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Friday, October 26, 2007

"Rutgers Spirit"

Like college football fans across the country, I was swept up in Rutgers' Cinderella run last year. However, this season, after hearing how the Midshipmen and its fans were treated during their game in New Brunswick/Pissa-whatever (and the response of some Rutgers fans when called out on it), my affection has turned to disgust.

Below is a clip called "rutgers spirit" from a recent Rutgers game where two Maryland fans are removed from what looks like the student section for, as the guy shooting the video says, "their own safety."

I find that appalling. Now, instead of cheering for Rutgers, I'm actively rooting for them to return to the days when they were successful about as often as Haley's Comet comes around.

Sorry, folks, I'm never going to get off my soapbox about this subject. It's a fucking game. Period. Only takes one time for something tragic to happen when mob mentality takes over.


Runngunn29 said...

This isnt a New Jersey thing, which I know out-of-state people will point to. Contrary to popular belief, NJ is actually pretty nice with normal people.

This is just college kids being retards. When the stadium's empty in three years because their program is back in the shitter, we'll all have a laugh. Funny that the Terps won this game and RU was a USF loss away from being absolutely irrelevent once again. (would've been 4-3 with their BEST win being Navy at home). I guess we'll see what happens when they play WV.

When some success hits you out of nowhere and hits you relatively hard, the arrogant assholes come out.

whetstonebuck said...

Mob mentality. New Jersey.

Contrary to popular belief, I'm drawing a stereotypical conclusion.

Andy said...

Well... Rutgers is THE (ohio) STATE University of New Jersey...

beast in 'bama said...

Don't these people realize that when you hurl objects at TWO Maryland fans in the Rutgers student section, the odds favor hitting at least one fellow Rutgers student with said objects?

Let's recap: 'Bama students throw bourbon, coke, and bouron & coke at Georgia players celebrating an overtime win in Bryant-Denny.

Ole Miss fans hurl bottles of bourbon and vodka and red high heels at the field (and innocent cameramen) at Vaught-Hemmingway following a disputed call against 'Bama.

And now this. Leave the hurling of objects inside the stadium to the quaterbacks, ball boys, referees, running backs (Arkansas) and majorettes, people!

skygoblue said...

I was actually at that game (NJ UM alum...I know, we're such a rarity) and while I completely agree that the RU fans acted shamefully, don't let the Maryland fans off the hook completely. About 4-6 MD fans in my section were ejected, and in every case they were drunkenly and aggressively inciting the crowd. It is absolutely wrong to throw things at rival fans in the stands, and should merit ejection, but so should standing up and challenging the home crowd to "bring it on."

oygovalt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mikoyan said...

at least the Midshipman handled those asshole fans with class. I would have preferred a Thomahawk from an Aegis Cruiser....

Matt said...

The fans are stupid. At the end of the Rutgers-USF game, when Rutgers was up 30-27--a measley 3 points between two decent teams!--the fans started chanting "overrated." If the score was 45-3, then chant all you want, and loud. It's great that Rutgers is a significant team for the first time in 150 years, but the fans know shit about college football.

Take Boston for example. This city is doing pretty well in sports, to say the least. The city has shown minimal support for BC, but at least Bostonians are honest with themselves and have no dillusions. And those few that do speak about college football (except in the media) know what they're talking about. Go Sox!

Matt said...

IF SEC fans are only throwing the liquid part of bourbon and coke at other fans, isn't that a welcome gesture?

Ok wait, Beast in Bama, I know this. It's an insult to the fans from Tennessee to toss bourbon, because they're all about sour mash i.e. Jack Daniels. Kentuckians drink bourbon. Someone who went to Vandy explained this to me.

DaBraylon17 said...

if you didn't say that was at a rutgers game, i would have thought it was from an OSU game.

beast in 'bama said...

Matt: It's not a welcome gesture according to Saban. Something about not having time for it, etc.

As for the whole Kentucky/Tennessee thing? A sin is a sin is a sin.

And upon further reflection - wide receivers (Michigan) are now allowed to throw objects inside stadiums. :)

Ryan said...

"After hearing how the Midshipmen and its fans were treated during their game in New Brunswick/Pissa-whatever (and the response of some Rutgers fans when called out on it), my affection has turned to disgust."

What did you want the fan base of Rutgers to do? Beg for your forgiveness? Dissolve the program? The college apologized; the fans were bashed in the press and by blogs and the Karma Gods chimed in with them losing their next two games.

Runngunn29 said... “When the stadium's empty in three years because their program is back in the shitter, we'll all have a laugh.”

Any evidence to support while they’ll be in the “shitter”? They are having more success with recruiting, they have an 8,000 season ticket wait list, the stadium is being expanded, the media of the biggest city in America is behind them and they are in a relatively easy BCS conf to win. So why well they go in the shitter?

srudoff said...

isn't that the stadium where they pelted their visiting hs football recruits with cups and beer while protesting a "bad" call on the field???


Don said...

Hmm interesting comment from a Michigan fan. A friend of mine who is an ABC cameraman told me that they had to build him a plexiglass box to protect hime from Wolverine fans.