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Monday, October 29, 2007

Two-Minute Drill

* MZone reader Scott started a new blog called The Six Hole. The site is more politically oriented than sports but he had a very funny Onion-esque post up called, "Nearly A Dozen Girls Not Dressing Like Sluts This Halloween."

* The Wolverines-Buckeyes Challenge for Life is in full swing. The two schools are trying to register as many people as possible to become organ donors. Check out their website, ShowUsYourHeart.com, to to sign up and help U-M take this one for a great cause.

* Buckeye football team takes down Penn State football team, Buckeye fans infiltrate "Paternoville" and "tag" a sheet signed by PSU players that was to be auctioned off for charity.


* Want to make fun of both MSU and OSU? Our new blog friends at BigTenTailgate.com are having a caption contest for the picture below. First place is a Tempe12.com Girls of the Big Ten calendar.


WingRG said...

last i checked they can still sell that thing for charity ... it probably won't be a Penn State fan buying it though. Look at the bright side, unless they paid for players signatures (a big NCAA no-no) it'll be pretty cheap to replace.

Katie said...

That is sad. Even if they were not planning to sell it for charity, to deface anything at a rival school is poor behavior. Period.

Pyle said...

Comment on the defacing of the sheet...

No Buckeye I have ever encountered has referred to the Penn State-Ohio State Rivalry as "the border war". I am extremely suspicious as to who actually vandalized their sign. I would say I'm 90% sure no Buckeyes were near that poster.

srudoff said...

agree with pyle - what ohio state fan has EVER called this a "border war"?? hey let's mess this up and blame it on ohio state fans!!!

someone must have been watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High before the game and tried to pull a Jeff Spicoli. sorry lion fans, no one's gonna believe that fans from Washington High wrecked Jefferson's car! (you have to be kinda old to know that reference!)

WingRG said...

defacing stuff at rival school poor behavior? Sure. But what about throwing URINE BAGS at the opposing school band members as they're trying to make their way into the stadium (i'm not talking about powdered doughnuts here) ? The reason our band didn't go to Happy Valley this year was because in 2005 they were subjected to that. Like i mentioned earlier, if they still want to sell it to charity, the sheet with signatures on it is very easy to replace. I'm just not sure who'd want it, considering their team lost the game.

Josey said...


You mean to say they Spray Painted... A RAG? OMG, what is this world coming to! Everyone knows that Penn State has easily the classiest fan base in the Big-10, I'm sure they wept for hours after sighting this. I can't imagine how PSU could possibly replace such a priceless artifact and get 6 whole guys to sign another one. Now they won't be able to raise literally tens of dollars for charity. Tons of PSU fans were clamoring for the Rag from Paternoville to commemorate the beating they took. For Shame, OSU, for shame.

Katie said...

Shakes head---------------->

and we wonder why tOSU fans treat Michigan fans as they do. What might be important to one person, isn't necessarily important to another. This might be something to consider. I am sure to PSU fans this was more than just a rag, I have a feeling there was some tradition behind it. Respect. A word that might benefit some of you to learn.

Josey said...

Katie, seriously, you're that offended by this? Sometimes "poor behavior" is what makes rivalries. And no I'm not talking about personal attacks. But you'd probably be blogging about Minnesota's bad sportsmanship when they stole your brown jug back in the day. Nobody got hurt, this was very mild and I'm pretty sure someone will make good on the charity money if it's that big a deal, which it isn't. Nobody wants that thing after the loss and whoever would have bid on it is the type that would just give money regardless.

In other news... one of the PSU fans threw a beer on Chris Fowler, that's not funny and it's not mentioned on this blog. http://blackshoediaries.com/story/2007/10/29/92419/660

Katie said...

Josey, I am offended by poor behavior and I believe that this does consitute that. No it does not compare to throwing beer on somoene (and there are Michigan fans here who can attest to having beer bottles thrown at them while at tOSU), it does however not show respect and I do think that is something that is important. To act like it means nothing shows a lack of respect as well. As far as Minnesota storming the field and taking the jug in celebration and planting their flag......do I like it?, no. Did they earn it? Sure, more power to them, THAT is much different. IMHO

Josey said...

