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Thursday, October 18, 2007

MZone Top 25

Another Saturday, another bout of craziness in the top 25 as both Cal and LSU go down to defeat. Below is our ballot in MGoBlog's Blogpoll...

1 South Florida 3
2 Ohio State 1
3 LSU 2
4 South Carolina 3
5 Oklahoma 3
6 California 4
7 Oregon 1
8 Arizona State 3
9 Kentucky 17
10 Kansas 13
11 Boston College 2
12 Missouri 7
13 Auburn --
14 Florida 2
15 West Virginia 4
16 Virginia Tech 1
17 Southern Cal 2
18 Kansas State 8
19 Michigan 7
20 Cincinnati 10
21 Hawaii 1
22 Texas 4
23 Tennessee 1
24 Texas Tech 2
25 Georgia 1

Dropped Out: Illinois (#12), Florida State (#14), Colorado (#18), Wisconsin (#21), Purdue (#22), Wyoming (#25).

Couple of thoughts...

* USF #1? Yes. If you strip away the names of the schools and look at the victories, USF has a much more impressive resume than Ohio State.

* Ohio State could even be lower. While they've looked very good in victory, they simiply haven't played anybody that gives a true indication of how good they are.

* LSU. Yes, they lost - in triple OT - but they have wins over VT, S. Carolina and Florida. Could also argue they deserve the top spot. Still.

* Why are so many one-loss teams above BC, Kansas and ASU? None of them have any real wins of note. Yes, that probably makes me a hypocrite for ranking OSU so high, but their D is excellent (plus, this is the same reason I didn't rank OSU #1). However, with tough tests to come, each could jump in later polls.

* WVU, VTech and USC in the mid-teens. All have failed against the lone good team each has played.

* Michigan at #19?! No, not a homer vote. In fact, I'd rank them lower but behind who? Cinci whose big win is vs. exposed fraud Rutgers? Hawaii who tries to lose each week? Texas whose best "win" is a close loss to Okie? Tennessee whose only good win is against a Georgia team whose only good win is against a mediocre 'Bama team? Are Michigan's two wins against PSU and Purdue "worse?" Thus, by default, I put Michigan much higher than I ever intended when I began this week's poll. Additionally, they're getting better. And that counts.

* I've always been a bowl guy, but for the first time ever, I might be leaning toward an eight team playoff (not 16 as I still want losses to sting).


John said...

Cinci beat Oregon State, in fact, hammered them by over 30 points. Didn't the west coast OSU just beat someone, oh yeah, Cal...that Cinci win looks impressive now. Cinci's loss was a close one in a RIVALRY game to a future first round QB. Your wins came at home, against the 5th and 6th best teams in the weakest conference (OSU, UM, Ill, Wisco all better than purdue and PSU). Yes, UM is playing better, but aren't you saying its about your current body of work, have you forgotten the first two games of the season? Isn't what you hate about the polls is that it punishes late losses but forgives early season losses?

Katie said...

Vegas has Michigan at #16 this week, saying that they are dramatically underrated in the Harris.

WingRG said...


i'm an OSU fan, but clear something up for me: Wisconsin is better than PSU? The same PSU team that just beat Wisconsin? Whatever you're smoking, i would like it passed my way :-) If your team can't beat Louisville (which has no defense, btw) they don't deserve to be ranked, period. Just my 2 cents.

Mikoyan said...

I'd put USF at #1 just because it would put a craw in ESPN's ass. Right now, I'm listening to the bobbleheads on ESPN justify why an undefeated team shouldn't get the nod over teams with 1 or 2 losses.

I don't care what they do as long as the BCS dies a most horrible death, preferably in a firey wreck.

WingRG said...

Oh, and to add to my previous post, i'm not sold on Illinois being better than PSU, either. Good teams win games they're supposed to win, and losing to Iowa, who's on a long skid isn't really a sign of a good team. If i had to pick the pecking (sp?) order in the B10, i'd say:


So, yeah, UM gets some props for beating Penn St (but UM has kinda owned PSU over the years, i think JoePa runs to the bathroom as soon as he sees the famed winged helmet).

Out of Conference said...

All smiles from South Cacklelacky!

John said...


by your reasoning, why put PSU ahead of Ill? UL beat PSU, you knock UL down for losing to Iowa, so by default PSU is better than UL? PSU still lost to the team that lost to the team....When your second best team had the biggest loss of the season, it takes the whole conference down. Louisville may not have the best D, but Cinci's body of work is more impressive than UMs. Yost complains about the pollsters using names on the jersey but he does the same thing with Michigan. Hate to quote schrutebag but..."Fan is short for Fanatic"

WingRG said...


i forgot that Illinois lost to PSU, i apologize, but at this point (with Penn St offense re-awakening last week) i'd say they're about even.

