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Friday, October 26, 2007

Meet...The Octabong!

The big game in the Big 10 this week is #1 Ohio State traveling to Happy Valley to take on Penn State. In the interest of fanning the flames further (and in a variation on Beer Bong Friday), here's an email I got from Penn State alum Craig...

Hey Michigan,

I stumbled onto your website looking for more and more ways to taunt Ohio State this weekend.

Just thought I'd share some pictures and video clips from the last time the buckeyes traveled to Happy Valley.

A little background to the pictures: Myself and about 8 other friends rented an RV for the trip (we are all alumni and live in various places away from State College, PA). We get there and a bunch of OSU RV's are next to us. They break out this Octabong. Proud as they were, we challenged them to a race - ONE PSU fan versus 7 OSU fans. Of course, that 1 PSU fan won. A second PSU fan got in on it, and again, PSU went 1-2!

Save it to your website, or whatever, just as long as Michigan fans realize that Ohio State fans got crushed in their own game.


Actually, to see Bucks and Nittany Lions getting along in peace like that, something tells me the Octabong could solve that whole Middle East thing in about 35 minutes.

Craig also had a very funny P.S. in his email. No wonder the Irish are losing...

P.S. On a side note, we went to the ND game last year and went into the Touchdown Jesus building (wow, happened to be a library). We were on the unlucky 13th floor scoping out the view. I was getting bored so I started to look through the books to see what stuff they have on the 13th floor at Touchdown Jesus. Attached is a book I found. You draw your own conclusions about those Irish.


KDM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
whetstonebuck said...

So, I can extrapolate that mid-west AA meetings are tilted 7-1 in favor of the Nittany Lions?

Competition runs amok.

You may be on to something about the Mid-east peace solution.

Those silly little toothless lions: so soft and cuddly. I can’t wait to snuggle up with them and just squeeeeeeeze the…

John said...

I'm starting a pool of when and where Joe Pa craps his pants. He's another year older, no way he makes it to the bathroom this year.

My Pick:

2nd Qtr, 5:00/at the 20 yard line between the PSU long snapper and punter

Mikoyan said...

That's pretty cool.

beast in 'bama said...

Re: Buddhist Tantricism at Notre Dame...
So should it now be referred to as "Touchdown Sting?"

Pardon me while I duck under my desk for a few minutes.

TitleIX said...


there is a school bus painted like the winged helmet with an amazing beer bong contraption on the side.
I've been trying to get a pic but everytime I see it I am without a camera.

Anybody else "know" this bus (in the conocer sense) or have a pic of it?

whetstonebuck said...

"Anybody else "know" this bus (in the conocer sense) or have a pic of it?"

Whoa, a little espanole lingo. Not to be confused with ginosko vs. oida, of course.

I see you disallowed any vulgar tail pipe humor. Smart.

TitleIX said...

Oh whetty....
you are so Romantic!!!!

whetstonebuck said...

It's been said. Usually with long sighs.

dtw2phx said...

I'm surprised they hadn't come up with such an item sooner....since they have access to all those tools in the Animal Husbandry program.

Seriously -- the red base looks like something they use to milk the heifers down there in Cowtown.