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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Friday at the MZone

Folks, ton o' new posts today. Trying to get as much of the M/OSU stuff up as we can. So scroll and scroll away today.

Also, nobody seems to have a fucking clue as to what time the pep rally in the Diag is today: 3:30 or 6:00 pm. The students sent out one thing, the athletic department another. Arrrghhh! Nice going.

Anyway, enjoy the game tomorrow. If you take any good pix or video, please send them our way. And most of all...



dtw2phx said...

This just in....UofA knocks off Oregon!! (34-24) Way to go Wildcats!!!

Maize said...

Just bring a few kegs of Blatz Beer, a couple topless women, a boom box with some Prince CD's, and a big BONG to get the PARTY STARTED!!!

A2saint said...

No way! Can you still get Blatz in Ann Arbor!

Jeff said...

"-----FRIDAY, Nov. 16, 2007
• AEPi Fraternity Car Bashing (w/ former RB Jamie Morris): 12-3pm, AEPi House (Corner of Church and Hill)
• Michigan Union Tailgate: Noon, Steps of Michigan Union
• Habitat for Humanity-Annual Beat OSU 5K Run: 2:30pm, Arb
• Dominos Pizza Eating Contest: 3:00 PM, Diag

• GO BLUE, BEAT OSU PEP RALLY!!: 6:30pm-7:30pm (NOTE NEW TIME), Diag. Featuring: Jim Brandstatter (voice of Michigan Football), Michigan Football Captains, U-M Alumni, Super Fans, Surprise National Media Guest, Prizes (Hockey v. OSU and Hoops season tickets, M-Den apparel, more) + FREE MAIZE BEAT OSU T-SHIRTS FOR THE FIRST 1,000 FANS!

• Amazin' Blue presents: Pre Game Go Blue: 8:00pm - 9:30pm, Rackham
• Ultimate Fan Challenge w/Umix: 11pm, Michigan Union UClub
• Fiji-Pike Rivalry Run: Between A2 and that school down there

Go Blue!"

Katie said...

GO BLUE!!!!! BEAT THE BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Good thoughts for me that I get my paper in the can before the pep rally!!!)

surrounded in columbus said...

shall be traveling, attending the game tomorrow, so i'll miss the "open thread".

some likely comments i would probably put up tomorow if i were near a pc-

why do we always run to the left?

Hart looks gimpy.

Henne's shoulder must really be sore.

why can't the linebackers tackle before the back gets 5 yds downfield?

oh f***! Mallet's warming up!

neither brown nor minor hit the hole the way hart does.

i think we need to dump the zone running game next year.

gawd our play calling is predictible.

this is the last game i'm coming to until lloyd retires.

any word on how lsu is doing? i really hope the hat wants to come back here.

sigh. you ready to head home, son?

here's hoping i'm way wrong!


kowisja said...

if the surprise media guest is desmond howard, worst surprise ever...

Eric said...

Not sure if you saw this or not: http://www.flickr.com/photos/1460thefan/sets/72157603177061123/

Maize said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maize said...

The woman I pay to "play football" with is coming over tonight and like every Friday, I split her uprights. If I force a "pass" too early, Michigan has won. If I hold on to the "ball" and never release it, Michigan loses. Last week, I went 2 quarters before I was able to throw a Mallett bomb. And, of course, Michigan lost. I am hoping to fumble like Mallett before the snap tonight to ensure a Michigan win!


Crabby said...
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