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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Florida Fan Meltdown

Look, I'm a big college football fan. I run a cfb blog, for cryin' out loud. But there's a healthy love of the sport and then there's this tool...

Seriously, dude, get help.

(HT: JC)


Dezzi said...

The guys in the background are priceless... instead of stopping this guy from making an ass out of himself... they let him go... and provoke him.

The guy saying "I thought Florida was kicking?" and the other "Dude, what's Florida's record right now?" were priceless.

Did I understand the kid right when he said he wasn't going to f-ing church anymore??

Doug said...

Anyone who videotapes himself WATCHING a football game is a tool. I think most of these guys are playing up for the camera in the hopes of becoming the next YouTube star or something.

BARman said...

Doug--agreed. Also, I think there may be some kind of mathematical relationship regarding athletic ability being inversely proportional to WAY inappropriate fan behavior.

SteveMuzZ said...

pretty sure his buddies are videotaping him, hence the provocation.

dtw2phx said...

Yeah, I have a feeling the ADHD, Tourette's-laden knob didn't have any clue his buddies were taping him.

ALTHOUGH...something tells me had he found that out shortly after, he would've whipped the camcorder into the TV, thus wiping out any evidence of such a crazed loon.

Too bad he was stomping around doing laps when the Auburn kicker did the 'gator chomp' back at the fans. He would've truly imploded then. (lol)

(Actually, I think this kid is Urban's nephew.)

The King said...

This was one of those awesome moment where you know what's going to happen next, and the subject of the video doesn't, and you just CAN'T WAIT for him to find out.

My favorite part was, out of the middle of nowhere: "Tebow, I am sick of your shit!."

Shaun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shaun said...

Kappa Sig.

steve g said...

I like how he goes from saying what Meyer is worth after he calls the timeout, to wanting him fired. These are the most bipolar fans.

MGoBlue93 said...

What Gator nation isn't sharing is that kid is Urban Meyer's son.

WillinSacto said...

Either Meyer's son or Tebow's brother.

MGoBlue93 said...

How about both Will??? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Kelly Reed said...

I wonder if he had any money riding on this game?

Assuming he did, how much do you think?

Ryan said...

Another day at the community college that is Florida.