New Year (I think Illinois and Wisky will get picked ahead of "M"), I cannot imagine Michigan not going to a bowl game though.

There are 28 non-BCS bowls. FIFTY-SIX freaking teams. And with at least 1 conference not being able to fill all their slots this year, I cannot imagine Michigan would get passed by.

YoGroups said...

This is the last comment I'll have on this. Your argument can be turned on its head. If what you say is correct, Lloyd stayed true to one player (Henne), not to the team. It's up to the coach to make the call on who helps or hurts the team in a given situation. I think we'll all agree Henne (due to his injury) was NOT helping the team. The evidence was right there before Lloyd and everybody. Bo said it best, "The team, the team, the team." Individual loyalty to Henne (a "kid" in your analysis) by Lloyd (the "adult" coach) is ridiculous. The team, the team, the team.

Katie said...

Ferenc - There are people (many who hold UofM season tickets who believe exactly what you posted, so for anyone to think you could have been serious is not out of the question.

The birth of a man is the birth of his sorrow. The longer he lives, the more stupid he becomes, because his anxiety to avoid unavoidable death becomes more and more acute. What bitterness! He lives for what is always out of reach! His thirst for survival in the future makes him incapable of living in the present.

Upon further review, I believe Carr might just have this figured out.......and no matter the money and everything else our society has made college football......one thing IS true....these ARE just young men playing ball.

YoGroups said...


I was a student at Michigan in the mid 80's (undergrad) and early 90's (graduate school). As an undergrad, I lived in South Quad, along with many football players. You're eloquence is appreciated, but I can attest that most, if not all, of the players (at least those living in South Quad) at Michigan truly believed they were afforded a special status and that they were going to play in the NFL. Some players were awesome (Leroy Hoard, etc.) Some were complete assholes. EVERY one of them I talked to thought Michigan football was more or less a "business." The were used by the university for $, got a free education and room and board, and their lives revolved around football. Not school. Football. I appreciate your eloquence and feelings about Carr leaving. But I think it's naive.

Genghis Was A Wolverine said...

Title9, with all do respect I disagree. Les will come to Mich if the school wants him enough and if the two can tango. This is seriously the most tricky dance to possibly ever be performed at our beloved school. Les' love for the men in blue is enough for him to overcome any baggage between him and Carr. The only problem is what was mentioned on this blog and on college football scoreboard. Lloyd is expected to announce retirement monday. That leaves Mich without a coach for possibly six weeks as Les can't defect back to us before LSU's bowl game.

Martin said that he wants another coach like Lloyd and my opinion is that Lloyd does too. He'll be whipsering in Bill's ear discouraging the pursuit of Miles. Martin listens to Lloyd... damn.

With Lloyd announcing now this turns the heat up on Miles to make a decision public and is inconsiderate of Carr. Miles can't announce his defection during an LSU title run that is still in effect. He can't announce his defection to LSU as final as he truly does want this job. If he didn't he would've made that known in September.

Les wants this job and he has connections to Ann Arbor coming out the Wazoo. His fire and passion is exactly what is attractive to us fans. Unfortunately that doesn't mean much to Carr or Martin. With the lull of Lloyd's retirement Mich will begin the pursuit of other coaches and Les will be forced into a stance of monotone silence... everything that he doesn't want.

If Martin does make it known publicly or privately to Miles that he wants him in A2, then both will begin the dance. Miles will have to keep mum and keep the media in the dark to avoid distracting his team. Martin will need to do the same to avoid a perception of backstabbing by Miles and thus resulting in Miles having to burn bridges with Martin to salvage his relationship with the LSU community and with his players.

Damn Carr, a classy guy, but I feel his final departing move will be one to sabotage this marriage that almost all UM fans want.

If it is sabotaged, my next choice is Brian Kelly. He won D2 titles like ole sweatervest, and won a MAC crown at UCM. He knows the area for recruiting and runs a modern offense. He is reportedly charismatic (which will attract the old, smitten ladies Carr and Martin) and is a great football mind. He's a winner and will continue to do so. He would succeed at UM, but Miles has 5 SEC losses in 4 seasons. That cannot be understated.

All were competitive and on the road, except for the massive meltdown debacle in Death Valley against UT in 05. His other losses are at Auburn 7-3 last year, and at FL, the champs, he lost to UK in 3OT this year, and before that he lost the UT game already stated in 05 and at Auburn... the undefeated War Eagles of 04. You can't mess with that resume. He's also lost once to UG and beaten them once in the SEC title game and destroyed Miami in the Peach Bowl and he destroyed ND last year in the Sugar Bowl. In my small world it has to be Les. I need to see that modern O, swarming style D with great athletes, and that fire on the sideline. Plus he has SEC recruiting abilities with his connections already forged down there.

