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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

MZone Top 25

Here is our latest attempt at a Top 25 in MGoBlog's Blogpoll. Leave your thoughts in the comments section. I'm not even going to pretend that this makes sense anymore. The year is just too crazy.

1 Ohio State 1
2 LSU 1
3 Oklahoma 2
4 Oregon 3
5 Arizona State 3
6 Kansas 4
7 Boston College 4
8 Missouri 4
9 South Florida 8
10 West Virginia 5
11 Florida 3
12 Southern Cal 5
13 South Carolina 9
14 California 8
15 Kentucky 6
16 Virginia Tech --
17 Auburn 4
18 Michigan 1
19 Penn State 7
20 Georgia 5
21 Alabama 5
22 Texas --
23 Hawaii 2
24 Virginia 2
25 Wisconsin 1

Dropped Out: Kansas State (#18), Cincinnati (#20), Tennessee (#23), Texas Tech (#24).


Katie said...

(No offense to our tOSU buddies) but seriously, tOSU should not be #1, I think LSU is deserving of this spot right now, even with one loss. I do believe their schedule has been tougher than tOSU's schedule. Just my opinion.

Bo said...

I'm not so sure Southen Cal should be at #12. Their out of conference schedule has consisted of a 1-7 Idaho, a 1-7 Notre Dame, and a 4-4 Nebraska that has looked terrible this year, despite early season hype. If that sounds bad, their IN-conference schedule has consisted of four teams that happen to be the 4 teams on the bottom of the conference standings (Wash St, Wash, Arizona, Stanford). In fact, they HAVEN'T PLAYED A SINGLE TEAM WITH A WINNING RECORD and have looked terrible doing so, even before all of the injuries. And despite this horrendously bad strength of schedule, they're not even undefeated! While #12 is certainly closer than #7 or #8 (courtesy of the Harris and Coaches polls, respectively), I'm not sure if they deserve to be in the top 15 based on their performance so far!

Sparky Duck said...

Only Arguements I have is Auburn falling 4 spots, even though they had LSU for 59 minutes. Plus, while I am a Duck fan, I can not see ASU being ranked below them, just because they are undefeated. At least for now.

WingRG said...

no offense taken, i would happen to agree with you if this were 2 weeks ago. However, when Auburn has LSU on the ropes (or at least leads for 59 minutes), i'd say that LSU is pretty lucky to be where they are (not that they're lucky with this ranking, but they're lucky to only have one loss). And i don't think Auburn is that good, and neither is Kentucky (they're average). Say what you say about OSU, but they haven't lost to an average team, yet.

Katie said...

Wings, they haven't lost to an average team yet, because they have only played below average teams. I know that is not completly true...but it sounds like a good comeback...hee hee

Out of Conference said...

I'm somewhere in between Katie and Wingrg on LSU.
I like your USCe ranking, but really think we deserve a punitive ranking of somewhere in the upper teens or 20's for losing to Vandy. I made a deal with myself before the Vandy game that if we beat UT at UT (assuming we'd already beaten Vandy), I would start considering SEC championship game tickets for my wife and I. We're still in control of our destiny for that game, but losing to Vandy tarnishes the whole thing. I think I'll save myself the money.

Mikoyan said...

Can we just punt?

Amazingly, they keep claiming this is a better system than a playoff.

beast in 'bama said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beast in 'bama said...

PB at Burnt Orange Nation looked at the similar seasons of Michigan and Texas yesterday. I'll bet if we played, it would go to OT.

srudoff said...

Katie - don't drink the SEC kool-ade!!!!!


Katie said...

LOL Sru.....I think that you have helped me see the SEC koolaid is poison! :o)