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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Separated at Birth: Karl Dorrell and Wanda Sykes

The good folks at Bruins Nation, showing they have a sense of humor, were kind enough to link to our post this week poking fun at UCLA's loss to ND being overshadowed by USC's loss to Standford.

Well, in the Bruins Nation comment section regarding our post, one of the Bruins Nation posters pointed out that UCLA head coach Karl Dorrell looked a hell of a lot like actress Wanda Sykes. I mean a hell of a lot. You be the judge...

Judging from some of the other comments, it seems UCLA fans would actually prefer Sykes as their head coach these days.


whetstonebuck said...

So which one is which?

WingRG said...

my brother from another mother: kinda like Mel Gibson and Danny Glover

Steve Spurrier is God said...

They are similiar

Out of Conference said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Out of Conference said...

Wanda looks like a Jimmy Clausen of color.

SOS is God? Win us a national championship and prove Corso wrong before I even start considering to think that way. Until then, I'd just as soon have a run defense than another deity.

WingRG said...


it's the hair that makes them look remarkably similar

RBratton said...

The same thing can be said for Mel Brooks and Lee Corso!!