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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And Michigan's next coach will be...

Okay, everybody knows Les Miles is at the top of many lists for the Michigan coaching job. I, personally, don't know if he's the guy. I really don't. With all the talent he has, he's literally three plays away from having four losses, same as Michigan. Four plays.

But that's not the point of this post. Ignoring Les Miles for a minute (which is almost impossible - or against the law - to do with regards to Michigan's coaching vacancy), who else do you think Michigan should consider and why?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.


Dezzi said...

I'd like to see Pat Hill at least get an interview... He's done some good things at Fresno State. The "play anybody, anytime, anywhere" attitude would be nice to have.

With the resources that the University of Michigan has... I'm sure he could do quite a good job.

Misha said...

I would love to give Greg Schiano an interview. He is a star in the making. Anyone who can have success at Rutgers is solid.

Brian Kelly is also a pretty decent, though unproven, choice.

There's a lot of talk about Jon Gruden, but I don't get the vibe of a top-notch recruiter from him.

My top 5:
1) Schiano
2) Miles
3) Kelly
4) Chris Peterson, Boise State
5) Jeff Tedford, Cal

Ron said...

Schiano is high on my wish list as well. I like the way he seems to connect with his players and get the best out of them. And anyone who can draw recruits to Rutgers would be a fantastic recruiter at Michigan.

My list:
1a) Schiano
1b) Tedford
3) Norm Chow
4) Miles
5) Harbaugh (don't kill me)

My wet dream is Bill Cowher...that would be awesome! Too bad it will never happen; I might as well wish for Vince Lombardi (which would be sweet)

Feelin' Blue said...

Chuck Martin!

He's the current coach at Grand Valley St, having taken over for Brian Kelly. He is currently riding a 38-game winning streak.

Brian Kelly
Jim Grobe
Jim Leavitt
Dan Hawkins
Jeff Tedford

Bill Cowher (I wish)

Mikoyan said...

As I said, I would like to see someone a little closer to home. I think one of the coaches at either EMU, CMU or WMU would be good. They've used some pretty creative playcalling when necessary and I can only imagine what they'd do with a full toolchesst.

Another one I'd like to see is the coach from Navy. He's taken a perennial loser into a team that can play above .500 and be in bowl contention. This is impressive when you consider what he has to work with.

and for the realm of silly...How about the "Big Buck", Wayne Fontes? I'm sure he'd like a crack at the limelight again.

Mike said...

Brian Kelly. He has taken each program he has been at to another level of success in short order.

His wide-open style of offense would be a change for Michigan, but if it works... who cares.

He has been in the midwest, specifically Michigan, for most of his head coaching career and almost certainly has fine recruiting ties in the area.

If Michigan does not take Kelly, he will surface leading another top notch program somewhere else within a year or two. I hope we don't miss our chance.

Vulpestia said...

What's John Cooper up to these days? He's pretty good at beating tOSU.

Pyle said...

Honestly, the #1 coach I, as a Buckeye, would be afraid of is Urban Meyer... not sure how you guys feel about him. I strongly doubt he'd leave Florida, even for UM, especially with Superman as his QB

Out of Conference said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Out of Conference said...

Slightly off topic, but could help contribute to the topic down the line, what's everyone's mpression of what the cupboard at Michigan looks like for next year in terms of returning talent and how might that impact whether a coach with a specific offense mindset might consider Michigan.

Mathew said...

1) Frank Beamer - Virginia Tech
2) Jeff Tedford - Cal
3) Chris Peterson - Boise State
4) Mike Leach - Texas Tech

goat7ed said...

1. Jeff Bowden...only Bowden that has not held a head coaching job, and every head coach Bowden has gone undefeated.
2. Lou Holthza...not so much for Michigan's sake, but to get him off the airwaves. (c'mon guys, take one for the rest of us)
3. The Mark Mangino retrograde...should he ever get lipo.
4. Charlie Wies (and his retrograde whether he ever gets lipo or not). He SHOULD be available.
5. Lloyd Carr. Send him flowers, tell him "sorry" about all the "fire Carr" stuff after the Appy State game and that you want him back.
6. Steven Hayes...that way he can sack more than just Clarett.