Oh and something that is actually somewhat useful.

In 2005 the cover for Sporting News' College football preview was "Border Wars". Ted Ginn was on the cover for the midwest region and the term "Border Wars" referenced the OSU @ PSU game which they predicted OSU would lose. We did lose and it was the last time we did so in the regular season facing the "white out". If you wanted to forget about it you couldn't, the media and PSU fans reminded us of it over and over. I wouldn't be suprised if some OSU fan remembered it and actually pulled off the spray painting. Penn State doesn't really have a rival in the Big-10 because UM always beats them :P I think it's a cool name and I hope the OSU/PSU rivalry grows. They always give us a good game and rep the Big-10 well during Bowl season. I can't hate on their wild fan base or home crowd either, they remind me of OSU a lot. We share as much talent (High School recruits) with them as we do with Michigan. On the EA NCAA Football game it's listed as a "rivalry". I know some people might get upset about this stuff but I welcome the crazy PSU fans, taunting us, getting hyped for the game. It's either that or Kent State, yawn. Instead of whinning embrace the stuff that doesn't get anyone hurt. The Big-10 needs it.

Josey said...

Katie. I'm talking about the original theft. They STOLE the jug after a loss. That is theft which is a crime worse than vandalism. Now it's a celebrated tradition which a very PC person such as yourself can appreciate.

Look. I am embarresed by some of the stuff that M*chig@n fans endure in Columbus. But some things are just fun and create some real passion about the game, trash talking etc. Painting a Rag is nothing to get worked up about. Go to a game in happy valley they are at least as "bad" as the crowd in Columbus. I guess it's just a different mindset. I welcome the passion, I love the PSU students chanting anti Ohio stuff, getting loud, making rude signs for gameday, etc, I want them to be worked up and take it serious. It's boring if there isn't a certain personal interest in the game to me.

TRM073 said...

The "got class?" response by Lion fans is an understatement. The actions of a few OSU vandals should not detract from the fine performance of their team. Unfortunately it does and that's too bad.
The underlying 1909 monument to Civil War General,Pennsylvania Governor and PSU President James Beaver was slightly damaged by these clowns. Does this mean we will have to post guards the next time OSU comes to Happy Valley?

BTW: Even a big Penn Stater can enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

Josey said...

trm073, yes please post gaurds, around the OSU fans and ESPN staff so we don't get bags of piss and/or beer thrown at us when we visit you stadium. I'm sure James Beaver *chuckle* is rolling over in his grave because a dash of paint got on his sign. God this world is becoming so PC and boring.

This blog is so funny that I can't believe this many lame people come here.

Matt said...

Who else is ok with the Bulldogs celebrating on the field like that? The Gator fans get what they deserve.

Paulie Buckeyes said...

Wah wah wah wah wah

surrounded in columbus said...

the post had like, what? 3 or 4 different items? the pic of the fetching sparty feeling up brutus? link to the organ donor site, a new blog? and what happens?

a dozen tosu trolls show up to defend their "honor" over a bedsheet. good thing we're the ones obsessed w/ them. imagine what it would be like if it were the other way around?

not that it was all bad. started out nicely w/ tosu fans posting their own versions of consipiracy theories. had the potential of being entertaining.

unfortunately, it quickly digressed into a regurgitation of the sadly typical half ass excuses buckeye fans pull off the shelf for everything- we didn't do it, it happens everywhere, it's happens more and worse at michigan, they had it coming, we OWN PSU 5-2, etc.

how sadly dull.

WingRG said...


When they apologize for throwing urine at our band, then we'll apologize for "defacing" their sheet. Although, from a human being standpoint one is a lot worse than the other.

No one is making any excuses, just don't get all "hollier than thou" on us, like you always do. How come when you post comments they're "arguments" but when we do they're "excuses". Oh, i know, cuz we cheer for OSU. Great logic. Your terrific education/impartiality is showing.

