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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Michigan-Michigan State Open Thread

Yes, it's time once again for the biggest intrastate showdown outside of MSU-Grand Valley State basketball when U-M squares off against the Spartans today in football.

At 7-2 overall, still undefeated in Big Ten play and moving up in the rankings each week, Michigan fans can almost taste the thought of ruining OSU's national title dreams in two weeks while at the same time clinching the Big 10 title and a trip to Pasadena. On the banks of the Red Cedar, after starting 4-0 and being ranked, MSU is in the familiar position of being MSU with nothing much on the line except ruining Michigan's season. Or as they call that in East Lansing: "The reason we play football."

Which means it doesn't take Reverse Blog Psychology (RBP) to know this is just the sort of game Michigan will probably lose precisely because they shouldn't lose. Which means they will. Since there's no way they should. Thus...

Reverse Blog Psychology Prediction:

Maize & Blue Team With Everything to Lose - 21, Green Team with Nothing to Lose - 30

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.

Oh, and while waiting for the game to start, be sure to check out Detroit News writer Bob Wojnowski's column on the game. It's just like a Drew Sharp column. Only funny. And good. And well written.


I think I'm going to have to watch the end on TiVo to make sure Michigan won.


defensewinsgames said...

Wow, that GVSU - MSU game must be the upset if the century in basketball.

defensewinsgames said...

if = of, sorry.

Maize said...

Sparty will dine in hell on Wolverine testicles with a side of fava beans chased down by a nice cianti. Minime State Uni will sack Henne and Margarine Fingers Mallett from the left side thus ending Jake Long's chance at winning the Heisman.

MSU will take Paul Bunyan's axe handle and stuff it so far up UM's self righteous ahole that splinters will be found in the Wolverine's eyeballs.

MSU 26 UM 17

whetstonebuck said...

I think we found Stephen King's ghost writer.

Katie said...


Maize, you are starting to scare me!!

Thank you Yost and Maize for the RBP today, somehow it gives me peace. (are you proud of me again Yost for remembering to wait until today?)

$$Mike$$ said...

Great Wojo piece. However, did he pick the Buckeyes in the article and pick Wisco on the weekly college picks? Could that be his own form of RBP?

Yost said...

LOL indeed, Whet. Maize, now THAT is some serious RBP.
And Good job, Katie.
$Mike$ - the picks are made against the spread so that could explain it.

TitleIX said...

dudes, we are hosed.
Dantonio is the spawn of Sweatervest.
He now 'owns' us too.

it will be all we can do to

oh yeah---and I freakin' love the BTN too. fuckers

Yes, I'll have another said...

Anyone else see Desmond take his squirt gun full of lighter fluid and shoot the burning embers of this rivalry on College GameDay?

Let me paraphrase:

Fowler: "So, when you were at Michigan, what did you think of the rivalry?"

Desmond: "Um, I'm sorry, Michigan State who? Yea, I don't..., I haven't really heard of them. To me they were never really a rival. I always considered Notre Dame and Ohio State our rivals. And when we beat -- what school did you say, Chris, Michigan State? -- I always just considered it something we were supposed to do on our way to winning the Big Ten and playing in the Rose Bowl. To them it's their entire season, to us it was kind of, ehh, beat them again. What's next?"


(Desmond, I love you, but that is VERY BAD RBP.)

Katie said...

Triple H (according to ESPN) Henne + Hart + Health,

I will add the = Heaven to make it a quad H

ahhhhhhh.....so good to see them both on the field again!

srudoff said...

Dear Lloyd,

Keep playing Hart each week no matter how much his ankle hurts.



surrounded in columbus said...

Threadjack- so who's a worse coach? Weiss in his 3rd season? Or Lloyd in his 13th?

Katie said...

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR - Did the team leave at half time??????

surrounded in columbus said...

Good for the middies (at least). Maybe Weiss is worse?

Katie said...

Weiss is worse.

Jim said...

Just jumped on the Gamecast. What happened to all our timeouts?

goat7ed said...

weiss left his chance on the field in regulation...should have gone for the field goal. Mids' offense deserved this.

Jim said...

Nice. I love Manningham.

Jim said...

Weiss called plays like a desperate man today. Navy hasn't beaten ND since 1963.

