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Friday, November 16, 2007

MAKE NOISE! Make noise Saturday like never before!

There has been so much to post this week, I haven't had time to get on my soapbox about Michigan fans giving our team - and Lloyd Carr if this is truly his last game in A2 - a home field advantage in The Big House this weekend.

But goddamnit, do it!

We've received numerous emails about a stadium-wide student-organized Maize Out Saturday. While I have to say a) I hate the term "Maize Out" since it makes no sense (as opposed to Penn State's "White Out" or Iowa's "Black Out and b) nobody over the age of 10 owns any yellow outer-wear, please do your best to comply. But most of all...

MAKE SOME FUCKING NOISE! Shove the keys up the ass of the person next to you if they pull them out!

Too harsh? Blow me. It's Michigan-Ohio State. Don't like it? Stay home. I don't want you there. Want to bitch in the comments section? Suck it. Start your own fucking blog and give a different opinion. I'll say it again: IT'S MICHIGAN-OHIO STATE!

And being loud doesn't mean being a dick, it simply means cheering your ass off. Treat our Ohio State visitors with respect inside and outside the stadium. I urge anybody who sees any ass behavior by our fans to call them on it. I will. But for the love of Schembechler, during the game, let them hear you, not your fucking house keys! And not just on 3rd and short in the 4th quarter. ALL DAMN GAME!

There is also a pep rally in the Diag scheduled for 6:30 Friday. Be there. Take pictures and...



JukeBox said...

I will do maize out

I will make noise like never before.

and I'll do key plays anyway.


and there's nothing you can do to stop me, or the student section.

Go Blue and beat OSU!

p.s. i still wanna bitch about it on your comments page anyway. hell it's the OSU game, KEY PLAY!! MAKE NOISE!!

katherine said...

I think the pep ralley starts at 3 and goes on until 6pm in the Diag, not starting at 6:30. This is what the MGOBLOG mailbag post said at least, sounds like one of the kids coordinating it sent that information, so I'd say 3pm is the start time.

Rik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rik said...

Let this be an inspiration. Check the noise level and the participation from everyone in the stadium!

From a Turkish soccer game:


Dezzi said...


Yeah... when Switzerland was playing Turkey to qualify for the World Cup a few years back... they had the game on TV here. Turkish fans never were quiet and there was a banner hanging from the stadium that said, "Welcome to Hell!"

Like Yost and Benny stress on this side, you don't need to be a dick to the opposing fans... just loud as hell!

Also... if Michigan gets behind early in the game, please people, don't give up on the yelling... in fact, yell more! Nothing gets a team excited than to hear its fans screaming even though they are down.

I say... put the keys away... take the gloves off (assuming it's cold) and clap and scream for the duration of the game.


Just a question, you say "and I'll do key plays anyway."

How many key plays are there in a game? I would argue that every third down is not a key play (but normally, that is when the keys show up). I would say in the course of the game, there are less than 5 key plays and normally they happen when Michigan is on offense.

Katie said...

I will be there and I will NOT be quiet and the season ticket holders around me will be annoyed and I don't care! The best way to be loud and noisy is when you are standing up....which I will also do for the majority of the game......and they will also be annoyed and I DON'T CARE! (I will be wearing Maize)

Also there is time conflicts about the pep rally, even in the emails straight from campus. The pep rally in the diag is scheduled to start at 3pm and last until 6pm. This in a email from Yost (not our Yost, but the student president). The school president and Martin in another email referenced the letter from Yost, but did not give the time. In an email this morning from the athletic department, it says the pep rally at the diag starts at 6:30, listing a few of the things that the 3 pm pep rally mentions. This of course is confusing. I am going with the assumption that it indeed starts at 3pm. I am planning to attend and will take my camera. (even though I am an old lady, it sounds way too fun to miss)
GO BLUE! BEAT THE BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

I am working on getting clarification on this. I will let you know what I find out.

Mike said...