Yost said...

If I may...

wingrg, while I don't think the sheet thing is too bad (although if the plaque beneath is ruined, that's a different story), SiC's - and to be fair - my own complaints whenever a story like this regarding Buck behavior surfaces is the Big Three of OSU fan replies: 1) It's worse BLANK 2) They did BLANK to us 3) It happens everywhere.

Show me a link to a legit news source about the PSU band throwing urine and I'll put it up. Because I abhor such behavior. No matter who does it. Period

In fact, if you search the site, you'll see I ripped into some "Michigan" fans for their heinous treatment of some of my MSU friends after last year's game. I didn't qualify it. I didn't excuse it. I blasted it. Period.

surrounded in columbus said...

to be clear, i never said any of the comments were right or wrong.

i said they were, predictable, dull, and unentertaining.

you can add your last one to that list, too.

Katie said...

I am not a stuffy gal, (Whets, et. al. can attest to my "sailor side"), for me though, college football comes down to a very basic, these are a group of young men playing ball. There is so much passion in that. As I have mentioned here before, my field of study is death and dying. There is great research on this topic of mortality and why we get so riled up to "defend" our team (and fans). It boils down to our fear of our own mortality and we feel the history of our programs and know that 120 years ago, our team was playing, which leads us to think that 120 years from now, our team will still be playing, long after we are gone. This gives us a feeling of immortality to some degree and we want to fight to defend it. President Ford after he was dead was flown over the Michigan Stadium, there is a part of him that remains immortal in the Michigan Program, as well as his political career. This is where the passion for supporting our team comes from. "My team is better than your team and I will kick your ass to prove it"............thus we have war and all sorts of other horrible things. When really, it is just a group of young men playing ball..........I like that so much better ;o)

whetstonebuck said...

Carry on, "Sailor."

surrounded in columbus said...

just curious, but the post contains a link to the original PSU student paper that carries the original story (cause you know that yost didn't really write this, he just reported it).

so, how about a show of hands of how many of the tosu posters here, went to that site, and sent them comments/emails complaining about the accuracy of the story? or did you all just comment here, on the michigan blog, about the "bad" story the psu site had posted?

like i said, just curious.

whetstonebuck said...


Death and Dying, eh? Well, that would explain your cheery disposition. :0)

WingRG said...

Yost, SiC,
as far as the urine bags story that i mentioned i heard it from 2 distinct sources:
1) OSU band members that this happened to. They said that cops wouldn't let their bus drive up to the stadium in '05, so they had to make their way through the crowd, while people were throwing projectiles (piss bags included) at them.
2) Columbus radio (ESPN affiliate) mentioned this as the reason that the band wasn't going to Happy Valley this year. The reporter (who i detest, by the way) said he spoke to Dr. Woods (director of the band) and quoted him as saying that.

Now, both of you will brush it off as hearsay, b/c i can't provide you with a link/picture, but you know what they say: "when there's smoke, there's usually fire".

As far as the plaque underneath the sheet that was ruined, last i checked this is 21st century, and paint (i don't care how permanent) can be removed. Also, i have to question the historical significance of the plaque if it's routinely covered by a bed sheet. Did the fans who "defaced" the sheet actually know that there was something significant underneath it? How would they know that? Knock OSU all you want, but they won't cover something as significant as that with a bed sheet and risk it getting ruined.

Katie said...

Whets, Yeah, I am a ton of fun at parties ;o) When a person sees enough people suffer and die it really makes a person find the good in what this life is. Which sort of seems like an oxymoron, but it is true. If you think about it, birth is simply a terminal illnes! Life is good......LIVE IT! (With respect for others ;o)

And I do appreciate your respectfulness as I do Wings and (most of the time Sru)

Ok, back to your regularly scheduled pissing match ;o)

WingRG said...

you (and most everybody on this site) have always been respectful to me, so it's easy for me to show respect to you (i was brought up a little differently than a lot of my Buckeye brethren, though, i'll readily admit that).
As far as "seeing lots of death making you appreciate life", it's far from an oxymoron, in fact i've definitely heard that said before.

