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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Maybe they'll put this below their countdown clock

I may put up more for tomorrow, I may not. I can still barely breathe. But one thing I had to post was Mike Hart's quote regarding his reaction when MSU took a 10 point lead with 7:40 left in the game. Now, I'll be honest and say this Michigan fan was sure the game was lost. But not Hart...

"I was just laughing. I thought it was funny. They got excited. Sometimes you get your little brother excited when you're playing basketball, and you let him get the lead, and then you come back and take it back."


Harsh, right? But I don't I have much sympathy. Why? Because these are the same fans that flooded Appy State with t-shirt requests. Hey, yeah, enjoy those around the holidays...when you're home. Again. After losing to the team that lost to Appy State. Again.

Sorry. I caught a lot of shit from fellow Michiganders of the green persuasion after we lost that first game. My phone was ringing off the hook September 1st and my inbox was jammed with their fucking jokes. Tonight, nothing. Complete radio silence. I guess they all lost my number.

Ha! Suck it, Sparty.

P.S. I hope none of our other rivals stocked up on those t-shirts.


JukeBox said...

I was watching the game at North Campus Pierpont Commons Lounge. Someone commented when the Camera is showing a baby dressed up in MSU gear crying, "Michigan, making Michigan State babies cry"

well I'd like to further point out that Michigan has been making Michigan State babies cry for the past 100 years.

100th matchup against our little crying baby brother up in East Lansing.

Paulie Buckeyes said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Runngunn29 said...

Geez, Hart. That was a bit unnecessary.

Dezzi said...

The only comment I have about the purchasing of App. State t-shirts from our rivals and teams that play us... you can LOOK like App. State, but you can't PLAY like App. State.

Thanks to MSU for letting yet another great Michigan wideout embarrass your secondary in the end zone. I was pissed that Mario gave up one yard short to step out of bounds... but as in the words of Harry Dunn... "Just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!"

Well... looks like the OSU game will determine the Big Ten championship again. I'm liking this trend!

Joshua said...

I'd just like to congratulate Notre Dame on almost beating Navy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I keep expecting laughing at them to get old, but it never does. Charlie Weis is the gift that keeps on giving.

Joshua said...

And even with a great victory drew Sharp manages to be negative again. Seriously, how does this man still have his job?

Katie said...

I don't know why I bother to read Drew Sharp, he really pisses me off. He is unnecissarily rude. I thought about leaving a comment then decided it would simply make his day for a UofM supporter to be pissy about his story. The truth is, this team has great heart and has shown it time and time again since the first 2 games of the season. When they had plenty of reason to curl up and wait for next year, they have not done that. Some of the games have been a little ugly, but what really counts is the "W" right? I felt really badly for Mallett, on the sidelines all relaxed one second and the next second he is pulled into the game (for ONE play) and fumbles it. I think the image of Mike Hart picking up that fumble and getting the first down is a perfect example of what the seniors on this team have done the last 8 games, this is a truly inspiring team of men who just won't quit and that is what it takes to win. Go Blue!

Mikoyan said...

It's funny, you still folks on the Free Press boards mentioning Appalachian State. Oh well, if that's all they got, let 'em have it.

And again, I'm happy to see that Navy beat Notre Dame. Although, is that game like USC where they do home and home or is ND too good to visit Annapolis, Colorado Springs or West Point? And when I say too good, I don't mean quality wise, I mean arrogant asshole wise.

tommertoffo said...

A few thoughts: Great Michigan victory and it was wonderful for Henne to lead us back to victory. If people are perplexed, however, as to why Henne has critics, review the tape of the game - he missed wide open receivers for would be TDs 3 times. If he misses one of those opportunities against OSU (if he gets one), we will lose.

Michael heart is the most enjoyable Michigan player to watch since Anthony Carter.

I wish Michigan fans would quit showing visceral hatred toward Notre Dame. It reveals an inferiority complex - a tendency our fans have when we play them. We're better than ND, let's behave as though we really believe it.

Mikoyan said...

IT's not really hatred towards ND in the case of Navy for me. I like Navy, a good portion of my family served in the Navy and I almost went in the Navy. I'm glad they broke the streak. If I remember correctly ND ran up the score against all the service academies it played last year. That is an incredible lack of class given that those members will be serving in a war at some point.

And as for piling it on ND, I say they deserve every bit of the scorn they are getting.

Matt said...

I guess they're just lucky that their game with Grand Valley St was an exhibition game.

Seriously. I don't have BTN so I was just watching TV for updates that fateful Sept. 1 day. I think I was watching the MSU-UAB game and one announcer had went to MSU and we was just gloating. Way to stick up for your Big 10 brethren, assholes. Props to those Penn State and OSU fans who were real Big 10 men (and women) and were not happy to see that calamity happen to a fellow Big 10 team.

