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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Manningham Benching Sums Up Problems with 2007 Team

In case you haven't heard yet, U-M receiver Mario Mannigham is being benched for this Saturday's Eastern Michigan game for violating team rules. Michigan coach Lloyd Carr was unavailable for comment and the Free Press article linked above didn't as yet have the specifics regarding the reason for the one-game suspension.

But no matter what it is, in a nutshell, such stupid behavior is precisely why this supposed preseason top 5 team is an ugly 3-2. When one of your star players thinks the rules don't apply to him, it's just another example of a team that seemed to think that it was "owed" success this year instead of grabbing it.

Manningham was supposed to a leader. An example. Yet he's played as if he's just biding his time until the next NFL draft. And in my opinion, such a personality is like finding one cockroach in your house: there's no way in hell that's the only one.

Furthermore, if he started the season with such an attitude, if he really cared, one would have thought the disastrous start to Michigan's 2007 campaign would have been a wake up call. A cold slap in the face to get his shit together. Instead, a suspension six games in seems to indicate just the opposite.

What a shame and a disgrace.

When teammates such as Mike Hart are giving 100% each and every play, Manningham should be embarrassed. No wonder he's still wearing #86 instead of Michigan's coveted #1 jersey as many expected this season. And it looks like he never will.


Jessica said...


No matter what you may say about Lloyd, he's got class - and expects his players to have it, too. I'm not pleased that Manningham got himself benched, but I AM pleased that Lloyd continues to enforce team rules.

MGoBlue93 said...

and to think many of us thought Arrington was the screw up.

Matt said...

Well said. Arrington actually sounds like he is somewhat intelligent, considering what I heard from the press conference. And he had been talking to guys like Braylon and Woodson. That shows some humility and a willingness to learn more. I haven't heard too many things like that about Manningham.

There is a good reason that Mike Hart is captain. He is talented, no doubt, but he never stops trying. Now he's a Michigan Man.

srudoff said...

it's weird how most of your suspensions seem to be against MAC schools. crazy luck i guess

Maize said...

First off, we have no idea why Manningham is getting benched.

What we do know is his play has been far from stellar this year. If he was planning on leaving for the NFL, he better unpack his bags because he has shown he's not ready for the NFL.

Out of Conference said...

If it came to Lloyd's attention that Manningham violated team rules this week, then yes, Lloyd is showing some class in benching him for the very next game. If the coaching staff/school found out about it weeks ago, I would have thought waiting a few weeks for a cupcake game to bench a guy is similar to the programs run by Urban, Papa Bowden, or similar programs. Not knowing any of the details, I'd like to think there is a classy spot still in the game somewhere and give Lloyd the benefit of the doubt.

ChicagoWolverine said...

Sru --

you're right.. we do seem to have great luck there, sorta like 2 day suspensions for trying to buy a hooker.

surrounded in columbus said...

LOL. weird how? weird like Boone's OMVI conviction, for which he never missed a single play? ran "laps" as a punishment?


srudoff said...

surrounded - which excuse on your list are YOU using now?


chicago - henton is still suspended from playing in games, not sure where those 2 days came from

you guys sound like us now - someone gives a little barb about your team and everyone gets all defensive :)

lovinum said...

Whatever he did according to the law, he compounded that by letting down his team and fans. Kudos to Lloyd and the coaching staff for taking the necessary measures.
The bottom line is that Manningham has underperformed this season, his "worm" at Penn State was embarrassing, and he better get it together b/c we need him down the stretch.
Oh, and "Surrounded," unfortunately Srudoff takes this round...

harry hasselhoff said...