I have to disagree with one of your points, though: "Cinci's body of work is more impressive than UMs". Which part of Cinci's body of work impresses you more than UM's wins over Penn State and Purdue. The fact that they beat Tony Soprano's alma mater (Rutgers)?

WingRG said...

sorry, that was supposed to be "Illinois beat PSU" ... next time i'll proof read before i post

John said...


as i mentioned in my first post, a road win at rutgers (call that a win over purdue, but i think rutgers is better than purdue) and a home beat down of oregon state (who beat Cal...who even without longshore is better than PSU). Oregon states other losses are in conference to undefeated ASU, up/down UCLA. and pac 10 > big 10.

i've come to except no respect from buckeye fans, we have been just one little brother of many in ohio football, but tressel won't be getting the recruits from the cinci area like he used to anymore. cinci has a legit coach and a legit program now.

John said...

and to play a little 7 degrees of separation...Oregon State beat Cal, Cal beat Oregon, Oregon crushed Michigan.

WingRG said...

OK, John,

i see your point, although, Oregon State that also lost to UCLA (ND's only win) isn't as impressive to me as Penn State.

And, for the record, i respect Cinci (mostly because i'm a huge Dantonio fan and he did a great job building that program) i just really don't think that a week after losing to L'vile they're a better team than UM (who finally put it together last week) Just my opinion.

TitleIX said...

I just don't get South Florida.
They are like last year's Louisville, or Rutger's, or Boise State.


I dunno...

Mikoyan said...

As long as they keep winning, I don't see any reason why they should remain #1.

My fundamental problem with the polls is that they tend to reward colleges from the Big Conferences and punish colleges that don't get quite as much exposure. This is the main reason I think the BCS is flawed.

If we go with a playoff system, it should not be based on the polls other than to determine seeding. If you win your conference, you're in. If not, well maybe there will still be the 2nd tier bowls.

Mikoyan said...

err, shouldn't remain Number 1.

surrounded in columbus said...

this debate is an example of how the polls get jumbled to begin w/. do you look at record? name/reputation? or the classic "evaulation" of which team you "think" is better than the other?

USF beat Auburn in Auburn. that's never easy. they beat WVU @ home, which whether you think WVU is over rated or not, they were ranked in the top ten (so a bunch of people "thought" they were good).

who have the other undefeated teams beat? tosu over purdue? washington? not bad, but hardly the same as beating Auburn

BC's beat who? ASU? Kansas?

and the one loss schools? LSU beats FLA (who lost to Auburn). USC's "signature" win over free fall Nebraska?

i don't USF is for real either, but who is? if FSU or Miami, "name" schools, had USF's record, no one would question their #1 ranking. because its USF, every doubts it. including me.

which is why the polls are so screwed up.

TitleIX said...

yep, the polls are definitely for shit.
on THAT we can all agree! (?)

WingRG said...

yes, but if it weren't for the polls we wouldn't have all this interesting debate. The screwed up system is what makes CFB so different than other sports. I mean, rankings matter in college basketball, but not nearly as much as they matter here.

The way it's set up, the whole season is a play-off.

TitleIX said...

right you are.
it reminds me of Tevye's debate with himself from Fiddler on the Roof....

On one hand,
but on the other hand,
and on the other hand....

let the debate rage

WingRG said...

Well, the Tevye thing is a little different :-) (disclaimer: i'm Jewish so please don't accuse me of anti-semitism)

The saying goes: "If you have 2 jews, they usually have 3 opinions"

beast in 'bama said...

T9: I believe in South Florida's defense. They've got two cornerbacks who are the real thing and a d-lineman who's a monster. In college ball that's about all you need on D, and they've got it.

What's going to let them down is their offense and kicking game. They should have beaten Auburn by a comfotable margin, but their offense couldn't convert on all the Auurn turnovers and their kicker missed THREE field goals from inside 40 yards.

Tonight's game with Rutgers should actually be pretty interesting.

Wingrg: I always thought that was Democrats!

TitleIX said...

beast and wingrg....
it's definitely jews and doctors
and always ending with a ?

trust me, I'm both ;-)

13-17 at the half, Rutgers.

I call BULLSHIT re: USF #1

beast in 'bama said...

Ray Rice is Mike Hart - only with more speed. He's wearing that USF defense down.

WingRG said...

i'm with you on that ( although i'm only one of the 2, but i'm currently working on the other :-) )
27-17 Rutgers -- i don't want to hear any more USF talk. If they can't beat T. Soprano's alma mater, i don't care how many over-rated WV or Auburn teams they beat (btw, didn't auburn also lose to Mississippi St. at home, too) Maybe Mississippi St should be the new #1 on Yost's ballot.