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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Two-Minute Drill

* Gelf Magazine reviews the new Bo Schembechler book and talks to the author, John Bacon.

* Believe it or not, one of the best recaps of each U-M game is still MICHIGAN MONDAY by Tony Gerdeman of The OZone - yes, as in Ohio State.

* Michigan student radio station WCBN will again be broadcasting the Michigan game live this Saturday as well as next week for the Purdue game.

* Mike DeBord's playcalling: rock-paper-scissors says Brian at MGoBlog.

* How do you know when your team suffered a bad loss? When the FireINSERTCOACHHERE sites and petitions start popping up. Around Austin, they're calling for the head of offensive coordinatior, Greg Davis.

(HT: JB)

* The fine folks at Respect the Cocks posted the video below showing that Tommy Bowden is a dreaded SLNP: Sideline Nose Picker...

* Spartans well represented at the Hobo 500.

(HT: SH via With Leather)

* And you just knew it wouldn't be a victory over Penn State if at least one of their fans wasn't bitching about the refs.

(HT: JS)


surrounded in columbus said...

i have xm, which says it has big ten football, but tosu & michigan are on sirius. so i usually listen to the other team's feed when in the car. i listened to the PSU radio announcers for the third quarter. apparently, michigan was holding on every play.

i'm not stretching this- their color guy complained about an uncalled holding penalty every time Hart touched the ball.

the michigan monday report is outstanding. aside from some much expected tosu/anti michigan jokes, his analysis of our game every week is spot on. this week's was particularly good. he clearly calls out our lack of scoring as not a lack of talent or ability, but just lousy play calling.

IamCris said...

Another pitch for the book, truly is a great read. Ignore the fact that it's a business book and buy it for the history lessons about Michigan Football! Bo's voice resonating through the pages at you...what an outstanding example of a leader.

MGoBlue93 said...

iamcris... I just finished the section about Donnie Warner... laughed my backside off reading it... then I realized, not only was this a great football story, but saw the business analogy too. I love this book!

Matthew said...

"The fine folks" and "Gamecocks" in the same sentence is a contradiction in terms.

When did this site suddenly become so anti-Clemson. It's all fair and some of it's deserved, but I feel like the only guy in the world rooting for both the "M" and the paw.

Yost said...


It's b/c Tommy sort of bad mouthed Lloyd at a press conference this year, although he's since apologized.

And the clip here wasn't anti-Clemson, it was pro-nose picking.