How can anyone who's not an old lady like Carr and Martin not want it to be Miles? I don't understand. An honest program is most important, but beating OSU is right behind. If we can't ressurect Genghis Khan, then it has to be Miles.

I feel I most dislike shady Tressel because he hides his true self and his true demeanor behind his vest and religious facade. Les wears his personality on his sleeve and will not be afraid to just beat, but to rout ole sweatervest. And he'll let you know of his approval if not through words, than smiles and hugs with Mallet and McGuffie etc.

It has to be Les... it has to be... it has to be. Bring justice to A2. Come on Bill, unleash Les on the Big 10 and on doomed opponents everywhere.

Breaston154LIFE said...

What's up with the pessimism towards Bowl Games..you guys basically have Michigan not even getting an invite to a Bowl. We all just need to suck it up that we lost to Ohio State...AGAIN, get over it, it's done, we move on to next year and probably with a new coach.

I am looking forward to whatever bowl game they play in. And it probably wont be the Insight bowl SiC. Good god, we are 6-2 in Big Ten play and the fans think other teams with worse records in Big Ten Play (like Penn State) will receive higher bowl nods.

There are such things as being realistic but you guys are way too tough on the program you supposedly love.

I'm not saying we will be playing in the Rose Bowl or anything like that, but I'm thinking Outback. Call me crazy, I do not care.

surrounded in columbus said...

mitch albom said something very similar on the sportsreporters show (yes, i'm a sunday a.m. espn junkie).

he said that Lloyd liked running a good, clean program, spending time w/ the kids/molding them as men, playing competitive football. basically, he had grown tired of the over focus on the MNC, etc., and wanted to go do something else w/ the rest of his life.

as for this debate on Henne/mallet, i don't think there was anything sentimental about it. lloyd certainly didn't show that kind of emotion 4 yrs ago when he kicked Matt Guitterez (who'd been here 3 years) to the curb in favor of Henne.

isn't the more likely answer that he determined that Henne @ 50% is a better option than Mallet? given Mallet's reckless targeting, if he stays in, he likely throws as many picks as TDs. Henne is less likely to make a truly "bad" pass & give up the pick 6 in a tight game.

frankly, if the receivers had caught half of the drops, we might not have won, but we wouldn't be debating the QB.

Katie said...

I am not saying I want Carr to stay, I saw the same shirts that SIC bought (Fire Lloyd) and if I had $15 left in my pocket I would have bought one (to give to my brother, who has refused to hang the 8 Michigan flags that he normally hangs every game day for the past 30 years, until Lloyd is gone) I am saying I respect him. I am far from naive, however I do see things differently than most and although I lose my center on occasion and run my mouth, the real truth to this life is about living in the present. I believe that is what Carr did yesterday. Was it the right thing to do in what today is perceived as college football? Not on your life. I understand what you are saying.....stop and think about it.....what those football players were saying to you is......all they wanted was to play ball and they felt used by what this nation has turned CFB into....a business..........all I am saying is.......take that all away, and they ARE just young men playing football.......and sure they are hoping to go pro and make some cash. I don't know what the stats are on college players turning pro, I am willing to bet that percentage is small. I am getting way to philosophical here, if it helps any.....I have had a nightmare week (aside from football) and I think I should probably just go chill. :o) Peace.

surrounded in columbus said...

breaston, et al,

non bcs bowls are all about money & prestige (the bcs bowls all have plenty of both).

the citrus ALWAYS takes the two highest ranked teams available. they pride themselves on being the 5th major bowl and want the "best" match up. Illinois has a better record & will be the highest ranked big ten team available. they're almost certain to be picked by the citrus.

next is the outback. they also value their image but are very concerned about the $$$- especially on the local tourism. in 2005, we had beat iowa & we clearly were ranked ahead of them in conference standings (PSU & tosu had tied for first & Wisconsin had finished 2nd). however, the outback's sec team was Florida (which means no hotel rooms sold).

the outback skipped us and picked Iowa solely on the premise that Iowa would be happy w/ that bowl (and bring a lot of fans/paying customers) and Michigan wouldn't.

do we really think that's gonna be different this year? we have four losses. we went from #5 to unranked, from playing for a MNC to playing for a Rose Bowl to playing out the schedule until the new coach arrives.

i doubt that anyone in any of the bowl cities is expecting many michigan fans to attend- and before you post back that i'm wrong, let me know when you plan to book YOUR trip to Tampa for new years, ok? i've talked to all my friends- none plan to attend the bowl. the season has been too much of a dud already to burn more money on the trip.

that said, we do have a shot @ the outback. it'll be a choice between us and wisconsim, and whatever the losses of recent years, the name "michigan" still carries some reputation. which means a lot will depend on the SEC opponent. if it's a Tennessee or UGa (both of whom travel well and are a long ways from Tampa), we could be in. if it's FLA again? they'll jump on Wisco. simple matter of dollars & cents, not pessimism.