Jim said...

Watching the gamecast can be brutal. Are we in a prevent?

Katie said...

Thank God. I was envisioning what it was going to feel like to lose to Sparty and it was making me sick.

Jim said...

Aaaaaand, unclench. Ahhhh. Much better.

srudoff said...


november 17th isn't going to be as hard as i worried it would be

Bo said...

Holy cliffhanger, Batman! I'd call someone right now, but I have no voice. This is the perfect cap on a "my-wife-hosted-a-baby-shower-in-my-house-right-in-front-of-my-big-screen-tv" day. To be fair, I apologized in advance for the foul language and extreme gesticulations :-).

ohio_guy said...

Michigan State should just end their football program. Every year they have the same late seaon losing streak, and they always manage to squander away late leads.

As soon as I saw that they had a 10 point lead with 7 minutes left, I knew they would lose.

....It seriously looked like they were playing prevent defense on both UM TD drives in the 4th quarter.

Sparty, you suck. Why don't you do us all a favor and let Michigan win 67-0 everytime you play, that way you don't have to worry about the huge let down that's inevitable if you get a late lead on them.

Jim said...


Gesticulating is really more appropriate at a bachlorette party.

Bo said...

srudoff, I know it wasn't pretty but I seem to remember another team whose currently 6-0 in the Big Ten coughing up a few balls in the 2nd half and squeaking by State by 7. You can argue all day that it was State's defense that produced those points, but at the end of the day, 24-17 is 24-17. Oh, and I believe that game was played in Columbus...

TitleIX said...

holy shit chad looked bad. Mike is the man and my chest pain has subsided. for now

Bo said...

Shame on you, Jim... I was busy doing titty shots at my bachelor party...

srudoff said...

i'll take 2 defensive touchdowns to make a 24-0 deficit a 24-14 lead all day vs what happened at sparty today

if this michigan team shows up in two weeks, we'll win by 10

Jessica said...

Chad looked awful - until it counted. Those last two drives were absolutely beautiful.

Oh, and the Shitty Network of the Day Award goes to ESPN for turning off the game with 2 and a half minutes left. I live in Arizona, and you know how in most places it was supposed to switch games? Well, it's not on ESPN here - but rather than keeping the Michigan game on a little longer, the screen went black and I got the "This program is not available in your area" message. Thank god for XM radio; I screamed out the door to my car.

I never realized how scary listening to a game on the radio can be...

IamCris said...

Yes thank god for (((XM))), in the Braylon Edwards festival a couple years back while living in Seattle I got the Gameplan feed cut (2 minutes left in the 4th) and they put up the Wazzu game vs USC, (SC was faceraping to the tune of 21-0). Called my Dad (Toledo) and he gave me play by play via my cellphone. My pops is cool people. =0)

Bo said...

I must be a lucky mother... I had the game on 2 channels (ESPND and ABC)

Matt said...

Fuck yeah!! GO BLUE!!!

Matt said...

I know how Michigan and OSU compare in their performances against MSU. Rivalries change things. MSU has been preparing for this game all year, with their clock and everything. Michigan similarly knows that the OSU game is huge and will do everything to prevent losing 4 in a row. I'll be at that game. I don't expect to have lungs afterward.

And Oregon cheerleaders are suprisingly hot...like pornstar hot.

Jim said...

"Sometimes, you get your little brother excited when you're playing basketball -- let them get the lead," (Hart) said. "And then you come back."

Isn't this just how we see MSU? They used to seem like a rival when I was a kid, but now...

Of course, that didn't stop me from really sweating it out, but that had more to do with us than them.

Yes, I'll have another said...

I hate to say this but....honestly...Michigan was four inches (two inches each on two passes) away from 42-24. Anyone want to disagree with that? If Chad wasn't running on amphetamines this was a blow out. Sorry, that's just the way it is.

surrounded in columbus said...

yeah, the blow hard tosu troll can be annoying. try ignoring him. maybe he'll go away.

seriously, NONE of the tosu blogs allow michigan fans to get on their sites and instigate like this. take a look at one of their typical blog policies: http://forums.the-ozone.net/policy.html

first, you have to register w/ their site & be approved- scroll thru their forum and see how many none tosu fans get approved. then, their policy explicitly bans you from saying negatives about tosu. they make it clear they will boot you.

srudoff behaves like a classless ass of a troll in a way tosu sites wouldn't tolerate, and he's too stupid to appreciate the hospitality he's afforded- hospitality none of us would get from a tosu site.

