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Monday, November 12, 2007

Dear Tosu Fan Visiting the MZone...

Welcome. Glad you stopped by.

I'm serious. No smartass punchline coming. Because I know that the week of this game, a lot of our rivals to the south (eastish) like to stop in and see what the other side's saying about the upcoming clash in A2.

So check it out, leave a comment or two and enjoy.


The "M" in M Zone stands for Michigan. As in this is a Michigan blog. You're not going to change hearts and minds here. And, while I'm usually cool the other 51 weeks out of the year regarding over-the-line smack talk on the site, this week I'm going to be monitoring the comments like Hugo Chavez at an anti-government rally. So don't waste your time signing up for a Google account just to say something dickish. It will be deleted.

And also know, as a Michigan blog during M-Tosu week, we might also take some swings at your school and its fans. So if you're thin skinned, stay away.

Again, I honestly don't care if you criticize, talk some trash or proudly promote your Buckeye love here (check out Srudoff's Google account picture if you doubt me). That's what this week is all about. Furthermore, we have a number of Buckeye readers who add value to the site with their comments. Key words: add value. How do I define that? Well, it's like the old Supreme Court definition of porn: I know it when I see it.

And if any Buckeye fans think that's unfair or draconian, tough shit allow me to point you to a couple anti-Michigan blogs for your reading pleasure this week. Because while some Bucks tell me there is no MZone equiv on the Scarlet and Gray/Grey side, the gems below prove that's untrue.

First, there is MichiganSux.com - straightforward and to the point for all U-M haters. And how can you tell this is a clever, witty, first class blog (besides the cool spelling of "Sux")? Why from the quotes posted on the homepage under the heading "Recent Reader Comments"...

"Great site. LMAO.....I went to Michigan State....so I love to see the stinkerines get what they deserve. Imagine their embarrassment. Cheers" - JG

"Congratulations on an extremely entertaining web site. Although I’m a PSU fan, i never miss a weekly gander to see the latest Lloyd Carr pics. Hopefully, you’ll have another loss to enjoy this coming week. I am very happy that PSU is not OSU’s biggest rival. It would be painful to see you picking on old Joe!" - Tim Z.

"Life long Michigan fan. Sorry they embarrassed the big ten. Hopefully OSU will kick Michigan’s butts in November and that will be the final nail in Carr’s coffin. Good luck this year Bucks." - Mark S.

Yeah, I mean, no way such genuine affection for such a clever, witty site - from the name on - could be fake. I'm sure "JG," "Tim Z.," and "Mark S." are simply your typical "Sux"ey readers.

Plus, besides picture funnies, they have such links as "jokes" on the site with a whopping one - as in singular - joke listed. Ouch. My side. But at least it's all anti-Michigan.

Of course if that's just too highbrow, you can always peruse the genius that is MGoBlow.blogspot.com. This side-splittingly funny site doesn't look to have been updated since September. But sometimes it's not quantity, folks, it's quality.

And this site run by somebody named Matt is a real rib tickler. A copyright protected rib tickler as evidenced by the text at the bottom of his page stating that, when it comes to material on this blog, all rights are reserved - all four posts worth (although I don't know if that also includes the picture of the U-M students passed out outside the house on State Street which was sent to us by an MZone reader and first posted here).

Anyway, welcome, Buck fans. Just behave yourself. And if that's too tough, you can thank me later for pointing you toward the future - nay, the present - of Buckeye funny on the web.

Go Blue!


mikehart1324 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mikehart1324 said...

Nice post but i did find a mistake. There is more than one joke on michigansux, you just have to hit the next button.

That blog is definitely fake, a michigan fan would never say that.

Go Blue!!!!!!

Dezzi said...

Ah yes.... the week where I accomplish very little at work!

Yost, I think for this game... if Michigan wins, you should post pics of scantily clad OSU girls as "healing" pictures for our tOSU regulars... and if Michigan loses, post UM girls scantily clad................... Please GOD! Let Michigan win!

chris said...

Nice post. I am a Buckeye grad and fan, and your blog is one of my regular daily stops when I am "working" during the week. I love the week of The Game, and I am looking forward to reading your blog this week. May the best team win.

whetstonebuck said...

Is this where I post the following?

Hey Michigan,

Nanny, Nanny, Boo, Boo.

There. I said it.