Are we going to get another Baby Mzone for The Game?

lovinum said...

That's some solid blogging, Yost! Like the reporting of Brian Fantana, that was "compelling and rich."


mfunk1000 said...

people - nikefootbal.com is doing a rivals challenge and Ohio State is catching up. we can't let that happen. go to nikefootball.com and represent.

Maize said...

Maize Out? Shit, you guys want to snuff me out already?!?! Gee, thanks a lot!

And go ahead, make as much noise as you want. Sorry, that antiquated stadium won't amplify it.

Maize said...

And my gut feeling on this game IS NOT good. I already have the squirts just thinking about it. :(

beast in 'bama said...

Would those of you in the cheaper seats clap your hands? And the rest of you, if you'll just rattle your jewelry.
- John Lennon

Mikoyan said...

I like our chances if Henne is playing. If it's that other guy...ouch.

I'll be watching the game at a friend's house so I wont be at the game but I'll try to make some noise.

Hector said...

There's a Facebook group that calls for people to put coins in a water bottle and use that during the 'key plays', that would actually make it loud, you know, so the opposing team isn't nice and comfortable when they run a play on third down...

The key play totally sucks, though its the only time during the game I can listen to my voicemail.

The point is, put some coins in a bottle and you'll make ten times the noise.

Bargus said...

Make noise?

We'll take care of that.



Let's hope the Big Blue take care of THAT!


Under 49 hours...I am PUMPED!!!

Corey said...

Agree with YOST 200% ... we will be making NOISE at LoDo's Bar & Grill in Denver, CO. My voice will be missed in the stadium ... use your diaphragm and not your throat ... your voice will last longer.

Food for thought: if you haven't lost your voice by halftime, then you are NOT DOING YOUR JOB!!

GO BLUE! Beat the $ucks.

Bryan said...

I hope yall beat the shit out of the buckeyes...even if it means no more healing pics.

Mikoyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DaBraylon17 said...

it will be louder than normal, but still not loud enough. there are too many people who go to the games and don't cheer. they clap, sure, but scream the whole game? fuck no. i have been to five games and the loudest was michigan state in 2002. and even then, it was not THAT loud. why can't our fans (many of them, not all, since there are crazy UM fans who cheer like crazy) be like SEC fans? i simply don't get it.

Mikoyan said...

Md. Student Charged with Assault After Postgame Knife Attack

By Ernesto LondoƱo
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, November 5, 2007; 11:53 AM

A 17-year-old Blake High School football player cut a Magruder High School player Friday night as players of the dueling teams were shaking hands during the postgame lineup, Montgomery County police said.

The Blake student pulled a small folding knife from his pocket, cut the hand of a rival team member and attempted to cut a second player, said Cpl. Jimmy Robinson, a police spokesman.

"There's no talk of an explicit motive," Robinson said. "The implied motive here is team rivalry." Magruder had won the game.

The Blake student was charged as a juvenile with second-degree assault and carrying a weapon in school, Robinson said. He was released to the custody of his parents after being processed by police.

The alleged assault occurred about 8:30 p.m. at Magruder, at 5939 Muncaster Mill Rd. Police confiscated the knife, Robinson said.

I wonder if he committed to Ohio State yet?

Paulie Buckeyes said...

Re: the "Maize Out":
I can't wait for next week when OSU fans get ahold of some aerial pictures of the big house and photoshop it side-by-side with a picture of a post-piss toilet. Same shape, same color, vintage toilet humor.

Yost I want to see that picture on this site next week, you know it's gonna happen.

Dex said...

For that picture to work, people besides the student section are going to have to wear Maize.

Since we've already tried this two times this year and had approx. 0% success outside the students, I don't have hope for grandma and grandpa showing up in yellow jackets this weekend.

Even more so than noise, why can't our fan base even manage to wear the same color?

whetstonebuck said...

"Even more so than noise, why can't our fan base even manage to wear the same color?"