Srudoff has it all wrong. For UM fans to sound just like OSU fans, we'd have to get "all defensive" in the comment sections of the OSU blogs that we read every day...obsessively...like crazed stalkers in the night...

surrounded in columbus said...

sorry, i'll contest your score keeping.

what are you talking about "excuses"?

who made any excuse about mario being sat for a game? he's benched. that's that.

you questioned the timing of the suspension of one of our starting players as suspicious.

i pointed out that switzer doesn't sit your starters for any games, even ones like Boone, who was convicted.

don't see where that's making any excuse for manningham, or the timing of the suspension.

but if you think so, have fun w/ it

WingRG said...


Tressel didn't start T. Smith for the Texas game in 05 (the most important game OSU played that year). He was the quarterback that gave us the best chance to win (obvious to anyone who's witnessed Smith-Zwick competition) and he wasn't the starter b/c he fucked up (that was on top of suspending him 2 games).

So, what was that about Tressel not disciplining his players?

But, unlike Sru i won't question the timing of Mario's suspension. The coach knows what's best for one of his players and the team. It's sad that he has to bench one of his top playmakers b/c of attitude, of all things.

Katie said...

Sad. We of course do not know the whole story, or should we, so we should be careful here. Just sayin'.

I guess I should be used to the "fight" that ensues in each comment section of OSU and Michigan trying to one up each other. Do Michigan fans go to OSU blogs and do the same thing? I just find it curious.

Hemlock Philosopher said...

Smith sat because he took money from boosters and got caught. I doubt Manningham's transgressions went so far. If he took money (and got caught like Smith), I'd bet 10-1 he'd be kicked off the team. Katie - Michigan fans are only obsessed with Michigan, so I doubt there are many Michigan trolls on the Ohio blogs :-)

srudoff said...


The difference is that there really aren't any Ohio State blogs out there that spend most of their time poking fun at Michigan. They mostly concentrate on the Buckeyes. This blog is about 20% Michigan 40% college football, 40% Ohio State content wise. It's been better a little bit lately but historically there's been more OSU stuff posted here than Michigan stuff.

I would guess that if someone created a blog that made fun of Michigan regularly, they'd get a number of UM fans that would feel the need to retort. I'm just guessing but if you head over to Bucknuts, there are plenty of Michigan posters over there (especially last year when you guys were good).

Anyway, I post here in good fun. My best friend is a Michigan fan - in fact he flew up to Chicago this weekend from Atlanta and I got tickets to UM-Northwestern (wore my OSU AJ Hawk jersey to the chargrin to many UM fans around me). Almost got to see an upset but talent won in the end.

TitleIX said...

you guys got it alllll wrong.

The Big 10 is going to let the ineligible player-mishap slide for the PSU game if we sit a supahstah for this one.
Manningham's the fall guy.
Taking one for the team.
The unsung hero.
Mr. 120% uberteam guy.

srudoff said...


this is just like the Henton thread. blog pointed out he was arrested for something. i pointed out lesueur was for the same thing. out came your list of excuses. i wasn't making excuses any more than you are now but you took the time to make your cute little list so i guess it was ok.

John Oliver L. said...

Granted, we have no idea what Manningham did, but I think it's funny that he's suspended for the game, and Urban Meyer has yet to decide whether Tony Joiner will play on Saturday. http://www.tboblogs.com/index.php/sports/comments/listen-to-calls-to-police-from-joiner-incident/

Yost said...


What are you, the great defender of Ohio State? Policing this blog to "right" something in your mind?

As for the OSU content, you need to say something to justify your actions. When Michigan lost to Oregon, I'm guessing there wasn't a Michigan site out there harder on the team than us, right here.

So it's not poking Michigan that bothers Michigan fans, it's doing with a sense of humor and the intentions behind it. You are like the Drew Sharp of commentors and if you can't see that, I can't help you.

This post/thread is a prime example: what on earth does it have to do with Ohio State? Answer: Nothing. It's a post RIPPING Michigan. Taking one of our star players to task. So what do you do? You come in and leave a dick comment.

And yes, your comment IS just like the Henton thing. As somebody pointed out there when I posted that piece, it was BECAUSE HE WAS AN OSU PLAYER SPORTING A MUSTACHE. Had he not had the mustache, I doubt I'd have even done something on it. Of course, that might take a sense of humor to figure it out.