(Sic's conspiracy theory is validated)

Oh Yeah said...

I will not talk smack.... I will not talk smack.... I will not talk smack.... Will never again call Gator friend to brag after tOSU's opening drive touchdown in the National Title game... I will not talk smack... i will not talk smack.....

B.A.M. said...

I love your blog. I read it daily. I've even linked to it more than a couple times over at my blog...Maize & Blue Nation. I know, its a shameless plug.

Regardless of how each team played last week, this will still be a very emotional and physical game. Yeah, its not for all the marbles...but it goes a long way in bragging rights.

But I'm like you, I wanted to beat #1 Ohio State...damn you Illinois!

But hey, from one Michigan fan to another...Go Blue!

surrounded in columbus said...

Hah! i knew it.

and i'd have found those strawberries if it hadn't been for disloyal officers...

yes, two "Bogarts" in the same day.

Crock said...

you guys really are the best.

thanks for another post that helps with a case of the mondays. Can't wait for this weeks KYF

bhessenauer said...

Great site!! Even though I am a Buck's fan, I read M-Zone on a daily basis. I'm looking forward to seeing my 11th straight game at AA vs OSU. My streak started in 1987, the year of the Earle headband game!

srudoff said...

man losing last weekend ruined everything for both sides

i don't even feel like smack talking :(

beast in 'bama said...



BIGjuxe said...

Buckeye fan here. I enjoy reading this blog almost daily. I hope the hype for this game rises, because I sure feel it's deflated right now. But nonetheless, it's that week.
Go Bucks

Dezzi said...

the apocalypse is upon us!!! srudoff doesn't feel like talking smack!!!

Oh my GOD! Save the women and children!

(Hehe - just messing... GO BLUE!)

OSUchick said...

Hey Yost, I LOVE your M-Zone blog but HATE M*ch*gan. I read your blog daily for pure entertainment. I have to say that you and your fellow M-zone fans are harder on the Wolverines than the tOSU fans on this site (especially this year). I live in Columbus and have been a diehard OSU fan for as long as I can remember.

Anyway, just wanted to post my very fist comment on your blog site. Although, I have been visited your site on a regular basis for years. I agree there is no OSU site to compare. Keep up the good work, your site is the best (even if it is in support of M*ch*gan, {sic})!!!

Go Bucks!!!!

Chris & Sandy said...

dude don't leave yourself open for a cheap shot. Check your post title....it's spelled visiTIng.

Even Sparty grads know that...

Paulie Buckeyes said...

Check out buckeyecommentary.com or elevenwarriors.com if you want to read about the Buckeyes from our side. I agree, they don't cover such a wide college football spectrum (like the MZone) or provide the harsh wit and humor, but they give it straight up and are excellent writers with good overall blog quality

Sparky Duck said...

I cant believe I am saying this, but to help my beloved Ducks, the Bucks gotta go down.

TitleIX said...

osuchicks' FIST visit to the Zone

Yost, you DOG....

WingRG said...

the site just went from R to XXX. Nice, T9.

surrounded in columbus said...

T9's was the best typo i've seen in a long while

Mr. G. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr. G. said...

Several mistakes here, actually. Yes, there's more then one joke available on MichiganSux.com, and they're not too awful difficult to find. I give you that the humor therein is obviously in the eye of the beholder. The home page does define the site as "a decidedly partisan web site for Buckeye fans" - so one might safely assume that *you're* not in the target audience.

The comments on the home page are real enough, or at least they were published with the content exactly as received.

Why "Sux" instead of "Sucks"? (I note the argument here is over spelling and not accuracy) Because "MichiganSucks" is owned by an ad-farm and unavailable... but thanks for allowing me to both clarify the issue, and the opportunity to type MichiganSux, in whatever form, on your site.

Finally, thanks so much for sending visitors my way!

buccoboo said...

Ohio State fan here just wanting a good game. It is what Bo and Woody would have wanted: Ohio State vs. Michigan for the Rose Bowl. Ohio State losses and they probably get sent to the Outback Bowl behind Illinois. Michigan losses and they probably get sent to something like the Alamo Bowl with an 8-4 record. Winner gets glory, loser gets much less than what they wanted.

This game is huge, as each institution doesn't want to have 2 straight losses going into the bowl game.

On that note, I have respect for Chad Henne. He plays while hurt a lot of the time and keeps his mouth shut.