In fact, my great grand father, a WWII veteran who passed when i was 2-3 used to say something very similar. I don't remember anything from those years of my life (well some visual stuff maybe), but i remember that. Sorry, I'm getting a little philosophical for this thread. Damn, i'm glad my own research only deals with machines & software. Even when it's serious, it's not THAT SERIOUS.

MGoBlue93 said...

As a Michigan Ex-Pat, the BTN has worked out great for me. However, I see both sides of this greed filled battle. Yost should enjoy this link.

I especially like it because it takes a shot at Martin.


whetstonebuck said...

I know where you're coming from, but I'd be more inclined to say that life is a transitional phase.

Regardless, it's a gift and as you said, living it is the best stewardship.

Hmmmm. I don't think I'd use the phrase "pissing match" in this thread. Unless of course urine with the Boss Man.

*rim shot*

Katie said...

Wings, I love grandparents, so much wisdom! Incredible that you could grasp such a concept at that age and remember it! Thank you for sharing, I realize this is not a philosophical forum, but it is nice to see that side of things from time to time.

Whets, I agree as well, it is a transitional phase.
And, because I showed my philosophical side I figured the "sailor" should toss in the pissing match comment....LOL. I could go back to my "visuals" if you have the oxygen turned up ;o) (I have lots of those, I dated a guy who spent a year in Korea ;o)

srudoff said...

"just curious, but the post contains a link to the original PSU student paper that carries the original story (cause you know that yost didn't really write this, he just reported it).

so, how about a show of hands of how many of the tosu posters here, went to that site, and sent them comments/emails complaining about the accuracy of the story? or did you all just comment here, on the michigan blog, about the "bad" story the psu site had posted?

like i said, just curious."

probably the same number as the number of michigan fans on this blog that take the time to write in to the free press to complain about drew sharp or to umich.edu to complain about the AD, instead of just coming here to comment/complain about it. probably none on either side

there are a bunch of penn state fans on bucknuts and on psu's forum apologizing for the bad behaviour they witnessed first hand Saturday night (including a girl getting sucker punched in the stomach by a GUY). in no way am i saying that it's justified or that it happens everywhere so it's ok - just wondering where the news articles on this kind of stuff are? is it not news? if it happened so much that people felt the need to apologize in forums (like OSU fans did to Texas fans after the shit that happened to them after the 2005 debacle), then it should have been very easy to get enough info to write up a story. oh wait, that would be bad publicity though...

surrounded in columbus said...

I'll take that as one "no".

WingRG said...

for a guy that can count that well, i think you're having trouble reading what we're writing. No one is making any excuses here, and i'm not disputing that this actually happened (it's obvious from the picture that it did).

What do we have to apologize and make excuses for? Some people that cheer for the same team as us wrote something on a white sheet, that already had something written on it?

And you still haven't answered my question: what makes your comments "arguments" and ours "excuses"?

srudoff said...

yeah "probably none" would equal "no" and what % of michigan fans here would you guess have written the freep to complain about sharp or the university to tell how they really feel about that guy's views on crowd noise?

surely you can offer up a guess

surrounded in columbus said...

in the interests of world peace (and gaining katie's approval that i'm not ALWAYS eager for a pissing match), i'll take a stab at this again.

who said anything about anyone apologizing for anything? certainly, i didn't.

what i said was that your "arguments" (for crissakes lets call them arguments) were stale & boring. they are. maybe you should apologize for that.

as yost said (& i like citing yost, he's like the oliver wendall holmes of blogworld), your crowd says the same thing everytime. it's dull. we're tired of hearing. not saying it's wrong here, just repetitive.

come up w/ a good conspiracy theorynext time. blame lunar cycles or too much sugar, or don't feel the need to say anything.