C.W. Spring said...

I don't know about "the classiest fans in America.' I came up from Columbus and we were treated very well by the older Maize and Blue fans, but later that evening we went into town and the college-aged people were relentless jackasses.

Lysa said...


I live in Columbus, and TOSU fans are rude to Michigan fans 365 days a year. Seriously I don't even go to TOSU ( I attend a small private liberal arts college in a suburb) and people still say if your a Michigan fan why don't you live in Michigan,( the irony, that same TOSU fan will have on a Steelers hat) and some other rude and down right nasty stuff I would never repeat. I have lived in Columbus, all my life and never met a nice TOSU fan ever. That is why TOSU fans are called the classiest in America.

Mikoyan said...

Subtlety is not a strong point in Columbus is it....

Tressel's bitches = Michigan
The team with the classiest fans in America = The Buckeyes

As for the business thing, that ship sailed a long time ago. I'm not sure if that's right but it is what it is.

Johnny Miller said...

good signs at the game guys! :


Johnny Miller said...

nice signs at the game guys!


srudoff said...


are those signs nice or good?

IamCris said...

Fred Jackson or Ron English, my guess as to the replacement. Ron English would be the best hire IMO> but Jackson fits the mold of "Michigan man better". Heard it here first.

Michigan will got to the Citrus Bowl, forget your travel worries, don't freak out about Illinois, Michigan will get better TV ratings, sell more local tickets and sell more advertising. It's business right?

My .02

IamCris said...

Aside from that, the Citrus will be convinced that Henne and Hart will be healthy by then. I vote Citrus.

Oh Yeah said...

Such crude signs from such "classy" people! Must sting a bit that the so called "Little Brother" whipped the snot out of Michigan for the 4th straight time. Wonder if Hart is rocking in a corner today saying "Gotta beat OSU!" over and over. Beanie Smells. HA! Sure does. LIKE ROSES!

Seriously, though. As for the game I thought it was a crappy day, crappy weather, and both sides had issues that we hate to see. Thats what sucks about always playing this game last, but also what makes it so good!

And no, you can't spell COCKSUCKER without OSU. But you can't spell "Classy" without an ASS in it.

whetstonebuck said...

Anyone done a health and welfare check on Yost and Benny?

I'm getting worried.

Katie said...

It sounded like Yost was going to be at the game, he is probably traveling home today.

Has the afterglow worn off Whets?

whetstonebuck said...


I'll try to maintain the glow til the start of the Rose Bowl. After the game I'll glow some more or go into the fetal position until next season. It all depends.

kokopelibuckeye said...

lysa, that's a pretty narrow view of Columbus, and I used to work at a small liberal arts college in the area. There are a ton of great and respectful OSU fans around if you'd bother to look. Please don't generalize/paint us all with the same brush - it's as insulting as the minority of OSU fans who give the rest of us a bad name.

(and to whoever asked about the fires, it was a calm, fire-free night in Columbus after the win).

That said, I have a lot of respect for Lloyd Carr and most of the UM players (Mike Hart excepted). I'm one of those people who roots for the conference, so best of luck to Michigan in your bowl game.

srudoff said...

November 18, 2007



Lloyd Carr made it official Sunday — he’s retiring

The University of Michigan head football coach broke the news to his Wolverines on Sunday in Ann Arbor at a team meeting in Schembechler Hall.


Key players on the team described Carr’s announcement itself as matter-of-fact and not emotional.

When Carr first entered the team meeting, players said the room was silent. But then Carr stepped out for a minute and returned to thunderous applause.

Carr, who has been Michigan’s head coach for 13 seasons, will coach the Wolverines in their bowl game appearance. To which bowl the Wolverines will go is not likely to be certain for about two weeks.

Carr leaves without an obvious successor, although LSU’s Les Miles may become a leading candidate.

The news comes a day after Michigan lost to Ohio State for the fourth straight year, ending a trying regular season for Carr and the Wolverines that started with an embarrassing loss to Appalachian State.

It was a move many expected last winter when he altered his contract, paving the way for this to be his last season on the sideline, and later made sure the school gave all of his assistants unprecedented, two-year deals.

