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Thursday, October 11, 2007

These guys REALLY shouldn't sit next to each other

We of all people know the power of Photoshop. Thus, we're always leery when we get sent a picture like the one below.

But, West Virginia does have a player named "Dingle" and Berry" on their roster so...

Guys, please, opposite sides of the bench next time.

P.S. Check out the dude in the bottom right corner of the pic taking his own photo. What you probably can't see is the entire section doing the same damn thing.

(HT: SiC)


whetstonebuck said...

Looks like their listed in the program the same way based on their numbers. It's fate.

Steve Spurrier is God said...

aren't the numbers different colors in the picture?

WingRG said...

probably just the way the light is reflecting off of them

Katie said...

I agree, it appears to be legit.....I think that someone in that athletic department has a sense of humor though....the numbers line them up that way. (Not that players stand in line by their numbers) but you get my point. The whole team knows this joke!

surrounded in columbus said...

well, i don't of the photo is legit (i think it is) but the story is: http://www.msnsportsnet.com/page.cfm?sport=football&show=roster

scooter berry and johnny both play d-line and have consecutive numbers (93 & 92, respectively) on the WVU roster. it also makes sense that both playing D line, they would sit together/as a group w/ the D/D-line coaches on the bench, etc.

funniest thing to come out of morgantown since Pittsnoggle!

beast in 'bama said...

Somebody contact Click & Clack immediately!

Our Russian chauffeur is Pickup Endropov, the director of our working mother's support group is Erasmus Bedraggin, and our staff urologist is Dr. Scooter Dingleberry.

whetstonebuck said...

Make that "they're" instead of "their."

srudoff said...


srudoff said...

those were confirmed players from Marshall Univ a few years ago

this tops all though - also confirmed with Arkansas


MGoBlue93 said...

of course the "Coke" + "Head" one is faked -- one would think that must have come out of Miami (FL)