which comes to the second point i tried to make- i asked (indirectly)why the f are you pissing about this here? if msu prints something that mentions us next week, just because a tosu blog cites it, doesn't mean i'm going to piss on it @ the tosu blog.

michigan fans pissing to each other,about something drew sharp says about michigan, on a michigan blog, makes sense (at least to us michigan fans). tosu fans, pissing about something psu fans said, on a michigan blog, seems, well, lost. it's sorta like if yost posted something about tosu and then a psu blog posted a link to it? it would seem wierd to me for you to go to the psu blog and tell them how wrong yost was.

if you don't like what psu says about you, tell psu.

personally, i think it's all sorta funny, but i'm childish. i dated a girl, whose father's (an alum)claim to fame was being arrested (in 1960 something) in the act of pouring a bucket of blue paint over sparty's statute the week before the msu game. like stealing the navy goat, painting the other school's senior rock in your colors, or any number of sophomoric hijinx, i don't see painting a bed sheet as a big problem, no matter who signed it.

i never objected to someone doing it- i objected to you whining about how unfair it was to have this reported. here. where we could less how you & psu fans get along.

that said, i gotta wonder why no one had anything clever to blonde sparty copping the feel w/ brutus???

making fun of msu fans? surely that's something we could agree upon, isn't it?

whetstonebuck said...


No more verbal visuals. You are going to force me to poke out my mind's eye with a stick. That is of course if I have enough oxygen to accomplish the task.

WingRG said...

i think her visuals are great. Maybe an old man like yourself needs a bit of oxygen, but the rest of us are quite fine. :-)

Josey said...

SiC, speaking of typical.

How is it that having an opinion about an OSU story makes a person obsessed with Michigan, because it's reported on a UM Blog? M Zone is funny, it's a blog, which believe it or not can be accessed outside the state of Michigan. I read many Big-10/CFB blogs blackshoediares etc, which *gasp* aren't OSU content and ocassionally I have an opinion on the stories reported. Maybe I'm obsessed with the Illini and PSU as well? Why is it that you guys get so hurt when an OSU fans dares to enter into your conversation or reads your blogs? Do you only visit UM sites? A very typical reaction from you and others goes something like this...

"You're obsessed with us", "What are YOU doing here anyway"... get over it or make this blog less interesting to read :P

Oh Yeah said...

I have to agree with Josey. I am a Buckeye graduate and my husband is a Nebraska grad. We both come here to read and occasionally respond. While we both have our feeling towards Michigan while ON THE FIELD, we respect the school, and love the blog. We have a whole folder in our favorites of college ball blogs. This one is funny and we often find ourselves reading outloud to the other a post, comment or retort. But since the focus is on Ohio State being "obsessed" with Michigan, I have to ask the question, why is OSU posted about so much if the "obsession" (as you for some reason call it) doesn't go both ways? Don't think their would be anything to comment on if a Michiganer wasn't out digging up dirt just to smack-talk *cough BASH cough* Ohio State.

Mikoyan said...

The MSU chick:
"I thought they were chock full o' nuts"

surrounded in columbus said...

THAT is funny.

mine was "it's in the back? oh. when you said i had to blow up the brutus doll, i thought you meant...."

whetstonebuck said...


"i think her visuals are great. Maybe an old man like yourself needs a bit of oxygen, but the rest of us are quite fine. :-)"

You worry me.

Katie has a sense of timing that catches one off guard. Bless her little heart.

WingRG said...

i was just going along with the rest of the joke, both hers and yours. If it worries you, i'll stop now. Don't want to have you gasping for air :-) Who'll come to my defense if something happens and SiC decides to bury the peace pipe instead of the hatchet?

Katie said...

Promises to behave------------>

The lady in me sits with my knees together and ankles crossed. *blush*

Although it is so tempting, so I must put a disclaimer that from time to time I may fall off the wagon. ;o)

whetstonebuck said...


Fall off the wagon? Lady, you swan dive off the wagon.


Okay. I'll watch your back. Old SiC is sneaky and he definitely has an agenda. We need a unified front.