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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Minnesota Open Thread

We've won six straight, took down a tough Penn State squad, a tricky Purdue team and a spread-option QB on the road at Illinois last weekend. This weekend against Minnesota, the team with the worst-ranked defense in division 1-A, should be a breeze, right?


That's what we're supposed to think. Minnesota has been carefully laying a trap all season, lulling us (and their rapidly shrinking fan base) into a false sense of security. And like a Venus Flytrap (the plant or the DJ on WKRP) - BAM! - it snaps shut on the Wolverines when it's too late.

Okay, okay, maybe that's stretching it. And although even a Reverse Blog Psychology (RBP) pick for Minnesota is hard to do with a straight face, so was even contemplating the thought in the darkest corners of my mind that Michigan could lose to Appalachian State. As such...

Looking Ahead Michigan - 21, Team Named After the Villain in CADDYSHACK - 31



Michigan - 34, Minnesota - 10


Jim Harbaugh Scramble said...

Minnie is by far the worst team we will play all year.

They are beyond terrible, seriously I'd say they are worse than ND.

We should win this game going away, but if we lose it will be the horror redux.

GO BLUE,keep they jug in Ann Arbor where it belongs.

Katie said...

ahhh the MZone comes through again! Nice RBP! Hopefully it is enough to counter balance the cosmics after my debacle yesterday.

Maize said...

Minnesota will make minced meat out of Michigan. Ryan Mallett handles a football like a kid who has no idea how to take off a bra. he'll just fumble it away a few times until Carr decides to put David Cone in to hand off the ball to Carlos Brown.

whetstonebuck said...

"Ryan Mallett handles a football like a kid who has no idea how to take off a bra."

Now that's descriptive writing. Excellent, Maize.

Andy said...

"Ryan Mallett handles a football like a kid who has no idea how to take off a bra."

Front loader or back clip ??

The one handed back clip release is a very difficult maneuver. It can take several weeks to master correctly.

Go Blue!!!!

TitleIX said...


We don't need no stinkin' bra....

wet, cold, rainy
football as slick as...
well, you get the idea

Minny is gonna make us look baaaaad
get ready for a boring ground game won by Mr. Gopher

Katie said...

LOL@ Maize!!

You never let us down!

I will refrain from comment on the decision of front or back clip......I would get myself in trouble.....;o)

DanteJones said...

Any bra with a back clip is easy to snag. It's the goddamned front ones that are a pain in the ass...

But, yeah, GO BLUE!

surrounded in columbus said...

It's cold. It's rainy. The crowd here in town is going to be to flat to eve jingle their keys. We'll fumbe, give up cheap points. Then we'll have to pass & give up pick 6's.

Then they'll plant their flag like '05.

THEN I'll drive home in the rain & spend rest of wkend listening to wife & kids plan their trip to the bcs.

Oh well.

BTW- T9- your bra-less comment is a ray of sunshine on a dreary day- gawd luv you!

Katie said...

"any bra with a back clip is easy to snag. It's the goddamned front ones that are a pain in the ass..."

didn't you know that you are suppose to sit back and WATCH the woman unclip the front loader ? ;o)

whetstonebuck said...

"didn't you know that you are suppose to sit back and WATCH the woman unclip the front loader ? ;o)"

Oxygen! We need more oxygen in here, NOW!!

Jim Harbaugh Scramble said...

Yost you must be enjoying Rutgers getting beat down at home.

Joshua said...

"Oxygen! We need more oxygen in here, NOW!!"

Like the network?

Joshua said...

And sorry- but the Big 10 network is awesome. Having the cabability to flip back and forth between every Big 10 game makes my football saturdays that much more fun.

And Katie- I think I might have a solution to your 30k of insurance problem.

Katie said...

Lord the first quarter had me scared shitless! Thank GOD Ryan settled down and the Defense showed up in a very nice way. Whew!

Whets get a little breathless there did ya? ;o)

Josh, thanks for the message.......I will check into it and give you a call!


Maize said...

I think I know what's troubling Mallett with the snaps. See, he suffers from what Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm has. He has Long balls. And when Mallett crouches behind the center, his balls get caught in his jock and when he pulls away, the pain of his tugging balls causes him to lose his concentration on the football and thus he fumbles it.

Anyways, Michigan started slow but really wore down MN and won a great game. They kept a high yardage team from gaining much yards at all.

If they can build on this win and get Henne and HArt back healthy, watch out.

GO BLUE! and pray you don't get your balls caught in your undies. OUCH!

Katie said...

LOL@Maize (I need proof of this, send photos!)

srudoff said...

was i right about the SEC or what????

kentucky falls to mississippi freaking state making LSU's loss to kentucky look bad

florida loses to georgia

south carolina losing big to tennessee

south florida loses to uconn, making auburn's loss to usf even worse

and so on and so on and so on

they just keep beating each other up but everyone says 'see how tough they all are!!!"

i call BS

JukeBox said...

is it me or Adrian Arrington looked really immortal in that diving/flying super catch on the long pass that was overthrown?

Katie said...

It is sickening the drool ESPN on ABC is having over tOSU.....and even at halftime they couldn't even mention Michigan..........very annoying.

whetstonebuck said...


Yes. You should be more careful throwing out verbal visuals like that. Gasping for air is so uncool.

tOSU played the vaunted Nittany Lions tonight in their lair of cacophony. Of course ESPN/ABC drooled. This was supposed to be upset central.

You all played *ahem,* Minnesota. You and everyone else in the country figured it was a gimmie. Just sayin'.

Katie said...


The ONLY reason that ANYONE thought that PSU might upset tOSU is because it was on Prime Time Network......they DO want people to watch, so they create this buzz......just sayin. And what would it have hurt to even plug Michigan? After my comment they even mentioned that tOSU would be playing in Ann Arbor for their next away game......no mention of "Yes, and Michigan won their 7th straight today....aren't they just the turn around team of the year, and they did it without 2 of their star players.......it deserved a mention.

whetstonebuck said...


I agree that "buzz" is necessary to attract viewers, but the nation as a whole pretty much agreed that tOSU was an overrated cupcake- addicted phony. Every time the Bucks were mentioned this week the obligatory "they are untested" or "overrated" comment(s) was part of the discussion. ESPN was especially brutal.

First, I agree. OSU played a soft schedule and no one really knew if they could beat Penn St. in Happy Valley. Fair enough, but Saturday night's suffocation of the Lions should remove some of the doubting.

As for your point about the broadcasters giving UM a shout-out for their turnaround--sure, why not. After the first two defeats it is a testament to the whole program that they didn't fold up and die.

You guys are in a good position and you got there by not giving up. That's worth a few compliments...even from the Mussberger man.

Katie said...

Whets, I agree, although PSU isn't a great measuring stick, but tOSU did look very good last night.