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Monday, November 26, 2007

Harbaugh takes himself out of running for M coaching job and other obvious shit

Former U-M QB and current Stanford coach has removed himself from consideration for the vacant Michigan coaching job.

Folks, that's one of the funnier things I heard over the Thanksgiving holiday.

You mean the guy who bad mouthed the U-M program earlier this year isn't going to be our coach?

Boy, there's a fucking shocker. Thanks for clearing that up for everybody, Jimbo. I would have sworn Michigan athletic director Bill Martin was on his way to Palo Alto with a suitcase full of cash in an attempt to woo you to Ann Arbor.

In a related story, the Tooth Fairy, Mandy Moore, Drew Sharp and MZone reader Srudoff have also removed themselves from consideration.

P.S. Nice loss to ND, Jim. Oh, and if you change your mind about the coaching thing, don't call us, we'll call you.


CrimeNotes said...

Did you hear the announcers during the Stanford-Notre Dame game? Probably not, unless you're a fan of powderpuff football. Notwithstanding, early in the broadcast, they discussed how impressive Harbaugh's season has been -- so impressive that Ann Arbor has been clamoring for Harbaugh, who was forced to take himself out of the running earlier in the week. Throw in the Forde pile-on that Harbaugh inspired, and it's clear that he's nothing if not a PR master. A tool and a slimeball, yes, but a PR genius.

whetstonebuck said...

Ah, yes. Holiday over. Back to the mighty pen. All is well.

Funny stuff. I was having withdrawls. Thanks.

Matthew said...

That's a pretty good first point.

Bill Martin isn't going to say on camera "Good thing he's out of the running, 'cause he wasn't on the list anyway." But Harbaugh can get away with some free media attention by suggesting he'd be a shoe-in for one of the most coveted coaching positions in the sport.

It's a sure better move than having to admit he couldn't get an assistant coaching job.

Joshua said...

Like I said Thursday:

"In related news, could someone please call the Free Press and let them know I have no interest in Giselle Bundchen. I find her legs to be way too long and her penchant for dating God-like quarterbacks trite. And how am I supposed to live on $150 million, anyway?

Glad we could get that straight."

We were all over Harbaugh? Where the F did that come from?

TA said...

Well, at least Harbaugh backed up his words by beating Ohio State.

Andy said...

Jamie Morris beat Ohio State for him...