Mikoyan said...

Hmmmm....what about Terry Bowden? Although he's no longer doing the ABC halftime show, I think he's still lurking about. could do America a favor in the process.

El Pendejo Grande said...

Gary Barnett
Gary Moeller
Rick Neuheisel

Seriously? Kelly or Martin - somebody from a little brother conference who has some play calling cojones and a decent idea of what a strength program should be.

People like Meyer are carpetbaggers - we need somebody who thinks Michigan is a destination, not a stepping stone or a lateral move.

We should also not be a haven for an NFL downsizer. Yes, it will help recruiting, for the mercenaries who only look for a path to the NFL. But look what happens though - Callahan, Weis, Wannstadt. Pete Carroll is the exception, not the rule

Lysa said...

My Dream is to have Ubran Meyer as Head Coach. He can recruit, and coach. He can out coach Tressel (yeah) This is his dream job (Urban's words not mine) and hes my dream coach.

Other than that I would like to see


Smith ( Yes, the Head Coach of The Bears)

Schiano ( Rutgers)

The King said...



CrimeNotes said...

John L. Smith
Bobby Williams
Earle Bruce
Charlie Weis Jr.
George Perles
Ralph Williams
Mark May
Goldie Hawn
Brian Ellerbe

beast in 'bama said...

LOL Crimenotes! Throw in Kate Hudson and you've got a deal.

hitlerwasabuckeye said...

Brian Kelly strikes interest in me. Although I do like Les Miles with his Michigan connections and SEC experience, I think BK bringing the spread offense to Michigan along with his skill of making a team better and having more youth than Miles could prove itself as a benefactor to us fans. I would love to see a more exciting offense take the field next year. GO BLUE!

Notbump said...

The list begins and ends with Les Miles. He has actually put on the gear for the Big Blue and let it all out on the field. He has family and friends in Ann Arbor and can achieve greatness.

Great coach, great pedigree. And Yost says that he is four plays away from being a four loss team. Well I got news for you Michigan is about 4 plays away from being a one lose team.

Do the names Wannstadt, Weiss, Callaham mean anything to anybody thinking Gruden would be a good fit. I could ad to the list ad infinitum. Carrol is the exception not the rule.

You could make the argument that Bo wasn't a Michigan man when he came. But the program isn't in the dumps like it was then either.

Feelin' Blue said...

I hate Urban Meyer. He's an asshole and he has no place at Michigan. I don't want the spread at Michigan. I like the pro-style offense; it just needs to be unpredictable.

Milkoyan, you're right on about Paul Johnson. He is an excellent coach and he has beaten Jim Tressel before when he was the coach at Georgia Southern, whom he lead to a NC. Remember, Navy and other service academies have limited recruiting options because they only get servicemen. Paul Johnson has done an amazing job with what he has.

The only caveat is that he runs a triple option. I'm ok with that: it's unique and it isn't the spread offense. Other than that I don't really understand how it works. He is an excellent coach though and I have a feeling that he might be contacted.

pendejo grande, do you agree with me on Chuck Martin? What do you people know about him? What kind of offense does he run? What are his major strengths? X's & O's? Defense?

Also Tom O'Brien at NC State is a great coach, but he just got there.

Mikoyan said...

It's not that the academies only get servicemen, it's that they only get people that want to be officers when they graduate. They have to serve out a 5 year term after they graduate (plus another 3 years as reservists). This precludes many people that think the NFL might be calling them after graduation. That precludes them getting top shelf football talent (although they are talented in other ways).