Matt said...

Same here re: Navy-ND. I like that Navy got to break its really, really long losing streak to ND. I'm an American.

Also, if we beat Wisconsin, it might be that we end up in the Rose Bowl no matter what happens. Because if OSU beats us and ends up undefeated, then they go to the Natl Champ game. Then there's a spot in the Rose Bowl for the Big 10 runner up, especially if (and when) Hawaii loses.

I don't care. We must beat OSU, Rose Bowl or not. Long, Hart, and Henne came back to finish the job. Now do it.

DaBraylon17 said...


You are wrong. Every team would love to have someone with Hart's personality. He is the heart and soul of this team, and the most confident football player I have ever seen on any team. Michigan would be lost without him. I don't know if you are a Michigan fan, but IF you are not, don't even tell me that you would not want someone like him on your team. Again, I don't know if you are a Michigan fan. And, I'm not trying to argue with you, I am just letting you know that I support everything Hart says and does. He is the the man and everyone knows it. The Hart haters are just jealous he is not on their team.

Crock said...

dabraylon -
perfectly stated!

IamCris said...

I vow to enjoy the last 3 games Henne, Hart and Long will put on the Michigan uniform. Yesterday after Henne completed the pass to Mario in the endzone to go up 28-24 a realization gripped me that it was coming to a close. An amazing run over the last four years, from the Miami,Oh game through now. Enjoy the games.

Ram61 said...

Im a diehard MSU fan, but yeah i would love for Hart to be on our team. Not neccessarily for talent, im sure you saw we can run the ball fine and Ringer is more then capable. But after seeing him stick up for his school with the harbaugh thing, seeing him literally go 1 on 11 vs app state and nearly winning, and then hearin his quotes in NYT link from Brians article, this guy is what Ray Lewis was/is to the Ravens. Every team wants Mike Hart.

Yes, I'll have another said...

I'm in ur end zonez

crushin ur dreemz


surrounded in columbus said...

Tosu fans get snippy sometimes when we talk about the importance of the moosu rivalry, but your story is why this is so important.

W/ the exception Of fools like me (living in cowtown), the sparty game is the one that most impacts your life. There's one of their fans around every corner (usually working the drive thru), & as Bo said, they make more out of one win than other fans make out of a season.

XM carried the game w/ the msu feed. Yesterday was the 6th annivesary of the sparty bob clock debacle. The msu station must have talked about/referenced/celebrated it 30 times during the 1st half, like it was an mnc they had won.

The King said...

Did anyone else have the game cut out on their ESPN feed right after our go-ahead TD? I had to follow the last 2 minutes of the game by listening to my friend walk me through the play-by-play on speakerphone.

Joshua said...

It reveals an inferiority complex - a tendency our fans have when we play them. We're better than ND, let's behave as though we really believe it.

I respectfully disagree. My hatred of Notre Dame arises not from any sort of inferiority complex and to suggest so is amateur psychology at best. As a logical being I'm fully aware that my reaction to ND (and the Buckeyes) is highly irrational. But it is what it is. I don't like Weis. I don't like Clausen the Emu. I don't like that little elven Dennis Kucinich clone who used to coach them. I don't like Touchdown Jesus. About the only thing I ever liked that was associated with ND was Pope John Paul, and now that he's passed on there's NOTHING I like about Notre Dame.

I would gladly put my UofM education, our tradition, our coaching staff, etc. up against theirs any day of the week. If we didn't play OSU the last game of the season I would erupt with gleeful laughter each time they lost as well, but as it is I'd rather face them when they're undefeated. So thank you for your input, but unlike MSU's dislike of us, my dislike does not come from an inferiority complex. It comes from them being our rival, me rooting for UofM since I've been old enough to know what rooting was, and the inordinate amount of emotional energy which I, as a genius of frivolity, expend upon a group of young men in tight pants running up and down a painted field.

And they're 1-8. I can't help but laugh out loud.

TitleIX said...

Uh, hate to spoil the Kool-Aid party but Michigan is LOST without Mike Hart in there and I don't know what the hell Chad was smoking but he was inaccurate and ridiculously inconsistent all day--except when Michigan seemed dead in the water. Where were those completions earlier??? Where was the aggressive play calling when the team had Sparty sucking air and licking their butts?

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the win but if that's how the team plays in November, the 17th is gonna be U G L Y

Katie said...

T9 - I agree, Chad was off for most of the game, and came through when it counted. We can not play like that for the next three games. I do however see the heart in the entire team and how they just don't quit. It would be much easier on my heart if they performed well from start to end. But I do love their heart!!!

TitleIX said...

NO quit in those kids

Peeface McTavish, Esq. said...

What other rival could you be talking about?...