Yost lets him post because, frankly, he's bigger than that.

it's just one of the differences that prove, regardless of what happens on the field, we're better than they are. they laugh at us when we say things like that & point to their w-l record, but it's true. if we, or at least Yost, weren't better? they wouldn't be here.

i always try to remember that when i see one of his/their self serving insults- that he's allowed here is living proof of michigan fans' character, and tosu fans' lack.

and yeah, as bad as Carr can be? he's better than Weiss.

srudoff said...

see the difference between bo and sic is that bo was cool about disagreeing with me while sic continues to just be a dick about anything i post. i didn't even take bo's comments as anything but making a good point about each win.

the funny thing is that with some of the links i posted with the psu story, i've actually contributed more to this blog than sic has (unless you want to count that lame ND "story").

sic will reply back that i'm proving his point but if someone's being a dickhead between crying about osu fans and perpetuating the 'michigan fans act holier than thou' image, i'm going to point it out.

surrounded in columbus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
surrounded in columbus said...

FYI- to anyone who actually cares about Michigan football for the sake of Michigan football-

the Freep already has Sharp's and Albom's column's up. they're both very praising of Henne's performance (though Sharp's is very left-handed, per his usual style).

the interesting thing is that two years ago, the story was mainly focused on msu' 4th quarter collapse. this time around the story line is squarely focused on Henne's (& michigan's) efforts in getting the win. maybe it's the two early losses, but it did seem more like a win by us than a loss by them.

also funny to think that the Chadster has led two of the biggest comebacks against msu in history.

surrounded in columbus said...

a michigan fan can't get on a tosu blog and post the things you say. tosu blogs will ban you.

a michigan fan can't go on a tosu blog and have a pic that says "Suckeyes" (or similar) like your "Morons" license plate. tosu sites will ban you.

noticed you didn't bother to deny any of that. see that you went on whining about who is "holier than thou" and other crap instead.

are you skipping/side stepping the tolerance of this blog because i'm right and you have nothing to say?

trying to avoid admitting that your behavior wouldn't be tolerated by a tosu site because it would be ruled unacceptable on a tosu site but tolerated here?

and now i'll bet YOU come up w/ something like "we own you! 5-1!".

yeah. you are a BIG contributor.

Jessica said...

Oh, did anyone else notice the "Fuck Michigan" shirt in the crowd today (the camera guy DIDN'T notice it, which was mildly amusing)? This one was homemade, scrawled in marker! A work to be proud of, truly.

Seriously, are "Fuck Michigan" and the equally popular but only slightly less vulgar (you're not fooling anyone, you know) "Muck Fichigan" the only insults anti-Michigan people can come up with? Please, think of something new. It's getting boring. I crave variety!

As for the tOSU "trolls"...it could be far far worse. Be happy that we usually can have fairly cordial conversations with them and that they're not screaming "FUCK MICHIGAN!!!!111one1" in every thread. For example, Whetstone has me laughing on a pretty regular basis, and it'd be a little more dull around here without him.

whetstonebuck said...


Another week; another step closer to the ultimate rivalry (beside Fender vs. Les Paul).

Love the angst. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

MGoBlue93 said...


Haven't you noticed that this forum does a pretty good job of policing itself. Also, remember you're in the visitors room and frankly who anointed you the keeper of pointing out how Michigan fans supposedly act?

Is this how the lead-up to 17 November is going to be?


It's the internet... it's supposed to be entertainment. Not, "my posts are better than your posts"!

Funny how folks get all righteous from behind the anonymity of a keyboard?!

surrounded in columbus said...

I think it's so popular because it's easy to spell. Folks who wear shirts like that typically don't like taking the time to look things up. And that tosu trolls could be worse? I'll try to keep that in perspective.
You are a pain, but at least you are an entertaining pain. Funny counts.

But what do I know? Apparently, I'm not much of a contributor.

MGoBlue93 said...

Jessica, I saw it... shaking my head. I just don't understand. Maybe I'm getting old; but when I was an undergrad, I wore t-shirts supporting my school.