Linebacker Chris Graham told the AP earlier that Carr let the team know of his plans during a meeting Sunday.

Carr is 121-40 over 13 seasons with a .752 winning percentage, ranking him seventh among active coaches just behind Florida State’s Bobby Bowden and ahead of South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier before he retired.

But in a what-have-you-done-lately environment, Carr will be remembered by some for the way his team closed seasons toward the end of his career and how it opened 2007.

The four consecutive losses to Ohio State, matched Michigan’s longest losing streak in the storied series, and Carr became the first coach in school history to lose six times in seven years in the rivalry.

The Jim Tressel-led Buckeyes beat the Wolverines 14-3, Saturday, dropping Carr to 6-7 overall in the matchup that matters most.

Carr led the Wolverines to the 1997 national championship and five Big Ten titles. He won .779 percent of his conference games, trailing the success rate of just two coaches that were in the Big Ten for at least a decade: Michigan’s Bo Schembechler and Fielding Yost. Against top-10 teams, Carr was 17-9.

Michigan has lost its last four bowl games, including three Rose Bowls, the longest postseason skid since Schembechler dropped seven straight in the 1970s.
The Wolverines were ranked No. 5 before this season started with voters who thought returning stars on offense would make up for inexperienced players on defense and special teams.

Then, they began the season by losing to second-tier Appalachian State, becoming the first ranked team to lose to a team from the Football Championship Subdivision, formerly Division I-AA. That led to an unprecedented fall out of the poll.

Michigan followed up that embarrassment by losing to Oregon 39-7 at home, its worst loss since 1968.

The Wolverines did rally, however, with eight straight wins and had a chance to win the Big Ten title outright and earn a spot in the Rose Bowl in the regular-season finale against Ohio State. With the loss to the Buckeyes, Michigan is likely to end up in the Outback Bowl or the Alamo Bowl.

Carr’s career was a lot like the 2007 season: Relatively rough at the start; great in the middle; lackluster toward the end.

The longtime assistant was elevated to interim coach on May 16, 1995, after Gary Moeller resigned following a drunken confrontation with police. Michigan dropped the interim tag toward the end of his first season.

The Wolverines lost four games in each of Carr’s first two seasons, then went 12-0 and won the national championship a decade ago.

Michigan won Big Ten titles in 1997, 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2004 under Carr.
The Wolverines were 7-5 two years ago, their worst season in two decades, and bounced back in 2006 with 11 wins and a third trip to the Rose Bowl in four years.

Carr was born July 30, 1945, in Hawkins County, Tenn. He graduated from Northern Michigan and began his coaching career at Nativity High School in Detroit.

After a few more stops, Schembechler hired him in 1980 as defensive backs coach and promoted him to defensive coordinator in 1987. He held that job through the 1994 season.

People have been talking about his possible successor for months, if not years.
LSU coach Les Miles seems to be at the top of the list because he played for Schembechler at Michigan, where he met his wife and later became an assistant there under Schembechler.

Even though Miles appears to be in a great situation leading the top-ranked Tigers in a talent-rich area of the country, the school was concerned enough about him bolting for Michigan that it put a specific clause in his contract to make it an expensive move.

In the “termination by coach” section of his deal, Michigan is the only other school mentioned. It states that Miles will not seek or accept employment as Michigan’s coach. If Miles does leave LSU to coach the Wolverines, he must pay LSU $1.25 million.

Other candidates might include Carolina Panthers Mike Trgovac, who played for the Wolverines and joined their coaching staff in 1984 as a graduate assistant, and Kirk Ferentz of Iowa, where University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman was before coming to Ann Arbor.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

Katie said...

Whets, No need to dispair, you all had a great season considering what that it was suppose to be a year of rebuilding, hold your head high and enjoy it, win or lose the bowl game!

I fully expect this next year or two will be one of rebuilding for Michigan, hopefully I can be a true fan and be supportive of that process without whining too much ;o)

Go Blue (and congrats to the Bucks)

whetstonebuck said...


If I'd been thinking I would have hit that softball question out of the park. Oh, well.

Better that I didn't. It would have been at your expense.

Katie said...

Whets, you are one classy dude! I appreciate that.

I went and found the AP article and it says that Lloyd called the AP and told them and said questions will be answered at the press conference tomorrow. I didn't read that in what you had posted Sru, the article I read was actually posted on the Seattle news site. It appears that it is official now.

Lysa said...

