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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

MZone Top 25: Complete Re-Evaluation

Below is the MZone ballot for this week's Blogpoll run by MGoBlog.

2California 1
3Ohio State 1
4South Florida 1
5Missouri 8
7South Carolina 5
8Oklahoma 1
9Boston College 2
10Cincinnati 7
11Arizona State 5
12Illinois 11
13Auburn 13
14Florida State 8
15Southern Cal 13
16Florida 6
17Virginia Tech 2
18Colorado 8
19West Virginia 2
20Hawaii 1
21Wisconsin 10
22Purdue 4
23Kansas 3
24Tennessee 2
25Wyoming 1

Dropped Out: Kentucky (#8), Georgia (#14), Kansas State (#20), Michigan State (#24), Texas (#25).

Much to talk about regarding the above so lets dive in, shall we?

First off, this was a bitch of a poll to do this week. After two weeks of chaos and a good body of work to start comparing teams with, things really changed. And as I always say, I don't look at last week's poll when doing the current week. That's how you get the crap that is the USA TODAY Coaches Poll and the Harris Interactive Piece O' Junk.

In no particular order:

* Why did Kentucky drop out? Because the win that looked so good and launched them into the poll - Louisville - now looks like dog cacah (or however you spell it). Take that win away and they lost to South Carolina and their only win is over a mediocre Arkansas team. And the biggest reason they dropped out? Because I didn't artificially keep them up high since they were in previous polls. Not looking back at the polls but just looking at the teams and their results, I didn't even realize they had "dropped out" until I submitted our poll.

* Oklahoma's loss to Colorado doesn't look as bad now when you take another look at...Colorado. Why the hell are the Buffs ranked? CU's two losses are to undefeated ASU and one-loss FSU and they have one of the best wins in the country, the victory over Oklahoma. As such, the Buffs enter the poll and Oklahoma moves up a notch.

* Mizzou's win over Illinois now looks very impressive (and convesely, the Illini loss to the Tigers doesn't look bad at all). Plus, the Tigers looked amazing in their win over Nebraska last Saturday so I put them where they are.

* S. Florida. While they struggled last weekend, in year which everybody has seemed to struggle (and often lose) to teams they should handle, USF still won AND boasts two of the best wins over any team in the country: Auburn and WVU.

* USC. They lost to a TERRIBLE Stanford team. However, how much further can you drop them when you look at the teams below them. WVU hasn't beaten anybody, nor has VTech since beating Clemson in Octorber isn't a big deal.

* ASU, while undefeated, has no signature win, although Colorado now looks pretty good. Still an unknown as far as I'm concerned.

* Why is Purdue still ranked? They lost to the #3 team in the country. They were supposed to lose. After OSU scored on its first two drives, they actually played like a team that is about 20 spots lower. Sometimes absent a win, the only thing one has to go on are losses. Such is the case here. Plus, who the hell else you gonna put in? When you get this low in the poll at ANY point in the season, it's guesswork.

* Same with Wisco, only in this case, that loss is a close one to Illinois. Although, one could argue about putting a 2-loss Tennessee higher here and I might have to agree.

* Ohio State is the real deal. Their defense is really clicking (unlike some D's I know that struggle against MAC teams). And they have just enough offensive firepower to do some serious damage. As much as it pains me to admit it, they are far and away the class of the Big 10 this year (which is sort of like being the hottest girl in East Quad).

* Wyoming?! My roll of the dice pick. They're 5-1 with their lone loss coming to 4-1 Boise State and one of their victories against UVA, that school's lone defeat.

As always, leave your thoughts on any of the above in the comments section.


Katie said...

It is nice to see someone rank Florida where they should be. Good Job on what has to be a painful task.

Der Schatten said...

Excellent, Yost. This is a helluva poll, and I like the reasoning for all of the initial head-scratchers, Wyoming especially.

Out of Conference said...

A tough week for coming up with a poll but it looks like you petty much nailed it - especially for the heroic and highly commendable effort you do by not starting with last week's poll as a guide. I only have one question mark, but it's a minor one which slightly disagrees with the lovely Katie's opinion, so I'll keep it to myself.

btw slight threadjack - but I think the FoxSports bowl predictions has a Michigan-South Carolina date in Tampa for the Outback Bowl. Let's hope we both play better than that projection assumes down the stretch.

Katie said...

OoC, no worries, you can disagree with my opinion.......(it doesn't make you right though :p hee hee)

I am biased.....mainly because I dislike Urban so much, I just want to hear his cry baby whine about the fact that it is so unfair for his team to be so low in the polls. :D I get that they are a team to revere.....but with 2 losses.....even though one of them was to #1 LSU......should not put them in front of other teams that have zero or one losses to a good team. (I also get that some schedules are toughter than others and that is taken into consideration) Just sayin.....if for no other reason....I want them ranked low to piss Urban off....hee hee.

So you see, it isn't actually the right way to rank them.....but it is workin for me :o)

MGoBlue93 said...

So you see, it isn't actually the right way to rank them.....but it is workin for me :o)

Katie... don't sweat it, you're not doing any worse than pulling a Tressel nor like those 2 freaking idiot writers who have given WVU preseason #1 rankings for the last two years not because they acknowledge WVU is the best team but because they think WVU has the easiest road to the BCS title game.

hypnotoad said...

I have a hard time buying Tennessee as a Top 25 team. I don't think a win over an average Georgia team can get me to look past giving up 104 points to Cal and Florida, even considering how good those two teams are.