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Friday, November 16, 2007

Maize Out? Phewy! How 'bout a "Blue Job!"

Yesterday, in my post about making noise at tomorrow's big game, I mentioned that students are attempting to organize a stadium-wide "Maize Out." But as I pointed out a) nobody but six year old twin girls own yellow outerwear and b) "Maize Out" is a stupid term.

Now, a "White Out" I get. Same with a "Black Out." But I absolutely hate the term "Maize Out." That to me says, "Uh, we couldn't think of anything original so we just threw one of our school colors in front of the term 'Out'.

Thus, since some people actually own blue outerwear, I propose - maybe not this year, but next year - for the big games we tell people to dress in the color of our most well-known cheer for a stadium-wide..."Blue Job."

C'mon, who's with me!


Mikoyan said...

Blue is a much nicer color than maize. It would look cool if everyone were wearing blue.

kowisja said...

1. in 2005 the student section went blue. it basically became a blue out every game. it looked really bland.

2. much like red, blue is a common color, except it doesnt stand out nearly as much. it is soft on the eyes. our sound is low enough. if we cant distract them with noise, we have to distract their eyes.

3. The maize out cheerleader uniforms are the hottest thing I have ever seen in Michigan Stadium. if they could come up with a just as impressive looking blue jersey, I think I would be less against it.

ChicagoWolverine said...

I agree -- Blue just doesn't stand out as much as Maize... if we did do the all blue.. those little red fuckers would stand out significantly more than us.

on another note -- i just finally watched the m/osu thing on HBO last night. Did anyone find it a bit strange that they didn't even talk about Lloyd or the 97 game?

Dezzi said...

Only one problem with the "Blue Job"... normally the "White Out" follows...

ChicagoWolverine said...


Katie said...


I can surmise that the intention of Blue Job is to simulate exactly what Dezzi is suggesting......I don't think that would fly at the Big House. I also agree with everyone, Blue is too bland and too many other teams have blue as part of their color. The Maize is great to see. Get a maize hoody and LAYER under it! I love to glance over at the student section and see a sea of Maize. The AD needs to send a letter to all season ticket holders, giving them instructions on game day regalia and other information such as "jingling keys is moronic, so stop it already!". (yeah, that probably won't fly either....maybe I should get a job there, then I could straighten out this issue.) :o)

Michael said...

A Blue Job is equivalent to having a Clothes-fest. What difference would it make?

Wear Maize. If you don't have a jacket, wear a sweatshirt with layers under it. Or, buy an XXL t-shirt and put it over your jacket.

JasonOtt said...

1 WORD.... LOSERS!!!!!!!!

Yea man, blue is bland and maize looks better.

Is this seriously up for discussion among UM fans? SAD!