I mention him because like I said, he took Navy from being a sub 0.500 program to a bowl contention program. He's beat Army 4 years in a and I think he's now beat Air Force 3 years in a row. So he understands the nature of rivalries. (Admirals don't care about the rest of the record as long as Army is defeated) He also beat ND for the first time in 4 decades which is no small feat (even though it's an off year for ND). Plus, I think he got Navy into the top 25 a couple years ago. Again, no small feat for a program like Navy's.

I remember an article in the US Naval Institute's proceedings a few years ago bringing up the possibility of moving the Academies into IAA. I think his success and the success of Air Force has nixed that talk for a while.

I think he runs the triple option because that suits the players he has. Given that he makes it work says volumes.

He seems to be a classy guy and might make a good fit at Michigan (the color scheme is almost the same).

I think the timing is right for Michigan to roll the dice and go outside the box for a new coach.

Jessica said...

The day Urban Meyer becomes head coach at Michigan will be the day the Apocalypse finally descends upon us. Meyer is perhaps the scummiest coach in the country. He's absolutely classless and of questionable integrity. NOT the successor we want to see to a coach like Lloyd. Sure, I want Michigan to win just as much as the next fan, but I don't want it at the expense of the program's reputation. That's not what Bo would have wanted, and I'm sure that's not what Lloyd wants.

TitleIX said...


Michigan's program?
NOT in the dumps

that is all.

Feelin' Blue said...

Urban Meyer is staying at Florida. He's buddies with the president there, and he seems to be comfortable and like were he is. And it seems like he doesn't like Michigan, and vice versa. I just think that he's an asshole.

"I think the timing is right for Michigan to roll the dice and go outside the box for a new coach."

I agree, mikoyan. I was thinking: it's Michigan! It's an elite program, or at least once was. Michigan needs a coach who will turn it into an unbeatable powerhouse that will dominate the conference for years. We can't get someone who is just another guy. And Les Miles seems like just another guy.

That's why I like Paul Johnson or Brian Kelly. These are coaches who know how to get a team to win, even when they don't have as great talent. Same with Greg Schiano and Jim Grobe.

beast in 'bama said...

An actual funny moment on local talk radio the other day...

A caller suggested that Michigan just save time and request the annual list that the Birmingham News prints for Alabama coaching searches...Frank Beamer, Steve Spurrier, Rich Rodriquez, etc. You could even leave Saban's name on there now!

Mikoyan said...

Hell, you could even add Mangino to the list of people who can win with the tools he's given. You consider that the last time Kansas was competitive in Football was when there was still a Czar.

Kurren said...

oo Tuberville would be good too... Chris Peterson is good as well, love what he has done with Boise State. But my #1 is obviously Les Miles...

MGoBlue93 said...

I'd rather the offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator be awesome X and Os guys before the head coach.

The head coach is the executive of the team. Overall coordinators do more than for which they get credit. I hope the new coach brings in a heckuva offensive staff because Michigan needs hasn't had that in a long time...

...yes, even going back to the '97 Rose Bowl where Michigan won despite run into the line on first down, run into the line on second down, and tight-end screen on third.

Go Blue!

IamCris said...

Fred Jackson because he's a Michigan man and LONG time assistant head coach and if you pay attention the only guy on the sidelines who can calm Lloyd Carr down when he's pissed.

Or Ron English, you have no idea what he's done with how little he's had. He's young, brilliant and would be innovative, aside from that he's also a Michigan Man.

Finally Sylvester Croom at MSU (Miss.St.) the Bulldogs bowling this year and have beaten, Auburn (Tubberville), Alabama (Saban) and Kentucky (Brooks). This guy would be a steal. Each year he's lost at least two qb's (both starter and backup) to injuries. He's going bowling with a 3rd string QB. Let that sink in. Oh yeah, Michigan has capable o-lineman.

Aside from that the NAACP would be pleased with our interview process and Michigan could set a standard for giving minorities an opportunity. Each of these coaches has class and character and would be phenominal embassadors to the University of Michigan.

My .02

blue.victors said...