YoGroups said...

Hate to be the harbinger of bad karma, but does anyone remember the last time Hart faced O-State on a bad ankle? Yep, two years ago he had like 10 yards rushing against a ruthless O-State linebacking corps (sound familar). As the biggest U-M fan in Moscow (yes, Russia) I'm betting Carr won't play Henne or Hart next week at Wisconsin. It's a meaningless game. They'll both have two full weeks to get healthly for the d-bags from Ohio.

tommertoffo said...


Clearly you do not have an inferiority complex - perhaps with anyone. But all you have to do is re-read your post to realize your hatred for ND is too visceral. In my opinion, such hatred does not elevate our standing. The great rivalry with ND I love as well. I like beating ND more than OSU and certainly more than MSU. But hating them as they play other teams reaks of downright hatred and animosity.

For example, the Michigan OSU rivalry is the best in sports. I LOVE winning that game. Honestly, however, I hope OSU goes into that game 11-0 every year. Why? Because I want that game to mean as much as possible and I don't hate OSU.

Too many Michigan fans just HATE Notre Dame. Even if they're not on our schedule, even if they're 1-8, even if it's a great University, too many of us just HATE them. Why???? As for me, I think that is poor sportsmanship and make us look bad. When ND is 1-8 and struggling, leave them alone.

surrounded in columbus said...

Thought it was MY job to write the post victory wet blanket "we won but we still sucked" comment? Not complaining.actually comforting to know I'm not the only one who sees a lot of 1/2 empty glasses.

Henne is a lot more hurt than we thought. Every joint is wrapped or braced.my guess is that a lot of the problems throwing are injury related.

My big angst is, as always, the coaching.how come we can't call the game the way we did @ illinois? It's not like we have a limit on mixing up the play calling.

We slug thru the 2nd half, fall behind 10, and in desperation, start passing. 58 seconds & 79 yds later we score. Wouldn't it be nice to that in the 1st half?

WingRG said...

what part of Moscow are you in?

TitleIX said...

I calls 'em like I sees 'em SiC. We shouldn't gloat or taunt over this victory. Henne found the handle in the end, and Manningham didn't quit (like he often does)

all I'm asking for is some consistency....in the competency department! ;-)

YoGroups said...

Wingrg -- Living in Patriarshie Ponds, city center near Pushkin Square. Are you familar with Moscow?

samsoccer7 said...

I love how MSU fans just disappeared into thin air after the game. Couldn't get a hold of any of them via phone, text, or IM. I can't wait until they start bringing up ASU again. It's hilarious. Anyone wanna buy GVSU shirts?

goat7ed said...

mikoyan...Navy travels to ND every other year. Instead of playing at 34,000 seat Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in the Navy home years, they go for the bigger gate at either the Ravens' stadium, the Meadowlands, or in some years FedEx Field and one year in Dublin. Don't really recall them ever going to Colorado Springs or West Point, which is probably why Navy had sole possession of "continuous intersectional rivalry" (going back to when we help bail out ND during WWII) which helped enable us having the longest losing streak. For many of the 43 years, especially when Navy was really poor on both sides of the ball people asked why we still played every year. The same reason gambling addicts pull the lever loss after loss...because when the bells go off and the machine pays, it's that much sweeter.

surrounded in columbus said...

Amen, T9.

"Competency" is the EXACT word. they make plenty of "great" plays, and no more than their share of "bad" plays. it's their steady lack of "good" plays, routine plays, that just mystifies me.

we still make a ton of mistakes, whether penalties, missed assingments, or failure to cover punts (we do seem to finally have figured out how many men we need on the field for a place kick, but that took 3 or 4 games). we make a half dozen "unforced errors" every game.

a team w/this many seniors shouldn't be struggling to do the "little" things right.

i guess we have two more games to get it right.

Victoria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Victoria said...

tommertoofo: "Too many Michigan fans just HATE Notre Dame. Even if they're not on our schedule, even if they're 1-8, even if it's a great University, too many of us just HATE them. Why???? "

Well, I grew up in northern Indiana in the late 80's, early 90's. Everyone it seemed loved Notre Dame in football and IU in basketball. It was sickening on a number of levels, but most disturbing was the phenomenon of supporting a private university with which 99% of fans had no connection to (i.e. not alumni or grand/children of alumni) at the expense of state-school football programs.

I am a Michigan alum ('98) but I felt bad for IU and (prior to its turn around under Joe Tiller) Purdue. Furthermore Notre Dame defines parochial in its atmosphere and that is not what college should be about. If everyone at your college is just like you then you are missing out an opportunity to grow as a person.

So I have a deep philosophical and personal dislike of Notre Dame in athetics and as an institute of higher learning. No depth they sink to is too far for me. It is not the good-natured rivalry I feel with tOSU and Sparty.

