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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sooners to Shorten Games by One Minute

(from MZone wire reports) Norman, OK -- After losing to Colorado on the last play of the game Saturday - marking the fourth time in the last five Sooner setbacks in which the game was decided on the final play - Oklahoma announced yesterday they would shorten the length of their games for the foreseeable future to 59 minutes.

In addition to Colorado's 45 yard field goal as time expired, other recent buzzer-beating OU losses include: the 2007 Fiesta Bowl on Boise State's two-point conversion, Oregon blocking a Sooner field goal attempt in 2006 and Texas Tech's touchdown in 2005.

"It completely sucks ass," said exasperated Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops. "So I told our AD to do something about it. We're sick of our team being hero makers. They might as well change the name of ESPN Classic to The Sooner Network."

In addition to shortening the games, since the last second losses were also on the road, the Sooner athletic department is looking into the possibility of all future contests being played exclusively on Oklahoma's home turf at Memorial Stadium.


MGoBlue93 said...

the Sooner athletic department is looking into the possibility of all future contests being played exclusively on Oklahoma's home turf at Memorial Stadium.

If they need any tips, I'm sure Bill Martin could show them the way.

j said...

So now I understand the teams name.
The "Sooner" the games over, the better.

Sparky Duck said...

Best site of Saturday, the 8 year old Sooner fan bawling his eyes out.

srudoff said...

me confused....

2007: lost to appy state on last minute fg
2005: lost to wisconsin on a last minute TD, lost to minny on a last minute FG, lost to osu on a last minute TD
2004: lost to texas on last minute fg

why didn't you guys think of this first?


TitleIX said...

srudoff is back!

snap. :-)

Merrick 561 said...

Well to dispute srudoff and play devils advocate.. I think because unlike Oklahoma we don't whine and complain to the pollsters with the "it was a last second loss" comments, or try to garner sympathy, we simply say we got beat (maybe they got lucky or maybe they simply outplayed us). Granted the above only takes into account rational thinking fans, who can admit defeat and understand the game.

p.s. nice point on your part though I'll give you credit.

Williesan said...

I am a Sooner and I find this post quite hilarious. Does it sting? A bit. (OK, quite a bit.) On Four of the last five losses coming down to the last play?

CU 27-OU 24: Turnovers + melt down offensively + defense just flat wore out = loss. We had the opportunity to get into FG range with our last drive, but the overturned catch by Igliseas did us in taking us from 1st & 10 to 3rd and long. (And we're still trying to figure out how that one was overturned.) Still shouldn't have lost though - we blew a 17 point lead in the 2nd half.

Boise St. 43-42: One of the greatest games ever at any level. Y'all know the story. No need to recap.

Oregon 34-33: Had to opportunity to win even after the onsides kick and the phantom PI call. Couldn't stop the Oregon rush on the FG attempt. Only FG "miss" for Garrett Hartley last season, and it wasn't even his fault.

Texas Tech 23-21: Taurean Henderson was down. But it should have never come to that point. Let's back up about 4 plays to where you have a 4th & 3 situation for Tech. Tech QB's pass is deflected and is caught by players from both teams. Ruled as possession (correctly) to the offense. However they both came down short of the required distance for the first down, and fell back towards the line of scrimmage. When the whistle blew, the ball was spotted a yard beyond the line to gain. The defense had made the stop, but the officials ruled otherwise, even with the video evidence right there to overrule the spot.

In short - we should have won the Oregon and Tech games had it not been for the incompetent officiating. But with that said, we should have never been in the position where a bad call or one play at the final gun made the difference.