Shoot for orange. That way the county-issued jumpsuits will fill in the gaps.

ohio_guy said...

let's hope the maize out
works just as well as Purdue's black out and Penn State's white out did.

TitleIX said...

see schwetty, I thought you were gonna go for the HUNTING reference with the orange thing....

MOST of us don't realize the whole ORANGE/PENITENTIARY connection.
You really should get some counselling from your Parole Officer about outing yourself like that all the time....


whetstonebuck said...


Don't act all innocent. Apparently, I'm not the only one who can make the connection.

Do they allow you to watch "THE GAME" in the pod or do you have a TV in your "house."


Joshua said...

I've always wondered why we don't just wear blue. Have a blue-out. Everyone has a blue shirt. You can buy two new Hanes single pocket tees in navy for like $8. Who the f owns a maize shirt outside of students? Just confounds me.

Anyone who's in A2 and not headed to the game (or even if you are)- we'll have a tv set set up on the golf course and we're starting whenever they let us in. 7:30 am i think. Everyone's welcome, just byob.

Trying to think of a way to let you know it's us- maybe i'll put out an "Unnofficial MZONE tailgate" sign, or something. any ideas? Or maybe i'll just light a buckeye on fire. That's good sportsmanship, right?

After all....

Build a Buckeye a fire and you keep him warm for a night.
Light a Buckeye on fire and you keep him warm for the rest of his life.


Matt said...


Just found out that they don't carry ESPN 360. So now I can't watch basketball games either. (I want to watch the Mich-Georgetown game tonight.) Thanks for nothing, assholes.

Matt said...

And GO BLUE!!!

Mikoyan said...

Why go through the trouble of lighting a buckeye on fire yourself. The ensuing riots should take care of tht.

TitleIX said...

uh, what's a pod???

dtw2phx said...

He's back to the prison references. Like me, I'll probably have to catch the game in the dayroom.

Just remind him that Mr. Clarett is still doing time up in Toledo (ToCI), but for some reason still hasn't started up a flag football team.

JukeBox said...


every play should be a key play!

Every down matters in this game.

cheers! =)


MMakinItHere said...

Maize Out? That IS the lamest, uninspired copyjob in a while. What the F$%^ is a Maize Out? And you should hear the PSU folks snicker at our blatent copycatting.

Well, Id like to share a much better turn of phrase, thought up by a UM alum living in the depths of PA (shes hearin the snickers). Try this on for size:


Now, before you dismiss it out of hand, say it a few times. Any of you get the double entendre?

Katie said...

The Maize out is not new for this game. It was printed on 3 of my tickets this year.

It may be just me, but I am tiring a bit of the tOSU trolls around here. I am a bit cranky today, so it is probably just me.


whetstonebuck said...

The last thing anyone needs is a cranky Katie. I've been called everything nasty by Mr17, but I couldn' bear the thought of being called a troll by Katie.

Consequently, um...er...here goes.

G-G-Go Blue?

I don't feel so good.

kowisja said...


are propane tanks filled with b.b.'s allowed. Those can make some serious noise.

Also, try the empty water bottles full of change. Bring $12 or whatever they are charging for water (or sneak one in) and about $4.00 in lose change and shake like hell!

Katie said...


You just made my crankiness disappear! And I was cranky!! Thanks! (And I would never call you a troll!)

Kurren said...

Does someone mind buying me a plane ticket from Houston, and getting me a ticket for the game? Then I can go crazy at the game... :) Thanx


Lysa said...

Oh, I'll be in the heart of Columbus yelling my butt off, decked out in maize.


Romero said...

Speaking of screaming and making noise! Check out nikefootball.com and scream for Michigan - in this head to head battle for support against Ohio State. Help me out - the score is really close right now!



kowisja said...

sorry kurren, i already paid for 3 of my friends from houston for this. at $300 a ticket for the plane and $50 a piece for tickets to the game (I have VERY nice friends), ain't no way. lol