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Monday, November 12, 2007

Heal, heal, heal!

After a loss by both Michigan and OSU, healing pictures are definitely in order.

MZone reader JP sends us the healing picture below of two LSU fans saying, "Here's to praying Les brings them with us if he comes."

I'll second that.


j said...

Yost, you are doing a great job on the pictures, but could we have a thirty minute video of these two girls. If a 30-minute video isn't available, I'll settle for a two hour video. (Oh, and GO BLUE! Beat the buckeyes!)

Andy said...

mmmmmmmm belly button rings...

surrounded in columbus said...

look, until you find big ten pics to compete w/ these two? i'm drinking the SEC kool-aid.

DaBraylon17 said...




And is it a concidence that my word verification is "feeloc?" Notice the word "feel" in there...

srudoff said...

Lived in Atlanta for 4 years before moving to Chicago

these two are bottom 3rd of what i've seen in the south

was lucky enough to marry a southern gal too ;)

The King said...

Once again, I know where these two came from. Those are two Sports By Brooks girls, they are real life twins.


One of them is named Crystal, should you choose to use their search engine.

Paulie Buckeyes said...

thanks Yost. Big ups.

Killing My Liver said...

Living in the south, I agree with srudoff(for once). One thing the south does have is beautiful women. Dressed scantily.

Green Wave said...

Those chicks aren't from LSU. That's a doctored picture. They are from "Sports by Brooks."

Nice try SEC! Nice try LSU!

Here's the original:

Joshua said...

Srudoff- I used to date a girl from Atlanta. A hot, hot girl from Atlanta- and the girl on the left totally made my jaw drop- thus the emailing of it to Yost.

All I have to say is, if she's in the bottom third, please, PLEASE have your wife introduce me to some friends. Not that I need the help, but then again- i could use the help.

srudoff said...

so they aren't really lsu fans...

looks like the LSU logo on their shirts isn't the only thing that's fake in the pic

MGoBlue93 said...

As heard on the Man Show once, "if you can touch 'em; they're real."

IamCris said...

andy's comment reminded me of a joke I heard a long ways back. Goes like this....why do chicks get belly button rings? So they have a place to hang the air freshener....zomfg that's funny.

Thank you again and with two fine specimens.

surrounded in columbus said...

on the subject of "fake"- as friend once said: "the teacups at disneyland are fake. doesn't mean it's a bad ride".