Look, I welcome Ohio State fans here. We have a lot that add to the value of the comments and thus this blog. And some of our best contributors are Bucks, sending us links and tips about the very stories that seem to bother you so much. Why? Because they get they have a sense of humor.

Did you have a problem with a Michigan blog devoting its entire day the other day to poking fun at Florida and its fans? Maybe you better go alert some Gator fans so they can police the site for their team. I bet no Gator blogs did the same the other day. I guess I'm obsessed. Or maybe, just maybe, it could be - when trying to crank out material for a blog year round - you take the stories where you can get them. That day, we got the Gator link, which led to another, voila - Gator Monday.

If suddenly five MSU readers sent us five funny or interesting stories tonight, guess what you might see tomorrow? I site now "obsessed" with MSU. Crazy how that works, huh?

As for no Ohio State blogs making fun of Michigan, apprently you didn't look to hard after our first two games. Shit, blogs for North Dakota high school girls soccer were having a field day. So look a little harder.

But if after doing so, you still feel there really is no OSU blog out here that does what you think this one does in a way you approve of, here's a tip: start one. They're free. And then you can post as much or as little about Michigan as you want. You can even bitch about this blog.

As folks may notice, I loathe deleting comments. Even negative ones. Even negative ones from OSU fans. That's the beauty of blogs. But we were forced to end anonymous comments because of dick comments. And sites I admire like EDSBS and Deadspin actually have comment screening before they are posted. I don't want to go that far. But I may start or at least begin deleting things that I feel are simply done to inflame.

Seriously, sru. We've had "this talk" before. I'd hate to have to do that. But it's annoying. Really is. And if you don't understand that, I don't know what to say. Except that, again, it's free to start your own blog.

Yost said...

pardon all the typos above. but you all get the gist of what I was trying to say.

Robert said...

Very well said guys

srudoff said...

if my comment about the mac schools is a dick comment then i guess i overestimated your sense of humor

Out of Conference said...

I just want to point out that I thought Mannigham's "Worm" was funny.

Studevets18 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Studevets18 said...

Does anyone remember the "players" busted in Monroe County having pot in their car, but said players remained unnamed. Anyone think one of those players may be doing his time for the crime this week?

TitleIX said...

every body breathe.....

srudoff, for a tOSU troll, I kinda like you. The MAC comment was funny and made me laugh.

and then everyone went all hyperbole with lists and shit and Yost had a hissy (his perogative) and now the fun has left the building.


I'm sure we all agree
a) Manningham has been dogging it all season
b) Coach Carr is done with his antics and lack of preparation
c) Coach is sending a message to the ENTIRE team---no one is too special or too 'good' not to be held accountable for misbehavior, lack of preparation and general "worminess"
and finally,
d) running steps did Arrington a whole lotta good.

carry on with the revelry, and not the unnecessary rivalry (at least on this thread)


Yost said...

Well said, T9. Maybe "dick comment" was a tad too far.

I miss you, Sru. I really do. Hold me.

surrounded in columbus said...

if there's a group hug coming, count me out.

MGoBlue93 said...

Yost... I don't think the dick comment take was out of line at all.

Compare and contrast srudoff's posts with those of whetstonebuck or wingrg. Those guys actually add content to this site. Srudoff is nothing but an antagonizing whiner.

Srudoff complains Michigan fans are obsessed with tOSU... but who is the self proclaimed content police of this blog?

His last dozen posts have offered NOTHING to the forum but then he has the audacity to complain that Michigan fans are being defensive.

He regularly justifies an arsonist and assaulting culture with, "hey it a home game" and "it happens in Ann Arbor too".

I think most of us appreciate your tolerance of the "dick comments"; there comes a time when one has to question the motivation of somebody who provides no value to the forum and waits painstakingly behind the anonymity of a keyboard just to stir the pot at every perceived slight of his school.

