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Friday, November 16, 2007

Markley's Message for Tosu

For those of you who lived "up on the hill" at Michigan, you may remember Mary Markley, the dorm just up from MoJo. Well, got the pic below from MZone reader MW yesterday in which Markley's residents give a shout out to the Buckeyes...

Now, I'm normally not a fan of "Fuck INSERT SCHOOL HERE" taunts but this took so much time and effort to pull off, I had to give a grudging nod of respect. In his email, MW didn't know when the pic was taken or if it's made its way around them there Internets in the past, but we hadn't seen it hence its spot on the MZone today.


Mikoyan said...


Ron said...

As a former resident of that side of Markley, I can tell you it wasn't in 1995. But I wish it was...

lane said...

that's clearly an old photo (cool though)- check the rounded corners. i'd estimate 70's to early 80's. further, check out the yellow starsky & hutch ride squealing around the corner - damn i thought hutch was cool!

hutch said...

I'm not sure, but that might be a photoshop job. If it is, well done. Back in the good old days when I lived on that side of Markley, someone organized the residents to spell out "BEAT OSU" and then took a photo from the hospital parking ramp across the street. I can't recall if it made it into the Daily.

GO BLUE!!!!!

Nick said...

The picture is from 1977. One of my friends posted this same picture (along with two others of close-ups of "F***" and "OSU" respectively). It'd be nice if we could get the current residents of Markley to pull this off again.