WingRG said...

i was born and spent the first 14 years of my life there. Our house was between Pervomayskaya and Schelkovskaya underground stations. Beautiful place, lots of history.
They don't get too excited about college football over there, though (well, you aside). Are you working over there?

surrounded in columbus said...

here's a question- for the 100th tosu- michigan game, one of the clothing manufacturers made up hats/tees w/ a 100th game logo.

i got one that came w/the final score sewn on it.

has anyone seen anything w/ the msu 100th game on it? i didn't see any "stuff" on mden or moe's marking the game. i thought it would be nice to have a matched set.

lmk if you see anything? thanks.

MGoBlue93 said...


MDen has a tee... I haven't seen a hat anywhere yet.


Mikoyan said...

I'll just save the trouble and leave the C out. Well the BS ratings came out today and it looks like Kansas is on the outside looking in. Which is odd given that they are undefeated and LSU has one loss. It sounds like if they run the table and LSU keeps winning, they could still be on the outside looking in.

This is my fundamental problem with the BS. It's based too much on "style points" and not on anything tangible. It's basically the system that led to a split championship in 1997 except that we can have the "1" team play the "2" team. If you are from one of the wrong conferences, it doesn't matter if you are undefeated.

I'm not sure what the solution should be since any solution would be imperfect since it will still be based on the polls, unless they go to a strict conference champion basis.

tommertoffo said...

Let me get this straight. Victoria HATES, I mean really despises, Notre Dame because..."It's a private school." This proves my point.

You know, folks, when I travel to watch the Blue in Champaign,IL I am frequently approached by Illini fans wearing "F*CK MICHIGAN" shirts as the swear at me saying the trite "Michigan S*cks" and you can see real hatred in their eyes. I think to myself, "What pathetic losers. You feel inferior to Michigan so all you have to do is show your hatred." I say nothing, however, smile at them and sit down to watch Michigan once again win in Champaign.

I'm sorry to say, when I am at a Michigan-Notre Dame game and I see Michigan fans with "F*ck Notre Dame" shirts and saying similar things to ND fans, I'm sure they're reaction is the same as mine to Illinois fans.

The visceral irrational hatred Victoria and Joshua have toward Notre Dame is what leads to the behavior seen in that Penn State video.

tommertoffo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
surrounded in columbus said...

thanks. they must have added that sometime Sunday after i checked in the a.m.

i have a 100th tee from tosu, but it's washed out now, so i am going to hold out for a hat (at least for now). being born and raised in red neck Appalachia (but no connection to the college), i collect ball caps.

thanks & let me know if you come across a hat.

Mikoyan said...

No what leads to that Penn State video is this thing called alcohol. 99% of the people that "hate" Michigan or Notre Dame or whatever aren't going to take it much further than a few statements or a t-shirt.

Jason said...

I actually like ND- I think college football is more interesting when they're good.

And, when I went to ND last year for the U-M/ND game, I couldn't have had a nicer time, and the people were wonderful.

BUT- Charlie Weis is an arrogant ass. He's disregarding the tradition at ND, and those things that make that school great.

AND- some of the ND faithful still support him.

So, that's why I'm loving their misery.

Crock said...

my 2 cents about ND -- I lived in the South Bend/Mishawaka area for 4 years - and the Domers pretty much kept to themselves. It's not a typical "college town" environment - unless you are on campus.

I've only had 2 incidents with ND fans - both the day that Michigan got destroyed on Labor Day weekend in 1998 (after coming off our National Championship). One fan told me "michigan sucks" - which on that day - we was right. On my way home that day, I got pulled over and the police officer asked if I was a Michigan fan, I said "Yes, sir" - and he handed me a ticket.

As far as the rude comments towards Charlie Weis. I have an idea why the ND faithful support him. He makes a difference in the community. My best friend was only 32 and a high school teacher in Northern Indiana dying of cancer last fall. Charlie Weis got involved in a benefit for her - and made a huge difference. She's gone now and it makes my stomach turn when people bad mouth him, having no idea what good he's done.

MGoBlue93 said...

Anyone see this??? Too bad Sparty couldn't have channeled some of that passion to the actual football field??? YAWN!

IamCris said...

Continuation of high jacked thread concerning Henne and his accuracy. Didn't practice much last week and was a game time decision. Reps help Qb's with accuracy. His accuracy was 100% when he needed it. I'm good with that. Sorry to be rude and interject. Continue on with normal original topic. =0)

IamCris said...

Continuation of high jacked thread concerning Henne and his accuracy. Didn't practice much last week and was a game time decision. Reps help Qb's with accuracy. His accuracy was 100% when he needed it. I'm good with that. Sorry to be rude and interject. Continue on with normal original topic. =0)