Your post was right on target.

whetstonebuck said...

Hey, how 'bout them Diamondbacks!?

If we're going to start hugging it has to be the "3-pat on the back guy hug" or you can count me out.

Well, except for T-9 and Katie. I'm not so closed-minded that I can't make exceptions.

TitleIX said...

are you suggesting that Katie and I hug???

dude you SOOOO wish.

hugs to all in multiple combinations. yee-ha

whetstonebuck said...

Uh, no.

I apologize if I gave that impression.

hckyfan1 said...

Great Yost. Couldn't agree more.

Paulie Buckeyes said...

I knew Manningham in high school at Harding..
He always seemed to work harder than you'd expect from a guy so talented, but he did have quite a cocky attitude, especially around school an in the halls. Expected, I guess, for a guy who knew he'd be getting a full ride to any Big10 team he chose.

Not surprising that his attitude isn't in check though, given the Michigan football environment: Yea Mike Hart gives 100%, but he seems selfish and not humble at all (in my opinion) based on his statements post-OSU last year and pre-ND this year.

srudoff said...

"but then he has the audacity to complain that Michigan fans are being defensive."

i never complained about it - i actually said you guys were becoming like us, which was poking fun at osu fans for being defensive

"He regularly justifies an arsonist and assaulting culture with, "hey it a home game" and "it happens in Ann Arbor too"."

this couldn't be further from the truth. i've NEVER justified any type of behavior such as this, nor condoned it (nor would i say something like "hey it a home game")

yost - appreciate the offer to hold you although I'll pass :) i can make sure i only post attempts at humor going forward (like the MAC school comment), won't get defensive and won't bring up surrounded's cute list again :)

i'll even be sure to post little smilies so everyone here besides titleix gets that i'm joking (she's already with me it seems)


Katie said...

*sniff* Yost never says he misses me and asks me to hold him.


Hugs all around, even the tOSU regulars.

surrounded in columbus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
surrounded in columbus said...

Arrrgh. This is turning into a group hug. I know all you well intentioned M fans think you're being noble by holding out an olive branch and being polite. But let me tell you you're wrong.

They mean this stuff. Believe me- I live here. Hell, I'm married to one. They really think they run a clean program! They really think Tressel has integrity. Last week I listened to my wife explain to our college bound high schooler as he read the US News college rankings that tosu really was a better school than michigan academically- the rankings were just skewed (you know, like the NY Times & ESPN are out to get them, too).

I know how Loncoon must have felt warning the folks of Troy about that horse & those sneaky Greeks. These guys aren't your friends and they aren't joking- they are out to get us!

Don't be nice to them.

And soylent green is PEOPLE! (which I admit really dates me).

MGoBlue93 said...

SiC, what's your secret to keeping the peace in your house... especially after hearing someone trying to explain the school in the south is academically superior to the school in the north?

whetstonebuck said...

"And soylent green is PEOPLE! (which I admit really dates me)."

At least someone will date you. With that attitude I can see why your wife won't.


One of "them" people

A2saint said...

Please, Please don't make Yost resort to the "bringing value to the forum" test or I'm screwed!

WingRG said...

i don't check this blog for a day and a fight breaks out. SiC, you need to lighten up, no one is trying to kill you, as in the case of the Trojan horse (that you so eloquently brought up). We're here to discuss college football and occasionally poke fun at our gracious hosts, hoping the hosts remain gracious (and they do, for the most part).

As far as your wife telling your kid about OSU's superiority in academics, wow, that one even made me laugh, and i have multiple degrees from OSU. OSU has been getting better academically, but we're not at the level of UM (yet).

I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes (some, like SiC should know where this is from, others will blame it on my OSU education):
"Sometimes i feel like the Reverend Rodney King Jr ... I mean, can't we all just get along " (i said it in a thick Jersey accent)