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Thursday, November 01, 2007

MZone Top 25

Ed. Note: Blogger decided to fuck me with my Blogpoll entry below and make it about nine feet long. And since I don't know shit about HTML, I couldn't fix it. Thus, you get the crappy black and white version. If you'd like to see what it should look like, it's up on MGoBlog here.

The official Blogpoll was put up yesterday on MGoBlog. Here is our top 25...

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 LSU --
3 Oregon 1
4 Oklahoma 1
5 Boston College 2
6 Arizona State 1
7 Kansas 1
8 Missouri --
9 Georgia 11
10 West Virginia --
11 Michigan 7
12 Alabama 9
13 South Florida 4
14 Virginia Tech 2
15 Southern Cal 3
16 Auburn 1
17 Connecticut 9
18 Wisconsin 7
19 Florida 8
20 Texas 2
21 South Carolina 8
22 Clemson 4
23 Boise State 3
24 Hawaii 1
25 Tennessee 1

Dropped Out: California (#14), Kentucky (#15), Penn State (#19), Virginia (#24).

Folks, I'm not going to even pretend the above makes sense. This is the craziest season ever in terms of trying to rank folks:

* USC hasn't beaten a team with a winning record
* Michigan has now defeated two teams with winning records...but there is still that Appy State loss.
* Texas's best win was over TCU
* OSU's best win was over a good but not great Penn State team (but at least they looked good in victory)
* Outside LSU, don't even try to put the SEC teams in an order that makes sense, it's impossible
* My old HS team has played a tougher schedule that Hawaii. How the hell are the "real" polls ranking them so high? Do they just look at the record?
* It pains me to rank Clemson in November, but after about 17, you need warm bodies.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section.


Bo said...

I dunno, Yost. By my count, we've beaten FOUR teams with a winning record (Penn St, Nwestern, Purdue, and Illinois). Not that they're all stellar teams, but give us SOME credit. It's not like we're Southern Cal who's ONLY PLAYED ONE TEAM WITH A WINNING RECORD (Oregon) and lost to them, but still manages to find its way into the top 15 with a 6-2 record against a horrible schedule!

Mathew said...

Swap Michigan with WVU. I know putting us in the top ten might be asking for it, but we're truly the better team with the more impressive resume.

Matthew said...

Maybe in the pre-bowl or final rankings, but it just boggles my mind that so many 3-loss teams would even be considered going into November. I'm tired of hearing about the SEC and how they're just "beating up on eachother"... in a way, EVERY conference is just "beating up on eachother".

At one point I thought Florida is a really good team that should be ranked despite their record, until I realized that such thoughts were the result of a media love affair with the Gators. I say: "knock 'em outta there for a week or two!"

Finally, Tennessee and South Carolina should both get a loss for the way they played last Saturday. That game was pitiful.

Out of Conference said...

Matthews - the Big Ten Network is calling your name. Don't watch anything else and you will eventually eek out a smile on an otherwise dour face.

I'll grant you that UT played a crappy game in their win on Saturday, SC gave away several turnovers, but they did roll up well over 500 yards of offense and played otherwise pretty steller D considering where the TOs gave UT the ball each time.

Wasn't SoCal fans the ones last year so pissed about ND's ranking when they hadn't beating a ranked team to that point?

Katie said...

Yost, my question for you is : Do you ever sleep?

I could not begin to rank the teams at this point in the season, it is insane! I hand it to you for doing this! I can tell you that my bias is that I always hope that tOSU and Florida rank low....this year Florida is giving me my wish, but tOSU is just not going away! I guess that means we need to give them a kick on November 17th *evil grin*

Cory said...

Ok guys picking on the USC Trojans OOC schedule, Idaho I'll give you, every USC fan asked why? when it happened, and it happened due to a favor to what was then their head coach, who is now our Defensive Co-ordinator, so be it, none of us wanted to see us play them, we take pride in a strong OOC schedule.

Let's face it, who would of ever guessed Notre Dame and Nebraska would be weak OOC teams????????

Michigan gets no credit for their win over ND either, and how many times have you wanted to play Nebraska in Nebraska?

USC is having a horrible year offensively, they just don't gel, and way too many turnovers, penalties, etc.

The Defense is good but not great, #4 in the country isn't all bad, but they haven't made the big play when the game is on the line, nor do they cause turnovers, and are also penalty prone.

An off year, we may not win another game? Then again if they eliminate the mistakes, they can still win out and salvage the season, as can Michigan.

Beat the Buckeyes!

Fight on!


OnWisconsin! said...

I'm glad that our beat down of injury decimated Northern Illinois two weeks ago hasn't gone unnoticed.