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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two-Minute Drill

* You know Lloyd keeps a lid on injuries when Mike Hart's mom doesn't even know if he's playing this Saturday.

* Speaking of Hart, the folks at MVictors.com had the picture below up of the security net around the star U-M RB on the sidelines after his injury...

Daaaaamn. Dick Cheney doesn't have that level of protection around him when he travels to Baghdad!

* Uh, could somebody please explain why these male Buckeye fans are wearing Maxi pads?

(HT: Jeff & Yvg)

* Mario "The Worm" Manningham

(HT: Keith)

* Props to former U-M All-American Braylon Edwards who just pledged $1 million dollars to help 100 Cleveland kids go to college. Edwards also created a $500K endowment at Michigan, the largest donation ever by a former athlete.

(HT: Dave)

* U-M AD Bill Martin still shilling for BTN. What a joke. I'm no lover of cable companies, but the BTN makes them look like corporate saints.

(HT: CG)
* Wolverine in need...
Robert "Bob" Popowski, a former Michigan football player who played under Bo and then went on to serve 21 years in the military, was diagnosed in July with advanced stages of Huntington's Disease. This incurable, terminal degenerative disease of the brain will soon require Bob have round the clock care.
As such, a benefit dinner is being held this Saturday in Park Ridge, IL. For more info, email Larry Guida at: guida2007[at]sbcglobal[dot]net


MonkeyWrench32 said...

Sorry, Yost, but I'm siding with the BTN on this one. Every single provider in Big Ten country carries the BTN except for the four mega cable conglomerates: Charter, Comcast, Mediacom and Time Warner. Hell, if Dish Network can carry it, and RCN and WOW can carry it, then why not Comcast?

The Old Man said...

Thanks for posting this guys. Bob Popowski was my room mate at Michigan for 4 years. He is truly a great M man. Any and all help is appreciated. He is facing a very difficult future if you know anything about Huntington's Disease.

Go Blue!

Daniel said...

Before making the brilliant decision to sign a 20-year contract to broadcast "our" games on the BTN, you would think Martin would have had ALL of the cable providers on board. . . long in advance of the season.

What a dumbass! He may sound like a corporate slob, but he's definitely not acting like one. I'd be interested in knowing what the ad revenue looks like for this stupid network compared to what ESPNU would have paid.

Crabapple Buck said...

I have DirecTV, so I get the BTN. I think you would appreciate it a lot more if you lived here in SEC/ACC country and got to see your team of choice live and in highlights more often. I think the real benefit may come during basketball season. More games and no blackouts. Of course, you guys haven't looked forward to basketball season in quite some time;^)

It is only a matter of time before the rest of the conferences have their own networks too.

Mikoyan said...

I can't imagine the ad revenue is that great since they aren't reaching their target audience. So if I want NFL I have to get the sports tier?

My fundamental problem with all of this is that 10 of 11 Big Ten schools get some form of tax dollars and they want more collective money from everyone? Bah.

WingRG said...

just curious, what's the origin of you screen name? The reason i'm asking, is that "Mikoyan" was the name of the famous fighter jet constructor that the world renowned MIG's were named after. A co-incidence?

CrimeNotes said...

The latest shilling from Bill Martin was lovely.

Some days I just want the cable companies to sign the goddamn deal so that I don't have to keep watching in bars. Other days, I'm so disgusted with the BTN that I root for its collapse and bankruptcy, and hope that everyone affiliated with it is prosecuted.

So I guess that I'm torn.

Crock said...

to weigh in on the BTN debate -- I agree with crabapple - I live in Jersey (ugh!) and have been able to watch more Michigan football this year than in the past 3 years combined (mind you, we were stationed in Japan for 2 years.) I also feel like I know so much more about other Big 10 teams, since they all they cover.

I will give you that the BTN coverage is much like watching AFN sports or your local small town high school sports.

surrounded in columbus said...

We live in one of the corners of columbus served by insight, so we get btn. It's pretty good. You can see all the coaches shows (or high lights), replays of games (unfortunately, they played 2006 tosu-mich & app st-mich over & over thfirst week).

The non football programs are neat IF you are into a niche sport.

As foir the business end & the comcast-btn fight, this was going to happen eventually in some fashion. Comcast is in the process of developing its own SECOND ntework that they'll own. Just like espn/abc vs cbs vs ndbc, there's a fight over who makes the most money and we're paying for it.

Mikoyan said...

My screen name is in fact based on the same Mikoyan plane designer. Back in the early days of the Internet, I used to putz around on a program called IRC. I like planes but it seemed that most of the cool names were taken, so I decided to go for unique and I ended up keeping the name.

WingRG said...

i knew it couldn't have been a coincidence. The MIG tradition is one of the finest traditions in Russian/Soviet airplane design, so make sure you carry that name with pride :-)

Mikoyan said...

I'm more partial to American aircraft. This nickname was more for its uniqueness. Plus, I know that if somebody recognized it, they were an aviation nut too.

TitleIX said...

so, seriously....
where else on earth can one discuss college football and the designer of russian migs in the same thread?????

it's like 3AM in the dorm again discussing g-d only knows what til dawn.

LOVE you!
thanks Yost and Benny for the venue!

WingRG said...

i can understand you being partial to American planes. Back home, my grandparents lived 10 minutes away from a military airport, and my dad had some friends that were research aero/aviation engineers over at the "research institution" attached to the airport. It's the same place where they now hold an international "Air-Show" (Moscow Aero Space Show) every year. Last time i was back there i went and checked it out again. Growing up in a place like that you can't help but be an "aviation nut" :-)

MGoBlue93 said...

Michigan got good news today. ESPN is reporting Jonas Gray (a back built and runs like Mike Hart) committed to Michigan today. He's in the top 150 and declined many offers to become a Michigan Man.

Mikoyan said...

One of these days I would like to go to Moscow. I heard they have a place where they have a bunch of MiGs on display. I have a pretty good collection of model MiGs, starting with a MiG-3 and going all the way to a MiG-31.

WingRG said...

The air show that i was talking about happens every other August in Zhukovsky (it's a Moscow suburb). They just had one this past year (so next one would be in'09). Not only do they display every aircraft produced in USSR/Russia, they also display space and aero equipment of every sort. It's really neat.