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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We're All Aggie Fans Today...

Sure we won, but is that really any excuse not to a have a healing picture?

According to the sender of the pic above, it was apparently on the TexAgs board...until the mods took it down. But thanks to us, your friends here at the MZone, it lives on.

Yes, college football (and beautiful women) fans, you can thank us later for saving it from the digital dustbin. God, I miss college right now.


lane said...

i just want to thank whomever i'm supposed to thank for allowing me an extra 5 minutes this a.m. to actually startup my browser (take that however you'd like!) and view this awesomeness of awesomeness!


Fritz said...

Praise the Lord! Thank ya Jaysus! And thank you M-Zone for preserving this art treasure!

616goblue said...

Bless you Yost. Bless you.

whetstonebuck said...

How weird, I have this overwhelming desire to floss.

Dezzi said...

Two perfect loaves of bread.... but like loaves of bread, if they sit around too long, it will get old and moldy.

Eat it while it's hot and fresh!

Corey said...

nice ... thank you Yost!

WingRG said...

whetstone, LOL.
Now, she should make a aTm "recruiting video". I would follow her to the gates of hell, let alone Texas A&M. Thanks Yost.

beast in 'bama said...

So is this Fran's buyout? He doesn't deserve it, but OK.

WingRG said...


maybe i should go and break some NCAA/HIPPA/ethical rules. Hey if i end up with that, i'm better off than when i started. :-)

beast in 'bama said...

Indeed you are, wingrg, indeed you are.

For Texas fans, today is the height of conflicting emotions. It is soooo much fun to see the Agros in such torment. By the same token, we're going to miss that greasy, smirking little son of a bitch.

It's the ultimate in schadenfreude, combined with the overwhelming dread of one of your arch rivals lucking up and hiring someone really good to fill the vacancy.

Yost must have had some strong premonitions when he posted this late last night.

fitness_4 said...

I would like to you also Thank You Yost for posting this Pic:)

Checked this out quick at work today, and I caught myself going back to it 4 times! Thanks Man....