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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Latest Buckeye Idol Wannabe

Buck fans sure like making musical tributes to all things Columbus and Tosu. From Sleepy Rappers to 80s music videos, immortalizing the Scarlet and Gray/Grey in (often bad) song seems to be second nature for OSU folks (with yelling "Fuck Michigan" being first nature).

Below, yet another Ohio State fan goes all Opera Man-slash-Gordon Lightfoot (look him up) with his stirring ballad, "That State Up North"...

(HT: LM)


kowisja said...

bah its been deleted already!

josiahq said...

it's back


Yost said...

Thanks, J. I reposted the new link.

steve g said...

With the wood paneling, who does does this guy think he is, Kige Ramsey?

Mikoyan said...

Actually that song wasn't too bad compared to some of the other songs you've guys posted.

BTW, probably an oldie...
Why doesn't Michigan float away into the Great Lakes?

Because Ohio sucks...:)