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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

MZone Top 25: Chaos Theory

Talk about starting from scratch. After Holy-Shit-I-Nearly-Wet-Myself Saturday last weekend, in which nine of the Top 25 teams in "those other polls lost," lots of movement here in our ballot for the one and only true poll -- The Blogpoll sponsored by MGoBlog.

2Southern Cal--
3California 3
4Ohio State 1
5South Florida 12
6Oregon 1
7Boston College 2
8Kentucky 6
9Oklahoma 6
10Florida 6
11Wisconsin 1
12South Carolina 1
13Missouri 5
14Georgia 5
15Virginia Tech 1
16Arizona State 4
17Cincinnati 6
18Purdue 3
19Hawaii 5
20Kansas State 6
21West Virginia 13
22Florida State 4
23Illinois 3
24Michigan State 2
25Texas 15

Dropped Out: Rutgers (#13), Clemson (#15), Alabama (#25).

As always, please remember I, like our Blogpoll leader, Brian at MGoBlog, don't refer back to the previous week's poll as I make my ballot. That, in my opinion, is bullshit. It's how teams that don't start high are punished even as they win and teams that lose their only tough game but started high (I'm talking to you, West Virginia) stay higher than they should.

That being said, this is a hell of an inexact science. If you doubt me, I urge anybody looking at this or any poll to do one of their own. After the top four teams, it's a crap shoot and you could justify so many different things.

As you peruse the poll above, a couple of things:

* Why did Oregon actually move up after losing? Because I watched the game. And if you're going to say Cal is the #3 team in the country and Oregon lost to them because the game-tying TD was fumbled on the one foot line through the endzone with :16 seconds left, why should they drop that far or at all? This is one of the baffling things in "those other polls."

* South Florida should rocket up the polls as not only did they beat WVU, but that Auburn win - on the road - now looks huge.

* Along the Oregon lines, I was impressed with MSU in a losing effort. A couple dumb penalties and Mike DeBord-esque playing calling at the end kept them from a possible huge upset.

* In that MSU game, it was the only time all season I thought Wisco looked like a real football team. But I'm still not a believer yet. This weekend's game against Illinois will tell a lot.

* Illinois, with a lone 6 point loss to Mizzou could be the real deal.

* I felt weird putting BC and Kentucky above Oklahoma and Florida but to not do so after results on the field thus far would make this poll no different than "those other polls" in that I'd be rewarding teams for their heritage and history and not just the 2007 season to date.

* Not sure if Texas still belongs in the poll. This might be a "name" ranking I hate so much. But who would I replace them with?

* Biggest questions marks of undefeated "teen teams": Purdue and ASU. Unfortunately, Michigan may be the ones to find out just how real they are next week.

Ok, bitch, moan, complain and call me a complete horse's ass for the above in the comments section. Always love to hear other folks' thoughts about something so subjective to begin with.


John said...

couldn't put UConn (5-0) in over Texas?

beast in 'bama said...

Some big conference elimination games this weekend: Kentucky/South Carolina (for USCe), Georgia/Tennessee, Florida/LSU (for Florida), and Oklahoma/Texas.

All of the questions about Texas will be answered Saturday. I'm not sure I want to know those answers.

OOC - If South Carolina wins Thursday, OBC is in CHARGE of the SEC East! You've only lost to LSU - who else do you play from the West?

Out of Conference said...

I watched the Wisky game as well (kind of have to with a Wisky alum wife). At what point again did they look like a real football team? A crappy MSU team came into Camp Randall and nearly pulled off a very ugly win, but didn't because of stupid penalties and horendous play calling down the stretch. I'm glad the football gods are requiring Wisky to play a more equitable conference schedule this year than they did last year.

Homer alumni alert: South Carolina, 3-1 in the SEC falls a spot for stopping a punishing rushing attack and scoring 38 points on a pretty stingy defense that beat Auburn on the road a few weeks ago.

Out of Conference said...

BiB - from the West we only have Arkansas left. From the East after Thurs, we still have Vandy, UT, and UofF. OOC we still have UNC and Clemson. Last 4 games will decide our season aka The Orange Crush- UT(road), Arky(road), UofF(home), and Clem(home). Two years ago we had that exact lineup and destinations, we went 3-1 losing to Clemson at home. Something about lightning and twice has me worried.

OnWisconsin! said...

Hard to disagree with OOC, except that we couldn't do much about the Big 10 schedule last year.

Happy that we keep winning but it may come to an end this week.

Illinois is not a great matchup for us.

Of course is we manage to win this weekend everyone will assume that Illinois isn't any good.

We are kind of like the anti-Notre Dame in that respect...

Out of Conference said...

OnWisc - after I posted my post, I regretted the wording. I am glad you didn't take offense to it. You guys have the talent to run the Big 10 - I don't know if it's motivational issues (Bret doesn't strike me as the type to allow that) or something else. You're getting the W's- and that's more than can be said for lots of other schools right now.

OnWisconsin! said...

OOC no offense taken. We haven't looked like a top 10 team this year...except by default.
Our biggest problem we've had is that the new players at MLB, both safeties and DE don't have the experience or leadership of the multi-year starters they replaced.
We're half way through the season so will we still see major growth out of them this year?
Major topic on the Badger boards...and not much optimism about this Saturday.