The most creative use of a Sharpie this weekend goes out to the VT team wearing GT practice unis.

whetstonebuck said...

Why SiC, that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me. Kindness counts.

However, I'm a bit confused by the "pain" accusation. Love hurts.

I think you found out we were separated at birth and you just can't get over it. Mom loved you best and sent me to a home, but I'm okay with that. I hardly even notice the facial tic anymore.

Love ya, Bro.

Jessica, you made my day. Thanks.

Congrats on the comeback victory y'all. Our teams have something in common this week.

surrounded in columbus said...

Well said.

It's supposed to be entertaining.

Besides, I always assume half the readers skip over my (and most everyone elses's) posts and go straight to Whetstone's anyway.

He's got "the girls" laughing at all his jokes.

Jessica said...

SiC - Easy to spell? Lol, I like that theory!

And think, the trolls could be LOTS worse! At least our trolls can string a coherent sentence together. We could have 12 year old Lil' Brutus in here going "omg michgian sux sooo bad lol u cnat beat us wre gonna win agian lolololol llllloyd sux fcuk michgian looooool"

It pains me to write like that. You get the point. Anyway. Enough touchy-feely crap outta me. It's making me feel a little dirty inside.

Mgoblue93 - He DID scrawl it in green sharpie, if I recall correctly...that counts as supporting his team, right???

whetstonebuck said...


That's where you're wrong. I always search out your bittersweet musings first.

"He's got "the girls" laughing at all his jokes."

Okay, I know how this story concludes. I'm going to get beat up in the hallway between classes...again.

surrounded in columbus said...

I have 3 teenagers. Sadly, I'm fluent in text. After awhile I struggle to NOT use it in business emails.

Did you ever see Cheech & Chong's movie "the Corsican Brothers"? I'm sure its something like that.

Jessica said...

SiC - you have my sympathy. I hope they grow out of it soon. :(

whetstonebuck said...


Don't know that movie, but I'll take your word for it.

Your comment about being fluent in text did remind me of the movie "Airplane." Substitute "text" for "jive."

Mikoyan said...


Instead of Muck Fichigan, since the saying here seems to be Space, Bitches, Space. Ohio could say, White House, Bitches, White House. Although I don't know how many of the Ohio Presidents went to OSU.

I wish I would have realized the game was on ESPN out here and I would have stayed in my hotel room to watch it. Instead I went to the Reagan Library.

good day though...Navy and Michigan won.

MGoBlue93 said...

Jessica... LOL!

Perhaps he used the same green Sharpie for the written part of the SAT and/or his entrance essay?

That would explain his allegiance to Moo U. then!

Jessica said...

He probably used it to spell out "MUCK FICHIGAN" in bubbles on the multiple choice section. Insta-admission!

srudoff said...


you sure you're talking about osu blogs and not forums?

you can post at http://buckeyecommentary.com/ without registering and post whatever you want. same with http://menofthescarletandgray.com/. same with http://www.buckeyelane.com/
and http://www.elevenwarriors.com/

prove your point and get "banned" from any of those sites and i'll happily admit you're right....

TitleIX said...

a new rivalry here at the MZone?

sru v. SiC?

WingRG said...

new rivalry? Where you been the last year?

TitleIX said...

uh, I was here...where were you???

for transparency's sake and for the slower ones who missed my subtle (obtuse?) comment:

sru v. SiC
take off on the Ginger v. Marianne
post on another thread.


whetstonebuck said...


The rivalry morphed from Ginger/Mary Ann to Fender/Les Paul.

By the way: Mary Ann. Sigh...

WingRG said...

sorry, i'm slow today. still hung over. i promise i won't make stupid comments no more (goes into fetal position and starts crying)

TitleIX said...

it's cool wingrg--what with the time change and the satellite delay and all ;-)

oh, and I vote Professor. Definitely the Professor.

Jimmy said...

I'm back... and of course, with something to say...

UofM... that was a great game, hopefully you keep it up against Wisconsin and OSU.

Completely reminded me of the 2004 game which I watched at the big house... and the thoughts I had of Manningham when he first took the field... I believe the #4 receiver and specializing in kick returns... I saw him play once, and knew he was gonna piss me the fuck off in the future...