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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Trying to duck out early for the holiday weekend. But still managed to put up a couple things below.

Have a safe, happy and all-around great Thanksgiving!



Katie said...

Happy Thanksgiving Yost and Benny. I am thankful for the time and effort you put in so we can all have a place to put our thoughts about our beloved Wolverines. Rest and enjoy your holiday, no doubt you deserve it. Peace.

Maize said...

Happy Turkey Day.

And to echo Katie, thanks for the blog. I do appreciate your guy's effort in entertaining me when I should be busy doing other things.

What I love about TG day is going to bars and asking women if they'd like to get stuffed like a turkey. GOOD TIMES! GOBBLE GOBBLE.

(titleix- the above is just a joke. I actually whip out my credit card and ask women if they want to go on a shopping spree at Nordstroms with me)

samsoccer7 said...

Ummm... Never got any healing pics after Saturday's game. Google here I come!

Mikoyan said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for the blog and thanks for all the insightfulness you put into this place.

Go Lions!

lane said...

try this samsoccer7 -


and happy thanksgiving to all!

Out of Conference said...

Happy Turkey Day all!

TitleIX said...

did you know that there is a direct correlation between time/money spent at Nordstrom's and stuffing?????

Happy Turkey Day to All!
May we get our fill of all that makes us Thankful

Joshua said...

From the Detroit News:

"Harbaugh on U-M job: 'I am happy where I am'"

In a related story, could someone please call the Free Press and let them know I have no interest in Giselle Bundchen. I find her legs to be way too long and her penchant for dating God-like quarterbacks trite. And how am I supposed to live on $150 million, anyway?

Glad we could get that straight. Happy Turkey Day all.

IamCris said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here who tolerates my drunken ramblings that are supposed to be worthy posts. Cheers and practice safe Hollidays!!!

Katie said...

Staying true to the season, ranked teams dropping to unranked teams left and right. LSU lost......I wonder if that is good or bad for us?

UTFan, so sorry about your Longhorns!!! ;o(

whetstonebuck said...

So, you all still want Miles? He's beginning to court the choke moniker...with a talent rich team.

Oh, Happy Thanksgiving!

Katie said...

Ahhh, tis why I asked if it was a good thing for us or a bad thing!!! I am totally on the fence about him.....

And Happy Thanksgiving to you Whets! Enjoying the 4 day weekend?

whetstonebuck said...

Yes I am. I trust you had a great Thanksgiving. Good to see some life on the MZone. Everyone must be coming home or awaking from their food coma.

Can't wait to hear the opinions on Miles with this loss. It was just a matter of time.

Katie said...

Yes, I traveled to my kids home, cleaned and did their laundry, now I am back in A2 to face the end of the term paper churn!

It is bad enough that it is the end of the regular college football season, but we also have to have a holiday break on the blog.......I am having DT's!

If I had to bet money, I would bet Miles will be in Ann Arbor in January.

UTfan said...


Katie, thank you for your sympathetic comment.

Well, I don’t feel much like writing this post but you faced the music squarely after the OSU game so I feel that it is only right that I do the same tonight…..

Story of the game…our offense was unable to stay on the field and our defense was unable to get off it. I realize that this was a “rivalry” game, but losing to Texas A&M, a mediocre team at best, is disgraceful. This one was on our defense. A&M had 562 yards of total offense and their quarterback, McGee, passed for around 360. No way should they have been able to move the ball like that on us…McGee will never be confused with Henne as far as passing ability is concerned…

There are many adjectives I could employ but none of them are suitable to utter in the presence of a lady or post on a site for everyone to see. At least UM fans could hold up their heads after the OSU loss. As a UT alum, I don’t feel that I can after this loss. Right now, I wish Mack Brown would just decline whatever minor bowl bid we get and just tell everyone that we don’t deserve any post-season play this year…

Ultimately, I may get over this, but right now it is very hard to swallow…..

WingRG said...

Katie, Whetstone,
yes, he'll probably be in A2 in January. The question is: "Will that be a step up from Lloyd Carr?" My answer is no. Carr was a very good coach, and people started calling for his head cuz he lost 2 games a year (on average). I don't see Miles being able to do better than that.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and thanks Yost and Benny for a wonderful blog.

Katie said...

UT Fan, hey, at least you guys are ranked in the top 25, Michigan can't even say that, unless you look at Yost's poll....;o)

UTfan said...

All I can say is that after tonight's game, we should not be ranked in the top 25.

Katie said...

Wing, I fear you could be right.....I do like the fact that that he bleeds Blue and Maize, although we talk about wanting new blood, I think the tradition is strong and knowing that someone loves Michigan like we do, is very attractive to me. Scary and exciting at the same time.

whetstonebuck said...


Condolences. Sounds like our game with Illinois. The sun will rise tomorrow.


I agree. I think Miles would be a huge mistake for Michigan...so I endorse his hiring.

If they turn him down, I hear Kurt Russell offered him a job as his double when he plays beefier roles.

whetstonebuck said...


Last week I was looking at the BCS top 10 and calculated that Ohio St. and West Virginia would be in the NC. I should have written it somewhere. No one would have believed it until today. Now it's very possible. Wouldn't that just piss people off!

Yost said...

Agree w/ the above comments: Miles is no savior. He should have lost Bama and Aub games. His strategy at end of Ark game was horrible. And that 4th down play at the 50? Bad, bad, bad.

Michigan fans better be careful what they wish for.

UTfan said...

'Tis the season to hire a head coach....

Dennis Franchione announced his resignation immediately after the UT game last night. This means that A & M will also be looking for a new head coach in the coming days.

The DMN this morning mentioned the following names as possibilities for the A & M opening: Auburn's Tommy Tuberville, South Carolina's Steve Spurrier, California's Jeff Tedford and Houston Texans offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.

Other than Les Miles, I have not kept abreast of the names that are surfacing at this point for the UM opening. Is there a chance that UM and A & M may be talking to some of the same people?

whetstonebuck said...


I would be surprised if Spurrier took a job outside of the SEC. Even his stint at Duke was in the south. Then again, money talks.

I didn't realize Tuberville used to coach at TA&M. Maybe he will take the job, but again, another southern boy. Something in the genes keeps them home. Maybe it's their wives.

Is anyone really considering Tedford for any coaching job? Why?

I have no idea who Mike Sherman is. I'm a college football snob. I quit watching the NFL when Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys.

MGoBlue93 said...

Scary comments from Meyer... I can honestly say that if Meyer ever comes to Michigan, I will have serious problems supporting the team. I don't freaking care if Meyer has more success than Carroll at USC, I don't care if Meyer beats tOSU 10 years in a row... I will never root for a Meyer coached team. I hope Meyer isn't on the list of 30 potentials.

Katie said...

ESPN has ND and Stanford on??? Are you kidding me? WHO CARES???

whetstonebuck said...

"ESPN has ND and Stanford on??? Are you kidding me? WHO CARES???"

Smart people.

Katie, go back to what you were doing.

Katie said...

Someone having a bad day?

whetstonebuck said...


No ma'am. I'm having a great day. My team isn't looking for a coach in a crowded mall.

Katie said...

I see. Thanks.

Feelin' Blue said...


Urban Meyer is an asshole, but he knows how to win. I was somewhat impressed when I read those quotes by him; I thought that he hated UM. I still think that he's an ass. He's definitely better than Les Miles


whetstonebuck said...

Anyone else monitoring the suicide watch over at Mgoblog? They are following a rumor that Michigan is offering the job to Iowa's Ferentz.

Funniest stuff I've read in a while.