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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sorry, can't help there

As the blogger behind the mighty MZone, I can do a lot of things.

I can Photoshop a perfectly normal picture of some random guy into a mocking picture of an alleged Spartan fan. I can piss off half the Buckeye blogosphere with a few keystrokes. Hell, I can sometimes even get get Benny to post more than one fucking post a week during the season while I bust my nuts working on this site 24/7.

But, alas, whatever God gave you in the package department, I can't help you improve on that. I feel I must mention this fact after receiving the following email....

Hey Yost,

Just an FYI - I received some spam today from "yost" (lower case y about growing my penis size. I didn't want to click on the message, so I have no idea what the actual e-mail address was. It would be incredibly odd that the spammer somehow know that you and I corresponded and since the Y is lower-case, I'm pretty sure they haven't hijacked your account. But I thought (a) you might want to see if this is happening with other folks you know and maybe (b) somehow talk about it in your blog.

Hope all is well!


No, while being a mighty blogger has given me untold powers beyond my wildest imagination (like the ability to impress the ladies with the mere mention of my blogging activities), I am - at this juncture in time - unable to improve the sexual functioning of our readers.


This magical site has only been around two years. And I'm sure Blogger is coming out with another update in the near future. So you just never know. You just never know.


Maize said...


Before you start hawking male enhancement products, how bout using the magic of this site to enhance Michigan football first.

I think you should start the campaign with a spokesman and I have the perfect candidate for you.


Katie said...

Funny....I also had received a male enhancement email from a yost it was months ago, before summer. I almost said something. Why I need such a product is beyond me.....;o)

whetstonebuck said...


That must explain why condoms in Michigan only come in small to medium. It's all beginning to make sense.

Andy said...

I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one on the "small package" mailing list...

Tom said...

Yost said "I am - at this juncture in time - unable to improve the sexual functioning of our readers."

I think you are able to do the opposite, given the amount of time I spend reading this site. ;-)