If you read the comment that I was replying to, one of the TOSU fans grouped all college age Michigan fans as jackasses. I for one am not a jackass.
I still have never met a nice TOSU fan to date. That is my personal opinion. If you want tell me to look for one. Ok fine, trust me I'd rather eat skunk. You would understand, where I am coming from if you went to a restaurant and had most of the employees refuse to ring up my Philly steak, (except for one and that was because she was a Michigan fan) because I had on my Michigan gear. I have had beer poured on me at long street (now club ice) because I yelled Lloyd Carr during hang on sloopy. Honestly I'm going to have very low opinions on all TOSU fans, period. TOSU fans that I have come across are mean and nasty, I'm not being small minded, and I’m being honest. If you walked in my shoes you would understand.

Oh Yeah said...

So you go into a CAMPUS BAR and disgrace tOSU's song by yelling Lloyd Carr, and you are shocked someone poured beer on you??

Yost said...

oh yeah,

So when Buck fans started doing the "O-H-I-O" chant in the Big House yesterday, we should have all poured beers on them?

This attitude is so tiring.

Lysa said...

oh yeah,
Actually the bar is in downtown columbus, a good 15 miles from any bars on campus. So yes , pouring beer on me was uncalled for.

I agree, this is tiring

MGoBlue93 said...

How about another name for the coaching search... going way out on a limb here... but what the heck has Mooch been doing lately?

Oh Yeah said...

Lysa...by no means do I condone it. But when in the territory of the opposing team, and to blatantly trying to piss them off, then you should expect some sort of retaliation. Especially when your team is on the losing end of the rivalry. As for chanting O-H-I-O in the stadium, I believe it was snuffed out by your student section ASAP. If someone was sitting in the student section yelling O-H-I-O, I have NO DOUBT that something would have happened to them that wasn't so "classy". You may be tiring of the "get over it" attitude. But believe me, the "poor me" tactics and the elitist attitude of the Wolverines is tiring as well. can't a rivalry just be a rivalry???

Lysa said...

oh yeah,

This is an indicent that happend in 2003 ( and we were not loosing the rivarly then) I'm not telling people to feel sorry for me. I'm a proud Michigan fan, and I do not hide it. I should be able to be an fan in the city I live in,(columbus) without being treated like crap. It is about personal opinion. And if you READ what I was commenting to, in the first place about college age Michigan fans being rude, you would understand my saying I live here(columbus) and yes TOSU fans are rude daily to Michigan fans, Flordia Fans, Hokie fans.ect... I'm all about keeping the rivarly fun, but TOSU fans take it too far sometimes. And that makes the Rivaly not fun anymore. But hey they are the classiest fans in america

Lysa said...

Oh yeah,

Another thing, are you telling me , I shouldn't be a Michigan fan, because I live in Columbus. Or telling me that my freedom of speech should not be utilited because I am a Michigan fan.

Oh Yeah said...


Good Lord. No one is telling you you shouldn't be a Michigan fan. But you are a fan of our rival. You are in OSU's home city, in a bar, where people are drinking, and try to start crap by yelling LLOYD CARR during our theme song. You were simply trying to be an ass about it. So don't be surprised when people were rude to you. My husband is a Nebraska fan. Born and raised there, went to U of N. Try being a Colorado fan and starting crap in a Lincoln bar. Nebraska is known for its fans and he said someone would have gotten beer if not worse done to them there. I am all for freedom of speech, but I am also all for common sense. And I am done arguing this point with you because you obviously do not get it.

Lysa said...

Oh yeah,

I have common sense; you didn't know the whole story. You seem to be getting your jollies from insulting someone online. How very mature of you. You are still making assumptions about what was going on. You refuse to read what I was saying. You are not getting what I am saying.. And for that sir you are dismissed. Thank you and good night.


( yes I know that is Yost’s job)

Oh Yeah said...

Speaking of not reading what I wrote, did you not see that I was talking about MY HUSBAND going to U of N. I am not a "sir". But thanks for dismissing me. *giggle* As for the whole story, we only know what you said. You said you were in a bar, in Columbus, trying to piss off Buckeye fans and got beer poured on you. You have said you have never met a nice OSU fan. Yet 90% of Ohioans are OSU fans. You must have a very small amount of people in your area or just very closed minded. As for insulting you, I guess I appologize. I thought for someone who has apparently been abused by the big mean OSU fans all her life would have tougher skin. I will handle you with kid gloves from now on.

In all seriousness though, I don't want to "fight" with you about this. I felt the need to defend fellow OSU fans from being lumped into the "ALL OSU FANS" catagory. Please realize that the OSU fans are a lot different than they were a few years ago. Not all, sure. Some are serious assholes that I wouldn't want to hang out with either. But can't you for a moment believe there ARE good OSU fans out there?