I know he's been retired and doing color commentary for the NFL, but what about Bill Cowher? He said when he retired he wouldn't rule out a return to coaching at some point. What better time and place than right now at Michigan? He has a run first and strong defensive mentality that goes back to the days of Bo raoming the sideline. Plus, isn't it fun to watch him when he gets pissed at a ref or a player?

god of the whoppers said...

can we get a clone of miles and peterson mix? a statue of liberty and hook and ladder alternating on every down? i would shit bricks

MGoBlue93 said...

I would love to see Cowher at Michigan!

The NY Times blogged John Gruden as a potential candidate... holy shit... Chucky roaming the big house sidelines? That would be something!

trikman said...

I see many of you are proponents of bringing in the spread offense.
Whos gonna run it- Mallet? please!
How about bringing in someone who can figure out how to STOP a spread offense.
As far as tOSU, the only significance to beating them should be as a stepping stone to the big ten/national championship. Yes I understand about rivalries. But its time to have loftier goals than just beating OSU. I say this in response to those who say we need a "Michigan man" who understands the OSU rivalry. Let them worry about US! I feel proud whenever I see a muck fichigan shirt. Shows their inferiority complex!
I agree with el pendejo who says no carpetbaggers. This is a destination position that should be
the epitomy job for any coach.
I like the Kelly and Schiano suggestions. I dont like the idea of an ex-pro coach.

maize3561 said...

My vote is for Larry Kehres from Mt Union if you dont know him check his bio.... Can you say BO. I mean here is a guy who is more proven than anyone else mentioned. Please if anyone not Kirk ferentz. Kehres stands for team team team more than anyone mentioned and I am sorry Les is less....Second lets bring MOE back.

whetstonebuck said...


"The Michigan head coaching search will begin with interviews with Carr assistants Mike Debord and Ron English. This is all a matter of due diligence and courtesy. Repeat that phrase eight to ten times in a row to yourselves, Michigan fans. Repeat, and rock back and forth hugging your knees in the basement like you just saw the crimson face of Lucifer himself."

Insanely funny.

Mikoyan said...

I heard the Vest was in M-Den at Briarwood trying on Maize and Blue Sweatervests.

whetstonebuck said...

"I heard the Vest was in M-Den at Briarwood trying on Maize and Blue Sweatervests."

Why not? He owns it.

(You had to see that one coming)

Hal said...

Bill Martin will find some way to blow this I know it. Martin has made it clear that he will not hire anyone who does not respond well in the media spot light when pressured. That leaves Les Miles out. They also won't consider anyone who is a pro coach because Martin is concerned about the transition to the college game and needing time to work with local connections so that leaves out Jon Gruden, Bill Cower, etc.; They wouldn't even consider Urban Meyer because of their last years lobbying the BCS voters.

Outside of that, I personally like:

1) Brian Kelly - He's a winner with experience and connections.

2)Paul Johnson - same reason.

3)Jeff Tedford - same reason (but only west coast)

However, No Ferentz (Iowa) under any circumstances.

BajanBlu said...

To add to Mikoyan's comments about Paul Johnson (Navy), consider also that since he began at Navy, we've been at War. Don't think that hurts your recruiting ability! The guy has been absolutely phenomenal with a severely limited talent pool, restricted by both an admissions process that is more selective than ours, and having to reassure the parents of candidates he does have, that their kid isn't gonna get blown up after the fact.

Even when his team was 2 and 12 in his first year, he STILL beat Army, arguably the only rivalry game with more historical significance than ours.

Integrity -- check
Coaching skills -- check
National championships -- check x2
Beaten Tressel -- check
Wears blue and (yellow) -- check

Pay the Man.

PS. For the record, Les Miles would be a huge mistake, that would set us back for another five years.

hitlerwasabuckeye said...

Chuck Martin is actually riding a 50-3 record and plays tomorrow on ESPN. If he doesn't get a look, Bill Martin should be fired. He is the obvious hire. He has class, he wins, he is the coach of the year, he is the man for us. Check his info online, it is incredible.